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> WWw.QUanBEN.CoMe ^ read TXT book download ** 435 upstart also divided after the rich get rich first, and after the end of the Champions League chōu sign, George flew back to England! DUKANKAN win the fifth round of Q coins England, Blackburn Rovers to If it is on the road to face Chelsea before Chelsea is one of the British teams in the nineties, especially in the era of Gullit and Vialli, Chelsea's strength is still very strong if the closure of the English football who, and linked to the European continent so everyone will say that Wenger Wenger to introduce an alternative style of play to English football, but Wenger Arsenal started large-scale introduction of foreign players a huge success, but also to start looking out the British football coach Many coaches have begun to learn English football in continental Europe, but also began a large-scale introduction of foreign players in the wind cháo But in addition to Wenger, there also have to say there is a person that is Gullit Gullit took over Chelsea, With his football contacts in Europe, began the introduction of foreign players in the wind cháo and Wenger is actually comparable Gullit network of people that can certainly not compared to other coaches playing career in Italy has made great Successful Gullit, Chelsea introduced a lot of sè players including DiMatteo,Nike Jordan 1 Sale, Vialli, Leboeuf, Zola these people precisely because of these people, Chelsea have nine of the twentieth century in the late 1980s to the brilliant final Vialli as head coach, Chelsea's performance is all the way down only teams in the name, without the teams score Ranieri, although very strong after a few seasons of running, let Chelsea Weight became a strong team but in Blackburn, Manchester United, Arsenal face of these clubs, Chelsea still no plate of vegetables Manchester United, Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers English championship club this fight, it is not looked down on, but the Chelsea Not anymore Abra Ibrahimovic's strong attack, Chelsea's strength has been turned upside down although many media are laughing at Chelsea issued a "money can buy champion?" This say hello but any other English club, Even though the mouth mad as Ferguson does not recognize, but the heart has attached great importance to Chelsea George is no exception does not attach importance to die because Chelsea is already crazy, or that Abra Simovic really crazy Chelsea in the summer action No to Kress bō and Mutu after the beginning to end England League, Chelsea have been movers and shakers in the transfer market, first introduced from Milan has lost the main location Abbiati Milan Abbiati has always been the main mén will be just as Dida last season to join and become a substitute mén to Chelsea huā spent seven million pounds, bought the frustrated in Milan Abbiati's mén will only twenty year-old is certainly not willing to continue in Milan when substitute, so it came to England after buying Abbiati Chelsea Chelsea reached into the Real Madrid were the object of the Real Madrid squad shot among the Argentine teenager Cambiasso Real Madrid's Esteban Cambiasso, although not the main players, but fame is very large, but Real Madrid want to leave Esteban Cambiasso Esteban Cambiasso for all around superstar, not very satisfied he felt unappreciated, so willing to go to England Chelsea to Cambiasso, huā spent fourteen million pounds price to this time, Abra Ibrahimovic has been in the transfer market, huā fee over one hundred and thirty million pounds according to the exchange rate at this time Abu throw in a summer of nearly two hundred million euros George heart has been ridiculed Ranieri, Ranieri did not think the championship phase but also the ability to recognize Ranieri, especially his ability, although not as kneading players Mourinho , but also the world's very much out of sè Chelsea coach now kneading although not yet fully successful, but is strong before the game, the media and even before that this is England's game between two upstart George read the newspaper, only smiled and shook his head Blackburn became upstarts, many years ago, things are these few seasons, Blackburn huā fees and those English teams than it finished witch witch do not say and see the big Manchester United compared Even Liverpool, Newcastle, Chelsea their annual use of the money in the transfer market Bibulaike the past few years more and Blackburn are already three league titles, a Champions League, but still can not get rid of the reputation of George upstart is somewhat unconvinced Howe mén? Dog feces those ho mén, then, when they rise, which has now become Europe are not upstart Howard mén, have forgotten their ancestors fortune to see now is how England a century of family tradition that Those so-called upper class people there are a lot of them are the ancestors of the slave trade to make money, robbery countries in Asia fortune, open black factory original capital accumulation can be said that their ancestors, when the hands are fortune stained with the blood of countless people their descendants now installed upstream people, attacking poverty in Asia, Africa and Latin American countries said they were backward, ignorant, in fact, they forget that cause these poor, backward, and their ancestors is one culprit ancestors crime They later washed up, you did not mention the crimes committed by their ancestors those ho mén is like this when they forget that they become ho mén, also used the same method but for the rise of such Blackburn The team wants to rise, but they stonewalled and sullied September 2003 13rì, Blake had to Stamford Bridge Stadium Stamford Bridge Stadium for George is already very familiar with George led Blackburn, which is already the sixth season and Chelsea jiāo hand here a dozen times already familiar with the ball can not be cooked mí very fanatical Chelsea can say abra Simovic into Chelsea, so that all English clubs but is equally hostile to Chelsea Chelsea led ball mí regardless of who has the passion Abra Simovic so forthright boss, will be very happy, "This is the fifth round of the British game away to Blackburn Rovers Chelsea" "It turned out to be a normal English league but very by the media attention, the reason is that they are somewhat similar development of the club Blackburn then be able to rise to become the British teams, by the Jack Walker, the steel tycoon entered before allowing Blackburn from the League One team became English champion "" And now Blackburn Rovers Chelsea go strong this 路阿布拉西莫 Abramovich took over Chelsea, Blackburn he wants to replicate the miracle of course Abra Simovic big ambitions, had just entered a summer huā the previous one hundred million pounds if Blackburn is the result of several seasons of exercise, and finally became a British champion then Abra Simovic was obviously trying to be done overnight,Coach Outlet Sale, "" Now the two clubs meet, so popular with English football The emphasis on "before the game, Mortensen is already beginning to understand the saying" everyone now questioning Chelsea,Air Jordan 9 UK Sale, they asked 'money can buy champion?' But Chelsea's recent games have done quite well, the first four of which are three race Blackburn wins a flat and is three wins and one loss, "" give everyone game lineup "," Blackburn lineup is mén to Edwin van der Sar, defender John Arne Riise line, Lucio, Campbell, Sagnol , midfielder Robert Pires, Alonso, Hargreaves, Kaka, Arshavin, striker Miroslav Klose, "" Chelsea squad is mén will Abbiati, defender is Bridgetown, plus pull, Terry, Melchiot, midfielder Damien Duff, Glen Charles, Veron, Lampard, striker Adrian Mutu and Hasselbaink "" Blackburn lineup, only one people are very surprised just joined this season Arshavin, turned out to be heard before the game played Micoud replacement, Micoud some minor injuries but Arshavin playing, it's still very unexpected because, since the transfer since Arshavin has not been on field " Chelsea is a traditional 4-4-2 as Blackburn side, Micoud Micoud does have some injuries this year is three years old, should still be the peak of fishes but the injury was more up, the list of all Letters game up, Micoud was injured in training them in a large number of candidates George choose among a select Arshavin Arshavin reason is Duoaersha paper strength than Hleb, there is an advantage that attack is a large and strengthen the unfamiliar faces, for Chelsea The defender will play the role of a sudden, "toot toot -" With the referee's whistle, the British finally started the fifth round of the match Chelsea's play is defensive back Ranieri whether in Cagliari, Valencia, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea are the same, but unfortunately always play defensive back at home, unable to play defensive back Ranieri Claudio Ranieri after all, not so strong without him Mourinho at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea took the George likes Chelsea proactive initiative, and now Chelsea players too much, as long as they are not yet fully running attack, so long as there is bound to have flaws flaws, then Blackburn will be able to break mén Ranieri seems to have high hopes for Veron After the start of the game, Chelsea's attack is completely controlled, but George has smiled Veron Veron but his strength is really strong pace too slow Mutu Ye Hao, Ye Hao Hasselbaink, Duff or, Gronkjaer both mean the players to adapt to the fast-paced English Veron came to England a few seasons unfortunately, are not adapted to the English rhythm control so to see Veron, George laughed aloud George asked the team from Circle Chelsea started the ball as close to the reorganization of the team, with not understanding the audience as long as Blackburn tight bī, they will be a problem though with Veron although very strong, however, and soon enough the players understanding Blackburn bī looting, passing errors may occur is not really Veron's bad, but the other players can not comprehend the idea of ​​Veron pass the ball between so there will be mistakes just grab one of those opportunities, George believes will be able to lead Chelsea <

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