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25.05.2013 08:39
the subtle respond one. antworten

Pei Donglai and Qin Dongxue in love...... When Pei Donglai and Qin Dongxue alone in the cafeteria after dinner, the gossip with incomparable speed into the ear of every student in the Shen City, also introduced many teachers in the ear. For a time, because the changes become a byword for Pei Donglai, in a short span of two days from the completion of the "* * silk" change to "tall, rich and handsome", caused an uproar. Among them, some girls are secretly exclamation Pei Donglai hidden deep enough, let them not to do it sooner, and a lot of heart has a crush on Qin Dongxue's boys are more than. For all that, the Pei Donglai and Qin Dongxue two people are very calm, did not seem to care about tattle and prate. The night ended, Pei Donglai like yesterday to stay in the classroom mathematics, Qin and snow is as in the past in the bell rang, then put away books and exercises, ready to go home. And the past is different, Qin Dongxue before getting up to leave, could not help but see Pei East to the eye, when you see Pei Donglai in the seriously question, eyes flashed with a strange light, then don't say hello to Pei Donglai, but to hold one's tongue out. Since the preliminary into the soul of Xiao Fei, Pei Donglai induction ability than has been greatly improved, Qin snow just peek of his situation, he perceived,oakley sunglasses store, but pretend unwitting appearance, until after Qin Dongxue left, just smiled and lame Pei Wufu a spell giggle. Giggle after convergence, Pei Donglai spirit, dedicate the tutorial. Out of the gate, Qin winter as usual, from a distance, a car hanging common licence of the Passat sedan. "Miss today it seems very happy ah?" Automobile driving a long distance, as the driver of middle-aged women perceive Qin Dongxue looks smile, smiled and said: "is it right? What happy thing?" Qin Dongxue car was in the memories of the afternoon and Pei East to eat bit by bit, be overcome by one's feelings to laugh, startled to hear the words of middle-aged women, is one Zheng first,Jordan Flight The Power Shoes, then a face of bashful way: "Lan...... No." "Also said no, that small mouth faster laughed into a flower." Qin Dongxue was known as the blue mother of middle-aged women laughed and joked, but not be inquisitive. "Yes, miss, Secretary Qin today call,Coach Madison USA, say that it would spend time with you this weekend." What, the thought of Lan Ma again way: "in addition, Secretary Qin said, your mother this Saturday will come from china." Oh. Hear orchid mother, Qin Dongxue the joy on the face smile faded away, the subtle respond one. Detect expression of Qin Dongxue, orchid mother heart secretly sighed, but didn't say anything. In the eyes of LAN's mom, everyone has the cupboard, behind every bright characters have their own difficulties. Perhaps it is because the blue mom said to Qin snow, later, Qin snow is like a quiet cats, open the window, will head out of the window, let the breeze across her face, enjoying the Shen city night scene. Don't know how long after, Qin Dongxue's quiet face suddenly emerged a ray of strange appearance, her eyes could not help but be a car car >

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