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25.05.2013 08:50
They would think that antworten

Early in the morning, the sun was half a head, Morninghope the eastern sky reddened, from afar, like a beautiful picture scroll, a feel fresh. Morninghope, Audi A6 from the Shen city out, went straight to the area of peace. The car, as the headmaster of Shenyang City in a Wu Zhiguo sat in the back seat of the car, and as the director of the academic Li Wenling is sitting in the co-pilot position. Morninghope through the car windows into the car, according to Wu Zhiguo in the face, let people can see clearly, he is the top two panda eyes, eyes faint redness, but...... It is a face of excited expression. Excited? Yes! From yesterday that Pei Donglai got 745 of the guards after the score, Wu Zhiguo has maintained this look, until this morning did not sleep a wink. Because...... As the headmaster of Shenyang City one of he, deeply know the fate of the score will cause great sensation nationwide in Liaoning and! Excitement is more than one Wu Zhiguo, Li Wenling's face is more excited Wu Zhiguo -- his fists be overcome by one's feelings to hold together, and uncontrolled shivering, several times through the mirror at the back of the car Wu Zhiguo, want to say something, but with no vulgar force,Oakley Glasses Online, to say swallow back belly. "The spirit, or do you see accurately." Seems to be aware of Li Wenling's face had excited, seems to once again and Li Wenling share the joy, Wu Zhiguo smiled: "a month ago, you gave me that Pei Donglai is likely to become a champion, I don't believe in, but that he......" Wu Zhiguo here, sigh. Simulation of the test at the end of April, Pei Donglai admitted that after 718 points, in addition to Lee Wenling, Shenyang City one of the leaders is Pei Donglai the result was incapable of further increase,Oakley Active Sale, but...... They would think that, this year's champion belongs to Qin! After all, anything, learn easily, progress is not difficult,Jordan UK sale, but to do the top is very difficult. In their view, although Pei Donglai did not know why can in a short period of time, will improve performance so much, but on the 700, twenty, far more than from 400 points to 500 points to! At that time, Li Wenling do not think so. He had an intuition: Pei Donglai would take this year's champion laurel. Despite the intuitive mind, but...... Li Wenling never dreamed that, Pei Donglai should get out of the 745 that is almost impossible to score! At this time Wu Zhiguo heard praise, Li Wenling smiled: "the headmaster, I'm just a blind cat with dead mouse. Say, Pei Donglai can get such a people can not believe scores, still need to thank the president. First, if not the principal you insisted on Pei Donglai in a class, I'm afraid that Pei Donglai will not get such a result." In official circles, bootlick is door knowledge. Although Li Wenling office is very small, but flattery Kung Fu is not vulgar, but Wu Zhiguo also readily accepted, laughed and played a ha ha. "The spirit of ah, whatever we do, to persuade Pei Donglai to accept the interview, but also to be in the school hall to give a speech, and live." Don't know how long it took, because the excitement from last night till now sleep not Wu Zhiguo. "

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