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25.05.2013 08:57
completely is because Xu Shiyou promised antworten

"East to, how do you feel about the food?" The East Town, a class is not too high, but the food is very authentic restaurants, invite Pei Donglai to dinner Jia Peiyuan asked with a smile. For Pei Donglai, he came to the East China Sea to call Jia Peiyuan, completely is because Xu Shiyou promised, out of politeness,Nike Air Jordan 1, Jia Peiyuan ahead of time to say hello, see when Jia Peiyuan is free to visit. In this regard, Pei Donglai didn't want Jia Peiyuan received his phone, would behave so warm. "Good." At this time, heard Jia Peiyuan's question, Pei Donglai nodded with a smile: "thank you, president." "To the East, I know you're probably wondering, why I have been so warm." Probably already guessed Pei Donglai thoughts, Jia Peiyuan could not help but will be subject to the above. Jia Peiyuan initiated could not help but let Pei Donglai some surprise, but he didn't do, but nodded his head, waiting for Jia Peiyuan to give a reply. "To tell you the truth, you came to the East, the university entrance exam is so amazing, so that the major schools have sent, to invite you to attend, but you have submitted directly to the school of economics and management of Tokai University, this makes me very surprised, but also let me face a face -- more than a school principal called and asked me give you drink what confused soup, let you not to move or retreat to choose Tokai University. You don't know how I got on the phone, how proud heart." Jia Peiyuan said, as if thinking of phone case, smiled: "this is the one. Second, Xu director from the Shen city after come back, be profuse in praise to you, say you invite him to eat the meal is he in this life to eat the most comfortable time, he also said that as soon as you get to the East China Sea, must return to you. In recent years, there is no student can get a president praised, I must first come, first served, please you eat." "Thirdly, to the current education system in China, to become the champion of the future may not have ambition, but a mathematical, all got full marks in the English people, must have unusual, I naturally want to see." Voice down, Jia Peiyuan stared at Pei Donglai that Zhang Rongru is not scared face, could not help but ask: "to the East, to tell you the truth, I was curious, why do you put so many schools do not choose, the final selection to the Tokai University?" Obviously. After all, Jia Peiyuan on this point is very curious,, according to his knowledge, many universities have opened a very favorable conditions, but until now,Totes Coach Cheap, the Tokai University also did not give Pei Donglai any good. "I love the city of East China sea." Perhaps that the explanation is too cumbersome,Outlet Oakley Monster Dog, Pei Donglai simply looking for a pretext. "Uh......" Perhaps is not thought reason to be so simple, Jia Peiyuan is not a surprise, then that I could not help laughing. Smile, smile, Jia Peiyuan took out a box of cigarettes, take one, smiled and asked: "East, smoking is not?" "--" facing the headmaster Jia Peiyuan offered cigarettes, Pei East to a black line, smiled and shook his head. Ha-ha. Jia Peiyuan see Pei Donglai unexpectedly awkward, open on smiling, way: "smoking is harmful to health, do not smoke. You don't know, I every home will be my home the leader.

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