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Kaka this way is very easy to put antworten

> 402 is already a prince "George, we have how many times it came here." Just off the plane, Carl then shook his head with a wry smile. "Yes ah, yes ah. Heads, so how do we affinity with Rome." George and Carl in the middle of the sudden a head. The original is back with George Sagnol since Sagnol came to Blackburn, except for the first season, each season and the Roman club meet. All the players feel Blackburn Blackburn and the city of Rome club very fate. "Fortunately. Better than we play Milan, Juve okay." "Yes, head to Rome, always have beautiful memories." Sagnol also nodded. Indeed Blackburn Rovers play away every city of Rome club, whether it is in Rome, Lazio, Blackburn playing all have experiences. George heard the words Sagnol smile. Just off the plane, it has been a lot of media come around. Although this result is not very good this season, Blackburn, now ranked third in the Premier League. But, after all, Blackburn's Champions League last season. There are a lot of media coming to join in. George remembered Sagnol's words, so the media and smiled. "Rome, gives me a very good impression, I like the city of Rome." ............ "Hello everyone, this is the 02-03 season, the second round of the Champions League group stage b group game here is Rome's Olympic stadium, both games is derived from the English Premier League Blackburn Rovers and Roma Serie A, which can be regarded as two teams in European competition in recent years, the most familiar opponent. almost every season, Blackburn will encounter in Rome. "" This season regardless of Blackburn or Rome, there are problems with their achievements. Blackburn is they have gone two midfielder Deco and Claude Makelele, so score some fluctuations, while Roman achievements this season is a lot worse. now ranked first in Serie A seven. "Martin Taylor simple introduction about the two teams. Serie possible in recent years, more and more attention decreased. Or there may be several Serie A teams this season's performance is getting worse in Europe's sake. Anyway, George each trip to Rome's Olympic stadium, will feel the atmosphere here is year after year. Serie A and the atmosphere is really bad. George these few seasons, can be considered to lead Blackburn visited many courts. Including those Eastern European clubs, as well as La Liga, Bundesliga, including French. But from the scene of attendance, than Serie hot. Even George then led Burnley League campaign, when the atmosphere is much better than in Rome's Olympic Stadium. Continued to decline year after year watching the fans, George shook his head. Enthusiasm of the fans continue to decrease, the decline of the Serie A is not really no justice. After three months to come, Blackburn's tactics are more mature. George is still a dual lumbar drain formation, Hargreaves Road Alonso and partner. This season, George found out, Hargreaves is absolutely world-class midfielder. Can even say that Hargreaves is entirely a butcher is not weaker than that midfielder Gennaro Gattuso. Hargreaves body looks normal,Nike Air Jordan 11 Sale, but when the defense is absolutely powerful. The feet fast, relentless defense, speed is not slow, the defense is very large. One swept in midfield, it seems a little better than George later Mascherano poor. Frontcourt is Robert Pires, Kaka, Duff trio. Is a top striker Klose. George liked Kaka. Not only because of Kaka's talent, as well as Kaka for professional attitude. Of course, Kaka is also very easy to integrate into the team, to learn English quickly. Blackburn joined six months, and players will be able to easily communicate. To this season, the English for Kaka is already without any problems. Even in English of the good, better to Blackburn four seasons Micoud. Micoud although also hard to learn English, but his flair for languages ​​is really bad. Fortunately, although not made myself fluent, but the general exchanges, as well as listen to no problem. Beginning of the game, players can clearly feel the Roman Blackburn and different from the past. Former Blackburn midfielder unprecedented control over the powerful. Even in the Roman arena as well. But today's Blackburn is automatically go retracement is near the midline ceded to Rome. Roma in Serie A very special team. Capello's team is among the very special team. Capello is Europe's leading utilitarian football boss,Nike Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, so that later Mourinho Capello publicly declared himself a believer. But Capello's Roma, played a different kind of football. This time Roman play is still very beautiful. Offensive play is also very good. So after the match started, Rome relied on at home, launched an offensive. But other players are different, Emerson is been watching Kaka. For own this younger generation, Emerson is the memory deep. Last season's Champions League group stage which, let Kaka a ball fame. Emerson is then easily be Kaka too, so Emerson for the time the game is always ashamed. This even allows Kaka did not even go in the door of the national team playing junior. Shameful. So the game begins, and other Roma players are different, Emerson is firmly looking Kaka, you want a revenge. Game three minutes, Roma failed. Game five minutes, Roma still not able to create any good opportunities. Met last season, when performance is a sè Cassano, the game is also very depressed. Because Hargreaves always followed Cassano. But Hargreaves Owen had frozen in the Premier League player, let him play the game George niacin plaster ability. Rome's attack was again without success. Their attack failed, Blackburn side counterattack began. Blackburn are to undergo a counterattack Alonso this point. Capello stressed Alonso, so Alonso ball when Tommasi is already over defense. However, experience in the Premiership Alonso, Bituomaxi reaction faster. Spread directly on the left side of Lupi Lei. Pires got the ball, right foot gently wave, shake out from Cafu there a little empty when. After the ball to the middle. Alonso pass the time, Blackburn frontcourt players have already been prepared. Therefore Pires pass over time, Kaka started the last ball. Emerson saw Kaka started immediately posted up. Emerson's idea is simple. That this time must not allow Kaka in the past. There have been once is enough, absolutely can not have a second. Kaka came to see Emerson, Emerson facing sideways, reversed the ball with his right foot past. Then quickly one turned around, ran around from Emerson. "Kaka ...... man ball points, too jīng color .. This is not a high-speed run ball points among the people, but rather sideways extraordinary breakthrough." Martin Taylor were a little surprised. Kaka has been able Blackburn often appearance. So for his features, but also know a lot of these narrators. But this extraordinary place so jīng color is rare. So Martin Taylor only by surprise. In fact, the ball is entirely the responsibility of Emerson. Emerson is very strong. There should be no such mistakes. Mainly because Emerson has always believed that last season was a shame, you want to eager to regain. The face of such a player Kaka, Emerson should be two ways. Either should be to maintain a certain distance, it is a good defender Kaka for further action, or defend Kaka passing lanes. Also close by is a way to completely Kaka, with the body to withstand Kaka, Kaka has not let the next action. But neither certain distance Emerson's defense, did not completely close Kaka. But is very close and Kaka, and rushing too fast. Kaka was a turn, completely thrown in the back. Wait until Shuaixia Emerson, Kaka throughout the Roman guard in front of it. And Pires, Duff, Klose three arrows, all to the entire Roman guard opened. Kaka Yimapingchuan. Kaka's running the ball very characteristic, high cadence, big stride. And Kaka's ability to grasp the ball very strong, good touch on the ball, because Kaka this way is very easy to put the ball dribbling big trip, but Kaka did not, because Kaka strength and direction of each ball master are good. As a result, although the absolute speed of Kaka football in Europe is not really top few. However, the speed of running the ball, Kaka can not say the fastest in world football, but also the top three players. So after running up Kaka, Rome other players simply can not keep up him. "...... Kaka ...... This is Blackburn counterattack ...... This is four Kaka playing four of the situation ...... how would you choose?" Yes, that four dozen four situation. Pires left gripped Cafu, right Duff contain live cd,Oakley Hijinx, Klose pinned down behind Samuel. So in order to defend Kaka onrush, Panucci came ready steals. See Panucci out Kaka a variable line ready to break Panucci. "...... Panucci ...... Kaka, right break ...... No, it should pass" Kaka speed does not slow down, made a breakthrough in the right way. But suddenly a Zhisai right foot from Panucci's side plugs in the past. Kaka passing moment, still entangled Klose and Samuel, like a ghost appeared in the passing lanes which Kaka. Kaka the plug, and Klose's running is completely seamless. Both understanding of the strong, complete this wonderful match. "...... Klose, shè door" Klose ball in this perspective, for any one opponents are fatal. Klose ball moment, the direct use of the right foot shè door. "Gl" Martin Taylor shouting. "Jīng color, this ball is too jīng color it. Pass from Alonso started, it only took eleven seconds, Blackburn to complete a goal." "Kaka, which manifested in the back technology, speed, elegance is entirely a superstar Kaka, a year, is already become Blackburn prince. "402 402 has been the prince is prince, to the site <

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