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25.05.2013 08:28
Pei Donglai sat in the Chu á ng antworten

The night is deep, the soft moonlight shining silver in the slums, the slums little, a quiet, only a few in the streets of the shampoo room still bright pink s è lights, from time to time adrenal J ī hormone surge man to play sh è shooting game. E^ "Hello, are you still there?" The room, Pei Donglai sat in the Chu á ng, probed x ì ng. The moon through a broken window sh è in, reflected in Pei Donglai's face, can faintly see him that Zhang Qingxiu's face is full of no confidence. No confidence? Yes! Because...... In Pei Donglai promised Xiao fly to do that thing for Xiao Fei, Xiao Fei will not hesitate to choose and Pei Donglai soul fusion. At that moment, Pei Donglai is like on the execution ground,Coach Kristin Sale, eyes closed, a pair of you love how how. With the passage of time, Pei Donglai one's mind is somewhat unhinged. To open your eyes, and Xiao Fei tried to communicate again, the result has not heard the echo of Xiao Fei. This is the fifth time he asked! Like the first five times, still did not answer, the room quiet let Pei Donglai some m á o. "Don't successful fusion?" See Xiao Fei like a completely disappeared, Pei Donglai dark ask oneself, fear and worry also reduced many. "The guy said, if my hearing,Oakley Scalpel Sale, smell, sight, IQ, memory is the innate ability to suddenly become strong words, the first step to successful fusion expression, and once the fusion and his memory, showing similar ability to combat acquired words, on behalf of all successful fusion!" Think of Xiao Fei said before the fusion, Pei Donglai appears a little J, J ī move over and forcibly strong B ī myself to calm down, and at the same time, ears, listening to the experiment and trying to. His hearing is not bad, ever come back to live, can hear the landlord aunt husband snoring, if two people xxoo, the natural needless to say. "Well...... Ah......" Soon, the man and the NV for piston sound into the ear of Pei Donglai. Voice one ear, Pei Donglai is first time starting out judgment and Y ò u call is not the landlord aunt. This discovery, so that Pei Donglai is very J ī dynamic! Because...... Before, he can occasionally hear the old landlord aunt at a regular sexual intercourse as.Y í n, never heard a similar voice. Of course, look at the island of love action movies is another. J ī move over, Pei Donglai continuous to do two deep breaths,Jordan 14 Sale, calm down, and then leaped agilely and Chu á ng, go to the Chu á ng side again, ears, trying to find the source of the sound. After a few seconds, Pei Donglai stared round pupil, eyes staring at 100 meters away from the powder of s è salon. "This...... Too exaggerated?" The judgment of sound from the 100 meters outside the powder s è salon, Pei Donglai surprised almost didn't fall from the window. You know, hair salon distance he lived at least one hundred meters yard. One hundred meters, one hundred meters! Yes or no. If at ordinary times, even if he absorbed, it can't hear powder s è salon outgoing y ò u calls...... And now, but listen to be crystal clear? What does it say? Xiao Fei >

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