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and soon formed a set of antworten

> 1005th Zhang Bing Chan A, "ah, this is not just an earthworm general, must be careful on the speed of light, which earthworm generals hint of slightly faster than you, remember, you're better than them stronger the place is that your attack power, we must play to their strengths, weaknesses. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm Stone declared faint said, and then move on. Jia Hong Ke nodded, if the Wu, recalls ice gunslinger, with the on. enter the rubble, but meters, second only to once again hit the dragon generals, this time Jia Hong Ke power play, lifting the ice Gunslinger waving off more than 600 points of attack blew up "call call "Li Xiao, earthworm generals in the hands of macrophages Gorefiend gun gunslinger touched on the ice far fly. earthworm general panic backwards, Stone declared has quietly on, displaying the" energy explosion "shattered this Only the head of the dragon generals this time Hong Ke Jia's performance is much better, Stone declared secretly nod, attached to absorb the energy of two earthworm generals, Stone declared that evolution will again feeling more and more intense, my heart began to get excited. more go inside, earthworm generals more and more, more and more dense distribution plot, this time, Hong Ke Shi Xuan and Jia also met with the two generals earthworm Needless to say hello, and Jia Shi Xuan Hong Ke a man who could live in one. Stone declared face only earthworm generals, even riding "Long Wu eight step", the body constantly shaking and began to Long generals can keep up, and soon dizziness, sudden, Stone declared spotted the opportunity, grab it in the hands of a bite Gorefiend gun, the other hand launched. "Boom", which turned out to Long generals at this critical moment with the palm block, but Stone declared it had been followed by holding the The bite Gorefiend gun hit the floor and cried, launched the "world cut." Long an airgun Chongxiao sky, howling Dietui earthworm generals, but also thinking turned away, Stone declared jump into the sky, holding a hemophagocytic Magic gun heavy chops, "Heaven and Earth cut" unity gathering power, "Boom", will only earthworm generals from head to toe, the whole split into two halves, Flesh. Stone declared the only way to get rid of Long generals, look JIA Hong Ke, was surprised to find her waving ice Gunslinger, constantly smashing split point tie, her attack power than 600 points higher than earthworm generals,Oakley Sunglasses Store, killing one bird being and her generals difficult earthworm match, bite Gorefiend gun touched on the inverted out, being forced back again and again Jia Hong Ke, eventually retreated a huge rock in front of no retreat, only saved desperately want to take Jia Hong Ke die. "Bang "a loud noise, which earthworm general was shot smashed Hong Ke Jia himself, but also Pizhong earthworm generals punch her ear door, just one click of their eyebrows if hit between the eyes, second loading colonization were extremely fragile crystals, touch and collapse. Jia Hong Ke although only earthworm generals killed, but touched his ear door, I feel there is still aching, my heart also felt scared, which can never be small earthworm generals spy, an absence, there is the danger of killed. "Do not want magic to the use of the skills of the time must be used, if true magic can be inadequate, when returned to a safe place and then restore magic to late. Stone declared the scene just look in the eyes, also felt surprised, could not help but remind, if he has not become a full body before, JIA Hong Ke dead, it can be really anything finished. Jia Hong Ke "ah" sound, nodded understand the situation. Continue to move forward, and pretty soon they met two earthworm generals, this time Jia Hong Ke longer hesitate, hold it launched with ice Gunslinger "Ice roar." Legendary weapons of additional skills extremely frightening, and wide spread range, but see countless picks crazy sped off, barely avoiding earthworm generals, JIA Hong Ke Gunslinger hands flew across the ice. "Laugh" slamming them an earthworm generals will be ripped, and then play "The Ice Storm" arrives. Ice Storm only earthworm generals instantly tear to pieces. The only way to get rid of the dragon generals after the rise of Hong Ke Jia Shi Xuan also been surprised to find another way to solve the dragon generals, and attached to absorb the energy of two earthworm generals, Jia Hong Ke soon Jiaochi, even l-order it. 60% from the original second-order suddenly rose to second-order 70, all attribute data changes again. Name: Yan Wang realm: Order 70 Total long: 4050 Total Fel: 3520 Total Attack points: 653 points total defense: Total Speed: 199.5 points 0.5 points Stone declared While most Gudang body can feel, I feel close to that will be Again evolutionary boundaries, but in the end did not immediately enter maturity. Once again, the degree elevation, Jia Hong Ke confidence is also growing strongly, and this time take the initiative to enter the depths of the rubble. The depths of the rubble, earthworm generals gradually up, and soon encountered three earthworm general. Jia Hong Ke did not hesitate a cast "Ice Gunslinger", launched ice Kai armor. See, however, the ice melts off gunslinger, something like a road ice fell on top of her body, and soon formed a set of ice-like Kai A, followed she rushed out, his hands a sec, slightly Crash Cui Xiang, hands contact points, even immediately frozen out, including an earthworm generals broken off guard, and instantly be frozen. Stone declared seeing Aishen out, beat bombardment, "suck" to cry, only to be frozen earthworm generals instantly shatter. The remaining two earthworm generals taken aback and lay his mouth issued Lihou, bite Gorefiend gun far split over. Lu Jia Hong Ke Toru's demonstrated the terrible ice Gunslinger,Air Jordan 11 UK, facing directly onto the bite Gorefiend guns, gun hack Liangbing magic in her ice Kai A above, gurgling Cui Xiang, Jia Hong Ke unharmed , hands a push. Two earthworm generals once again been frozen, but also want to rescue struggling too late, rushed behind the Stone declared silent, his hands a boom, once again these two earthworm generals shock collapse. This time they meet, even within two seconds will it three earthworm generals resolved, could not help but Jia Shi Xuan Hong Ke an Alice thumb, intended to show encouragement. Jia Hong Ke saw Stone declared praise, seemed very happy, hehe smile. All the way to continue in-depth, this ice Gunslinger additional skills "Ice Kai A," the power is very terrible, Kai A state of the ice under the Hong Ke Jia place your hands touch the body can freeze enemies,Nike Air Jordan 12 Sale, while Stone declared it fit shot, as long as he was frozen earthworm generals immediately attack, an earthworm and a general fall in line with their under. But also ice Kai A one point loss fel l, every second 10-point loss to be able to magic, one minute will need 600 points Fel, Jia Hong Ke "ice Kai A" magic can only maintain a few minutes to complete loss, ice Kai A state Junction City. They find a safer waiting for the magic to restore the highlands.! ~! . . <

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