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25.05.2013 08:29
and I can not interrupt his development antworten

> Full text ad-509 environment a new stadium for the club's development have little impact. Here we can see Blackburn know. Since entering the Jack Walker Stadium after the Blackburn game in general, there will be less sixty thousand fans. Some important match, fans of the number reached 80,000 people is not never been. Plus because it is a new stadium, so the fare Biaiwude park slightly higher. This way, ticket sales alone Jack Walker is the original Ewood Park stadium more than three times. This is how much money. Year in the Ewood Park, Blackburn game rì year ticket sales reached fifteen million pounds or so. But entering Jack Walker Stadium after, according to statistics to over forty-five million pounds. But also because of the recent years, Blackburn Rovers scores slightly decline. If Blackburn score a little better, ticket sales also continued to improve. Calculated according to Williams, Jack Walker Stadium ticket sales should be maintained at more than fifty million pounds is normal. Even England, this income can not be compared to the first giants Liverpool. Liverpool are now just a year in ticket sales over thirty million pounds only. Even after the establishment of the new Arsenal stadium, their ticket sales they are just over seventy million pounds. Do not forget, but Arsenal's Emirates Stadium in London. And Arsenal's Premiership ticket prices is the most expensive. A stadium, just ticket sales reached fifty million pounds. Among stadium, there are some other income. Those whose income is more than we can easily add up to hundreds of millions of pounds. So many clubs will build a new stadium. Blackburn Rovers as well. ............ England reporters are pervasive. RTHK those paparazzi and England these reporters than it is entirely pediatric tricks. Blackburn Rovers club appearances matter of money crisis, they soon will know. They are waiting to see how to resolve this Blackburn thing. All media feel Blackburn To alleviate the financial crisis, is certainly to be sold players. Not only is the reporter so that those football commentator, boasted understand the economy a lot of pseudo-economists have said this is the only way out. This kind of thing is not in the European football is very rare it. Italy, Lazio, when egos. Finally the team into debt, Alessandro Nesta, Pavel Nedved, Veron, Crespo not all leave. Even in England, when the rise of the large investment ready Leeds is also a role model. Because funding crisis, almost the entire team gave sold. Finally, of course they are neither able to salvage teams. But Blackburn Compared to them, the foundation is still a little firm. Or at least be able to make money every season. In all it seems, and now Blackburn also should use this method. Might be able to get through this difficult time. But a few days later, Blackburn turned out to be people who do not sell to paying the money on. This allows the media quite unexpected. George knew Paul began to clean up his industry in the United States. Paul is in the gambling. Gambling in 2008, when Jack Walker industrial development around the stadium can be sold. And pitches with the development of many industries. The design,Nike Jordan Superfly UK, which has hotels, shopping malls, eat, drink almost everything. If you sell all that money withdrawn from circulation definitely not a small number. According to the original budget, if all sold, then the less able to get back one hundred and fifty million pounds, this is the most conservative figures. Plus Ewood Park renovation of buildings, then we can solve most of the loans. Some of the remaining loans, just slowly still, it should not be a problem. Only 2007 sales situation is very good. So there is this funding difficulties. But Paul believes that as long as sales improved, everything will not be a problem. Paul too confident. No one thought, and perhaps the entire European football have not thought of. 2008, the economy has not improved a bit. But is getting worse, affecting more than just one or two industries. Even European football began to be affected. Although there is no big impact, but the impact has begun to appear. People for economic confidence is getting lower and lower. Those investors are increasingly investing more careful. If it is placed a few years ago, a new stadium in the Premiership teams around, certainly people flocked. And soon will become a city where the highest premium. Now Blackburn land around the new stadium, after all, cheap. If the economy is good, not only Blackburn investors, and even elsewhere would certainly have a lot of investors. Stadium around shopping malls, hotels these industries to sell, lease should not be so difficult. Unfortunately, just hit the economy began to slump in 2008. If we say that in 2007, there are many industry sold. So that by 2008, the simply no longer marketable. Here are no longer marketable, click on the affected Blackburn other subsequent actions. Ewood Park, is already clawed. But there is no follow-up funds can be invested. So the whole Ewood Park site, in ruins. Now Blackburn capital chain is completely broken. After the establishment of the new stadium, although revenue increased by a large margin. But this revenue is simply inadequate. Abra Simovic White Chelsea, indeed become a European powerhouse Chelsea. Two consecutive Premier League title, as well as a Champions League. Then be described as fame. The last two years because the club some turbulence, performance declined a lot. But Europe is still a Chelsea football no one dared reckoned with. But Chelsea bring greater influence to the Premiership,Air Jordan Flight 9 Sale, that led to the Premiership player's salary. George metabolize these years, leaving a large number of key players, their wages are not a little bit. So now Blackburn incomes, profits a little more. But for now, it needs large sums of money, there is simply not enough to see. Paul recite every day. "Paul, or sell players this summer and do as sale twenty-three players, we will be able to breath a little slow. Maybe next year the economy will pick up." Williams is really no other way. What is needed now is not a small sum of money. Blackburn loans because too many major banks is now impossible to give Blackburn loaned. Blackburn is not Real Madrid, Real Madrid even more debt toting, banks will not mean a loan for Real Madrid. But Blackburn not. Late last year, due in forty million pounds, or Paul addressed the U.S. industry was out of. Now ...... Williams can think is the best way to sell player. Paul is now recessed eyes have it. Crimson eyes, obviously is the most recent poor sleep. But the eye is getting brighter. Paul shook his head very firm. "No way." "Oh, Paul." Williams raised her voice. "Now is not the time we are playing a child temper we are now if we do not try, it is difficult to spend this year. Even barely over a year, next year nor ah." "Now we want to raise a lot of money, only players of our club the most valuable. "Williams urgent. Paul has always been very courageous, this time too hesitated. So Williams is more anxious. See Williams, look, Paul smiled, then shook his head. Unfortunately, his smile to see how some bitterness. "John, no. These years George flies is difficult, hard to tidy up the team and if we now sell people, Blackburn when to pressure of cross God and this is absolutely not." "Do you still say that Is there any way. "Williams speak somewhat rushed. If Williams how will sell players. Because once you start to sell the player, it shows that among the top teams from Blackburn short term exit. But the development of Williams Blackburn looked down. If you have the means, how he would recommend to sell the player. Paul now see some indecision, so Williams was very anxious. Paul looked out, custom xìng shook his head. "You ......" Williams want to accuse Paul,Coach Online Outlet, Paul was interrupted by his words. "John, I know you're good for me, but I really can not do that kind of thing now Blackburn developing very well, and I can not interrupt his development." "John, I've decided. Sorry father just to the. "Williams is what people? A Paul this sentence, it is already understood Paul meant. "You, you want to sell the club?" For now the club's situation, as well as Paul Walker's everything, Williams clearly. Selling players is not the way. Since Paul does not agree, and hear the words of Paul, Williams wanted to understand what Paul meant. "Well." Paul nodded. "In fact, six months ago I have considered this matter, when I bet, hope this year's economic situation to improve. Unfortunately, you now see the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis is getting worse, the economy in 2012 within Do not expect to be able to pick up our stadium outside those hotels, shopping malls are hit in our hands. "" This year we sold a player can handle it, next year we can continue to sell the players do? even if next year we continue to sell players, get over it up, but also to how? after, a large economy or the year after that, then we can sell what? you think about it, any time the financial market crisis, are not able to last in 2012. I have is not very passed. "" John, do you think I am willing to sell the team do? "Williams listening to Paul's words, but also silent. No one thought the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, what led to such serious consequences. From the United States began to spread, has formed a global xìng financial crisis. "You do not have goals?" Williams asked this sentence, trembling. But as Williams Jack Walker came to Blackburn Rovers, and now nearly two decades in Blackburn. If from the Jack Walker's company, counting Williams regarded Walker family services reached three years. Now ...... "John, has some investors and I contacted." Paul paused, quickly tidy up their emotions. "Do not worry, I will never find such a boss Glazer and I will find a rich Blackburn boss, but also a generous boss." "John, do not tell George said before, I do not know should be how to face George. "! @ # (full text eBook free download) <

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