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25.05.2013 09:02
said Cui Yongxing not to see his skill antworten

And, your driving skills, do not have the qualifications to abuse you challenge me. My master to!" Quiet in the office, the Oriental cold plume voice although modest,Outlet Coach Bags, but clearly falls into Ji Hong and Cui Yongxing's ear. Hear Eastern cold again, Quaternary red one face of depressed she wanted to looking to blackmail Cui Yongxing a pen, it now seems to be wasted. Depressed over, Quaternary red heart also somewhat surprised - she never thought between the eastern cold plume and Cui a mouth of the mysterious people together. As for the eastern cold plume said his master can abuse Cui Yongxing finished in the racing field, Ji Hong just think subliminally Eastern cold plume in pretending to be exaggerated. Ji Hong did not believe, and Cui Yongxing himself? For a Cui, he has overcome the "day" the king,Oakley M FRAME Cheap, southeast car king, Hongkong king, Masamori momentum, now ranked the seventh black list, is be worthy of the name of the king! And he came to China in "the ultimate goal is to drive out the mystery man,Air Jordan Son Of Mars Sale, the mysterious people severely trampled underfoot! Now, the eastern cold plume not only defeated the gold Ximei, said Cui Yongxing not to see his skill, even the challenge that the mysterious person is not qualified, and this directly let Cui a nu! Under the light, his face suddenly became extremely y ī n cold, look to the East cold plume eyes have plenty of fight in sb.: "what did you say?" "I said my master hand drive will be able to complete the abuse you!" Oriental cold plume is known as a fiend in human shape can not scare, he was not afraid, but give tit for tat. "Good, good, good!" See Eastern cold plume a face of pride, Cui Yongxing nuji anti-laugh, he even said three good words, then a hoarse voice: "since your master so arrogant, so, he had had a game with me?" "You really do not generally 2, if my master does not prepare for your child, I return to worthwhile going to argue with you any more?" Oriental cold plume like idiot glanced at Cui Yongxing and then turned to the Quaternary red, way: "I just told my master Ji aunt said this Korea thing, my master plan to let him back to Korea to bed he is ready for the next hour here, you is it right? Will delay of game for a while?" "No problem." Quaternary Red Ji ā o drops of a smile, the pair will be discharge eyes naked flicker, and don't know what to think. "Then it is settled, I went to pick up my master." Ji Hong's reply, East cold feather turned away responsibility completely ignored Cui Yongxing's anger. The ears of Oriental cold plume words, looking at the eastern cold plume leave of figure, Quaternary Red tiny tiny one Zheng, then reversed just what their guess Pei Donglai is Eastern cold plume master! "Racing is a very dangerous" shipped "dynamic." Looking at the eastern cold plume leave of figure, Cui Yongxing sneer clenched fists, eyes of the hand. Aware of Cui Yongxing eyes streaming L ù the killing, Quaternary Red slightly raised her eyebrows, but did not say anything. At the same time, the office of the East cold plume and Pei Donglai together take the elevator downstairs. Perhaps know monitor elevator's sake, Eastern cold plume is not in the elevator to talk to Pei Donglai but to go out and then ask the question in the heart. In the hall below, as a super run the club behind the owner and inland car >

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