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25.05.2013 08:17
in Asia is not the best cruise antworten

The 167 chapter sundowners, sunset shining, beautiful north the Bund golden bit, busy ferries shuttling between the two sides, fishing boats, cruise, sightseeing boats and they sounded the whistle, draw the outline of a wonderful picture. "The ship called the Jeanne number, total length of nearly 200 meters, 30 meters wide, on a total of eight layers, including multi-purpose conference room,Oakleys Radar Sunglasses, restaurant, a theater, casino, shops, swimming pool and other facilities, can carry 2500 passengers and 1000 crew members. The ship a total of 6 decks, are built on each deck cabin, the room is up to more than 1000, is the use of the most advanced hotel management system in the world. Here, you can experience all five-star hotel to provide service." On the boat, Liu Yue see Pei Donglai face Jeanne, luxurious decoration and no surprise, just quietly observe, not from secretly nodded, and said to Pei Donglai: "in Asia is not the best cruise, cruise is the best pearl, and Jeanne is also modeled Pearl building, narrow version is the Pearl." "Liu elder sister, how many people have a party tonight? Such a big ship not to waste?" Pei Donglai asked. Liu Yue smiled and said: "the party tonight to celebrate five years of development of the Yangtze River Delta to the host, invited nearly 300 people. As for. Waste, to the East, you don't know, tonight's all by Jeanne boss provided free of charge." Heard Liu Yue words, Pei Donglai immediately understand the Maoni -- come to tonight's party basically brought together the whole Yangtze River Delta upper-class people, in such a case, the Jeanne boss to do so, not only in the publicity of Jeanne, but also through the perfect platform meeting participants, rapidly expand their networks. Contacts. In this particular country of interpersonal relationship, these two words are more important than money. "Miss Liu, Fu, long have you for a long time." After a moment, a bespectacled middle-aged man came up, smiled and said to Liu Yue, opening at the same time secretly looked Pei donglai. "The trouble song Secretary." Perhaps aware that a middle-aged man secretly looked at Pei Donglai's move, Liu Yue's tone is slightly cold. "Good." Secretary song hearts, quietly nodded, in front of the way, the seventh layer of the elevator to the cruise ship. Pei East front just a pedestrian on the elevator, Fang Zhen, Cao Guangjiang,air jordan sale, Fang Xiaohong three people back into the hall, in the East China Sea a few officials escorted cruise, entered the hall,Oakley Juliet Sale, staggered around three two minutes. At the same time. A Mercedes-Benz S600 and Audi A8 successively to the shore. Benz S600 stop, the driver opened the car door first time, took the lead from the car down a young. Youth in western dress and leather shoes, with his handsome face, should give a person a kind of handsome, the feeling of the sun, but the young man somehow frowned, a pair of feel depressed appearance, especially to see the coming back of the Audi A8, depressed the color more concentrated. Second from the Mercedes S600 down is a middle-aged man, middle-aged men and Youth several >

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