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> The third volume of the Premier League rookie] 483 483 ------------ sequelae sequelae regardless of how tired Blackburn players, the Premier League is scheduled start. wWW. QUanbeN. Com8 month 23rì ,04-05 Premier League season officially began. Speaking of the opening stages of this season, Blake had to say race is pretty good. Although the first two rounds to play West Bromwich Albion and Southampton two weak teams, but then the third and fourth rounds will continuously play Arsenal and Manchester United. Arsenal Premier League last season the best team in the state. Manchester United last season's results actually poor. But this season, Manchester United has increased the investment. Ferguson this season with three key acquisitions. From the hands of rivals Leeds United, dug Alan Smith. Kept saying that to be loyal to the former Leeds United's Alan Smith, refused the invitation of countless clubs, turned out to rivals Manchester United there. Liz also became the biggest traitor. To Alan Smith, Manchester United paid seven million pounds transfer fee. Sir Alex Ferguson after Man from Paris Saint rì ear to seven million pounds of prices, the introduction of Argentina Hou Weihai Heinze. Both of these transfers is not great, but two players are the strength to send generals. The biggest move Manchester United this summer, comes the introduction of Wayne Rooney. Eighteen-year-old Wayne Rooney, is already become the most out of all England sè player. In particular, the European Cup, scoring four goals to become the best player to play in England. Everton even Rooney priced fifty million pounds. Of course, said to be the case. Manchester United finally took thirty-one million pounds transfer fee, buy Wayne Rooney the England of the future. There are some additional terms, if are able to meet, to the time Rooney's transfer fee will reach thirty-nine million pounds. With buy Wayne Rooney, Ferguson began to form the third generation of the Red Devils. Fixtures for Blackburn Rovers is really not very good. Especially before Blackburn currently poorly prepared, the first two opponents weak point. But Manchester United, Arsenal, which are all Premiership enemy. Although George fear them, but so early, but consecutive hit teams, for George is really not a good race. ............ Premier League first round, Blackburn vs. West Bromwich Albion. Is a newly promoted West Bromwich Albion. Their strength is limited, after the end of this season is that they can stay in the Premier League goal of the season. And all of the newly promoted, they play very simple. Or is a feature that is long-ball. And the England team's long-ball, players rely on their physical fitness. Their bodies these players are bāng, are run and hit. "Domain name is well-known," they played is speed. Ball flying in the air. However, this fear can point to Blackburn Premier League. Although the development of these years Premiership great variety among the Premiership play a lot. But the middle and lower reaches of the Premier League team, they play still retains the traditional Premier League play. These years in the Premier League, Blackburn encountered do not know how much of this play teams. So George against West Bromwich Albion was very calm. Such newly promoted to the Premiership will just have some ambition. Thus, even in the face of such Blackburn Premier League teams, they are not afraid. Playing the sound has sè. But after all, lack of strength. Half twenty-seven minutes, Blackburn With Drogba's goal, has been a leading West Bromwich nil. Was very relaxed. Game, entirely in accordance with the development of George's ideas. George is not willing to force too bī West Bromwich Albion. Blackburn player's stamina because very problematic, George hopes to use the most simple and easy way to resolve the fighting. But things are not always carried out in accordance with their own ideas. Towards the end of the first half when the accident occurred. Face West Bromwich pass the ball, Campbell approached header, the striker did not think the collision and the other fell to the ground. Then stood up and ran two steps, mō a big tuǐ mō near, and then sat down. Against George made substitutions gesture. Many players, because playing the game play too much. The injury is also very experienced. They themselves are able to roughly estimate your injuries. Even without those doctors accurate,Oakley Active Outlet, but at least know that almost look like his injury. So do not wait until the doctor in the past, it means substitutions, indicating that the players understand that they have about their injuries. George anxiously waiting. Campbell played with a doctor quickly. Campbell limping, if only from the outside, do not see how serious the injury. Unlike Sagnol was a bit walk. Need a stretcher out. "How the?" George pulled the doctor about. Campbell has always been the defense of Blackburn Stand. Whether and Ferdinand partner, or the partner and Lucio, Campbell is very stable. In particular, and Lucio partner, because Lucio willing to go forward. Campbell has always been in the back so protected. And doing quite perfect. Blackburn Rovers in recent years to get good results, Campbell's role is quite enormous. "George, you have to be ready to his groin injury which is initially looks very serious." George heart thumped. Why do bad things always find themselves. Groin injury, the injury can be very flexible. In the original history of these Kaka after a groin injury, never able to recover peak condition. And comeback time is dragging its feet. To continue the game, but because George was not able to ask in detail. Lescott replace Campbell appearance. Competition touches a big problem, by virtue of the second half Pires goal, Blackburn widened the score to two nil. Got the first round of the Premier League. But George not at all happy. Because race inspection, Campbell's injury worse than George envisioned. A doctor gives a conservative and surgical treatment of two programs. Conservative treatment can continue to participate in the competition. As long as you can rest a short time. Once the surgery, then at least more than half of the time to rest. But conservative treatment, etc. so give the best treatment opportunities. Campbell's career is likely to make a complete end of life. Campbell, now three years old, as a defender, will play four or five years. So Campbell tend surgery. Such at least be able to recover, but also has several years of professional life. George did not force. Now the Premiership is just the start. Also at this time there is nothing very important game, we can not order some of the Premier League, let Campbell surgery. But the thought of Campbell to rest more than six months, George almost going to cry out. Mother, six months? Sagnol injured more than five months, to now not be able to come back. Campbell is injured now, damn unlucky. George suddenly some regret at this time. Why Kompany re-loaned to Anderlecht. Now Campbell injured, Blackburn defender Lucio position only, Lescott and their own youth academy players Maiqieweili three people. In addition to Lucio, Lescott and Maiqieweili can not let George assured. George mō the mō forehead. But after the surgery to hear Campbell, English football does not know how many people happy. Kumi lù face Mark Lawrenson this time finally jumped out. "Blackburn crazy Paul Walker crazy,nike jordan outlet, John Williams mad, George Levy also crazy. Their biggest adventure activities during the time, to be built throughout England and throughout Europe on the row number luxury golf course. "" For the stadium, they were crazy and they do not give up any opportunity to make money, in order to harvest ten million pounds, they went to Asia in a circle. weeks five games, even if it is also affected by iron man can not. And they also played a lot of players the European Cup. "" Look, the first game was hurt. Campbell injured. and is a very serious injury. "" If Blackburn do not pay attention, this kind of thing will continue. "This time George could no jīng force to go and Mark Lawrenson mouth battle. Now the core of the defense, Campbell fell. George can only be enabled Lescott and Lucio's partner, but the two do not want partner George how firmly. Lucio although changed a lot, but still somewhat bold. Lescott mention. Completely and Campbell can not be compared. George headache now is this, where free refute Mark Lawrenson. And Mark Lawrenson, then, George most still agree. Campbell played last season at the club for nearly fifty games, also played in the national team last ten games. Plus this time followed by a trip to Asia, Blackburn, his injury is likely to have this cause. Blackburn not only criticize Mark Lawrenson one person. Many media are of the same view. They are all that because of a trip to Asia, so that Blackburn did not even able to properly prepare the new season. Soon, Blackburn usher in the second round of the Premier League. Blackburn Rovers away to Southampton. Competition is also very easy. Blackburn road two to one victory over Southampton. However, problems arose Campbell absent. Southampton's strength is limited,Oakley Polarized Sale, but Blackburn scored a ball. The problem is the Lucio and Lescott with mistakes. George shook his head. Lescott which side are Bikanbeier a lot worse. Sagnol position, George was chosen Maicon. Maicon not with the team to Asia, physical also. At least twenty days rest. However, Maicon, always will lose position. Maicon now that is not later Maicon. George can only be grateful opponent. Southampton is too weak, or temporary defense how Blackburn may resist. But good luck to end here. The third round, Blackburn away to state amazing arsenal. Arsenal is the best team this season. The first round is swept away to Everton four to one, five to three second-round home victory over Middlesbrough, continued last season out sè state. Blackburn encounter they really are a tragedy. Guarding the right Maicon, Lucio Lescott's center, clearance by Arsenal hit into a sieve. End of the game, George yīn sullen. Because the score above shocking four to one. Arsenal four, Blackburn one. Status amazing Henry, repeatedly break Maicon and Lescott guarding the right to complete a hat-trick. ...... <

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