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> 415 in the end to see who gloat "Damn, What kind of things. WwW, QunabEN, coM starting" George has just entered the stadium before, turned out to be a lot of reporters to the besieged. Let George appeared almost thought what a big thing. But listen reporter law issues, George knew what was happening. Turned out to be two small youth team rookie out myself what Blackburn nightlife reporter to ask someone grabbed it. Of course, Blackburn Rovers youth academy fame in general, ordinary youth team players to go out to do, reporters not interested. And even meet face to face, those reporters also did not recognize those youth team players. England news waiting for them so much, how could grab a few youth team teenager that matter. Unfortunately, this is not caught two ordinary teenager youth team. Ribery although George directly into the youth team, but in the youth team which is no small reputation. And Yang Feng two people together in the youth team game which is invincible. And Ribery reserve game will participate in the reserve game in which performance is extremely out "'sè'." England at all levels of the game has a lot of media attention. As Owen, when not yet entered the first team, is already famous in English football. By what? Rely on Owen in the youth team game in which the "'sè'" performance. There Joe Cole, fifteen years old, is already a renowned English football. Joe Cole's reputation was even better than some of the bigger Premier League first team players. It is known as England's future. For Cole, the coach did not know how much heart. Ferguson was also invited Joe Cole. They can famous, because youth team performance. If you give an example to talk about Real Madrid. Real Madrid's "'bō'" McNulty slightly and Soldado, who are reputed to be the next Raul. This is their performance at Real Madrid youth team, gained fame. This can also be seen that the European football league for youth teams is still very important. Franck Ribery and Yang Feng is the case. Two people have not entered the Blackburn Rovers first team. But by virtue of their youth team among the "'sè'" performance, has the youth league star. I do not know how many reporters know the two men, they are reputed to be the next Blackburn Duff. So they stroll in the club, what was correspondent to seize. "Levy coach, you do not think Blackburn somewhat lax management?" George shook his head. "Blackburn would punish Frank and Young do?" George smiled gently. "Football clubs are not the army. TXT e-book download ** just left the club, then after that they zìyóu time this time is their own arrangements. Club can give them advice, but no obligation to enforce" "xìng '" limit them we are not prisons, can not restrict their zìyóu. "George mind is already very angry. Two little, "'máo'" no longer whole, would dare to go out. After going back, we must take to pack them. But in front of reporters, George did not show a little bit of anger. "Well, but it is the small things that ye reporter also went, and why my players can not go. Fuss, I do not understand, so something for you so interested in how ye really boring." George shook his head. Whether behind the reporter directly walked out. After leaving reporters, George livid face. Two small "'máo'" children, really "'jīng'" fecund. George has not walked into his office, on the outside is already seeing Adrian Gray. "George, I have been reporters besieged it." George also did not speak, Adrian first said it. "Adrian,Oakley Oil Rig Online, those two can not afford to indulge a kid. Look outside reporters." George said too bad for Adrian. Blackburn Adrian is the elderly, in Blackburn already twenty years. Adrian has not entered into the first team. But Adrian twenty years this has been among the youth team. Blackburn down in a very wide network of people. "Also, be sure to give them a big punishment. Frank, now how did it perform? '" Frank performance "' tǐng '" good, but because the game is strength in general, if the adult team game, not easy to say. "Adiri Ann thought a moment and said. George frowned. Franck Ribery and Yang Feng differently. Ribery has been nineteen years old, next year in April is two years old. Such a big guy, George can not let him in England forbidden "'yù'." Man, there are physiological needs. This George understand. However, it is impossible not to punish him. This kid went out to have fun, but not with Yang Feng go. Yang Feng is now sixteen years old. Body has not long to open, if this time sink "'mí", "nightlife was completely destroyed. "This way, Adrian. Guo segment rì son, Frank, to the first team and allow him to train with the first team." George prepared to allow Franck Ribery to follow first-team, but also look at the nearest of his state. Of course, good look at him. Adrian nodded. George thought that this is not a big thing. But did not think the media grabbed hold this thing. Especially from Manchester of the media, strongly criticized the management of Blackburn. That Blackburn too relaxed young players, there is this thing. George wondered. English football young player out indulgence is definitely not what rare thing. And each season among the English football will have some players scandal. What to piáo "jì" hit "'nv'" friends, drinking fighting, such things are normal. As long as the sister who later Giggs, Terry teammates this kind of thing, then piáo "jì" change "'nv'" friends, fights are normal thing, however. A few years ago Woodgate and Bowyer hit Asian students, if not involve racial discrimination, then it will not spin so much. Because that kind of thing in English football is too common. Who would not love this kind of thing seriously. Giggs then a young man, also participated in the carnival, was Ferguson carry out. But now they are the media is infinitely expanding. Franck Ribery and Yang Feng, be completely famous. Have not played the game in the front line, it has been in English football is notorious. Mother's, Manchester media really fuckin done nothing. Such a little thing, has been for nearly a noisy coming months. Each reporter saw George are asking this question, it makes George was bored endless. Gang England reporters really fuckin nothing to do. People love to do whatever the tube you something. Under the final impatient, George finally broke out. "You eat a brace of nothing to do, my players off of what ye do. Gounahaozai nosy. Since I do not accept any thing about this visit." ............ See George's outbreak, Manchester Newspapers better spirits. They strongly criticized the George this person a bad temper. They had good intentions to George proposals, hoping George can learn from it. Unfortunately, George can not be persuaded to listen to. Anyway, most recently, Manchester media active a lot. George understand that this is Manchester media strategy. Into an end in early February, when Arsenal have shown a significant decline. Five games in which only achieved two wins and two Ping-negative, only got eight. While Blackburn segment is achieved three wins and a Ping-negative record, got very. Only Manchester United the best scores, five games won four wins and one flat. Got five games of 13 minutes, and the momentum is best. Now only four behind Blackburn Rovers. Therefore, among the rivals Manchester United in the league only one Blackburn. George is a very stable coach, as long as the lead rarely be reversed. Whether in a match, or in a league season which is true. And playing psychological warfare against George is superfluous. This time there has been Franck Ribery and Yang Feng thing. These two are among the current Blackburn Rovers youth team's biggest star. So they will take the trouble to get this little thing kept asking George. George also understand their ideas. But being kept "'sāo'" interference,Air Jordan After Game, George was very angry. In the end, George was whether this or that, Gaima reproved. George for Manchester Media furious. This is where they are when the reporter is completely rogue practices. Just thinking about how George fought back when these rogue reporter, took place a shocked English football's big things. But it is all for the Premier League clubs who are excited about the news. Can even be said that the Premier League club schadenfreude thing. February 2003 15rì, England FA Cup fifth round, Manchester United vs. Arsenal. Arsenal were away fighting in the first 37 minutes and 52 minutes from the Edu and Sylvain Wiltord each scored to 20 out of Manchester United. After the game, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson in the locker room rage, violently criticized the Manchester United players. Ferguson and David Beckham on the second clean sheet had an argument, Ferguson kicked the ground a foot ball boots, boots the ball only just hit Beckham left brow, suddenly bleeding profusely , known as "flying boots" 'mén' "." . This is the history of the "flying boots" 'mén' "." In this space, has also undergone a "flying boots" 'mén' "." But this "flying boots" 'mén' "" than serious history. First, Ferguson and David Beckham mutual satire, finally Ferguson foot kicked the ball boots on the ground, hitting Beckham's left brow. All Manchester United players frightened, Beckham is approached huff wielded fist. Was behind Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes they pulled. So Beckham's fist is not directly hit by Ferguson. But since Giggs they pull a little late, so it is still the name of Ferguson's face. Play touches not heavy, just gently touched. But this is the case Ferguson is furious that he has not so many years as a coach a player dare. So Ferguson and David Beckham will play in the locker room almost live sparring. Fortunately, other players soon after the reaction. In their lycra under Beckham before going to the infirmary. It's something one,Nike Jordan Superfly UK Sale, flew sensation English football. Ferguson and David Beckham What is the relationship? That was the situation with the father and son. Manchester United 92 generation swept Europe football, football great reputation in Europe. Beckham is one of the best, it is representative of English football in recent years. Now Ferguson and David Beckham fight. This may not be how things shake English football. &, If you like the giant West wrote, "coach Legend" <

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