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> 384 volley pumping shè until halftime, no one can continue to break. wWW, QUANben, cOM sides with a score of one to one end of the first half. George is not very satisfactory. Real Madrid's many loopholes. They attack strong,Nike Air Jordan 10 UK, but their defense is equally problematic. For Real Madrid, it should be used to suppress them offensive. Once the offensive side Blackburn out sè, George believes Real Madrid also be unlikely to attack. Real Madrid's defense, there are many available place. Two backs, middle Cambiasso are loopholes. Real Madrid has several capable defensive player. Zidane? Figo? Guti? They are among the offensive genius. But let them go defense, they also fit the kind of shelf. Even down the shelf, their defensive ability is limited. Midfielder Esteban Cambiasso alone one, how could resist Blackburn attack. But Blackburn was not able to give enough pressure on Real Madrid, just let Zidane, Figo their frontcourt for the yù as. George into the locker room first criticism is Deco. "Anderson, do you think you are doing in the end the first half? I will let you in the back when the back and I put to you the command of the team, you're playing so unexamined you are not too nervous, or need I put you down for? you told me about, in the end you can Tixia Qu? "For this man brought himself from Portugal, George has always been very fond of. Rarely so blunt criticism. Deco blushed, and stood up. "No, first I'm not nervous, I was able Tixia Qu." Deco After finished, George swept eyes, all the players are quickly avoided George. George helpless smile, they have so awful? George flew for a face sè. "We played the first half and Real Madrid, you should also see Real Madrid did not what they might very strong attack, but their defense is simply not guard us. Offensive, offensive to suppress them with, especially the ancient pedicle to press down. "" You see, as long as we go up in the midst of the attack, they can only retreat. retreat, they went without any danger. "George in the tactical side of the board draw a variety of lines , told the players how should attack. But no matter how offensive, breaking point is in the middle. Cambiasso middle is the weakest point, while Blackburn Micoud it is strongest. Only enough pressure to Cambiasso,oakley eyeglasses sale, then Guti admission and then to go back to help. Without Guti, then the pressure will certainly disappear Deco. So that the whole situation will be able to regain it. ............ Second half kickoff again, Blackburn side indeed a lot less tense. Especially Deco, with his stations to influence Guti. Deco forward, Guti not matter Deco. The Deco began a free hand, his ability to run out on the show. Deco's running ability, as a midfielder fully qualified. Guti Although Bi Deke talented, or that his ghost unpredictable imagination, passing a lot more than Deco. But on the physical, on defense, on the control of the game, Guti is far less than the Deco. Guti most out sè is in front of his passing ability. Unfortunately, that position is the position of Zidane. So Guti only be back, but this is also not play Guti greatest power. If Blackburn's offensive strength is not enough, Guti on the back is definitely a big threat. Because suddenly plugged in, plus his feet pass, it is absolutely fatal. Unfortunately, because of very strong Blackburn attack, leading to more and more people Guti rearward position. Not play his powerful offensive strength. But Guti back, but Real Madrid's attack did not retreat. Guti back after Zidane's location is also a little later. Zidane's position but is retracement Raul occupy. Zidane is more a passing mobilize attacks, especially the offensive side Figo is still violent. This way, the game appeared in different situation. Blackburn side attack is relying Deco scheduling, and then decided to attack by the Micoud direction. But most of them are relying on the right, beat Carlos this time. The Real Madrid game is relying on Figo on the right, hit the side of John Arne Riise. Instead, both sides played very middle. Soon fell into a stalemate among the game. But the overall look is still Blackburn took advantage of this side. You can choose to play as Micoud Pires on this side, the same he can also play Duff on this side. Choice more than Real Madrid. Zidane's retreat although Real Madrid's attack a lot smoother. But also let Deco more space for activities. After more than a Deco space, ideas for more. Performance is more and more comfortable,Coach Handbags Sale, more and more strong. Edge Lu Feige is a breakthrough, and a biography, was Campbell top out. Deco got the ball. Deco although more space for activities, but are generally used to mobilize his passing Blackburn defense. Deco did not pass but this time, but all of a sudden a forward runs. "...... Deco, after the plug ...... Guti, tackles" Deco sudden forward runs, indeed Real Madrid midfielder surprise. Fortunately Guti fast response came before preparing Deco defense. But on the offensive Guti is a rare talent in world football, but on the defensive, just brought out a defender in the Premiership midfielder Guti stronger than I do not know how many times. A few simple shaking, Guti is already revealing a huge empty when. Finally Guti desperation can only tackle, but the tackle but lets Guti completely lost his position. Deco did not lose this opportunity, directly from the side came over. "Deco, breaking Guti. Deco ...... pass" Deco is not Kaka. He could not have been a breakthrough in breaking the Guti later, when everyone thought Deco continue forward runs when Deco is pass. This ball is a 45-degree angle of the ball, pass directly into the restricted area in which Real Madrid. "Micoud is offside Micoud Micoud ...... shè door" Deco's pass was very jīng accurate, of course offside Micoud is very beautiful. Deco's pass defense is spread to Real Madrid's right, but just Micoud which appear in this position. Hierro and Helguera defense Klose, but did not look after the plug Micoud. Micoud inserted after the timing is very accurate. Deco's pass and Micoud forward runs exactly. Micoud received a Deco pass the time, is completely without any defensive player on the side. Micoud without stopping, facing Deco's pass is kicked directly volley pumping shè. Casillas is already possible saves it. Deco's pass but very sudden, and Micoud forward runs more abrupt. Plus Micoud pumping shè speed, the angle is also very cunning. Directly from the near post, Casillas underarm roll inside. "GL" Mortensen was very excited. "Micoud is Micoud second half sixteen minutes, the whole game sixty-one minutes, Micoud goal against Blackburn once again ahead of Real Madrid." "Deco and Micoud in these two Blackburn field generals, it is just a small engagement penetrated the entire Real Madrid defense. Bosque how would you choose to see the status of Real Madrid player now, it is for them to worry about. "" well done, Blackburn "Micoud see After scoring, waved a fist fiercely. Then keep up with the chest and jump up mercilessly Deco touched. Then hugged Deco, followed next Klose, Pires, Duff came over to celebrate. George is kneeling on the ground, his hands clenched, could not help crying loudly. Ha ha ha, we once again ahead of Real Madrid. You are the best club in the twentieth century, so what? It is a pity, now is the twenty-first century. Blackburn fans this time, in total disregard of Real Madrid fans next, as well as stadium which has Zidane existence of this person. Continue to sing the songs they created Micoud. "...... We do not Zidane, we have Mikumi library ...... crashed ...... we have Micoud" Their singing is too big. All the people present were heard. Although previously know this song, but Zidane is dumbfounding to hear. For Micoud, Zidane really did not mind. Not Zidane Xingaoqiao, despise Micoud. But because Zidane became known later, the whole of France every year, "Zidane successor", "Zidane second" person anyway, this title is too much. If you let a whole Zidane a bother, then it shall not be exhausted. But why Micoud and Zidane maximum contrast. In addition to two people's style is very similar, are the kind of goodly classic playmaker players. More reasons, or both career and have a great relationship. Two deep roots. Zidane left Cannes that year, they go to Bordeaux. Meanwhile Micoud came to Cannes, Cannes, became the club's midfield. And a few years later Zidane left Bordeaux, Bordeaux club instead of the introduction of Zidane who is Micoud. They like a shadow, into one, Micoud are the perfect alternative to the people Zidane role. That is, this time, people began to say that the French football Micoud was "Zidane second." But then Zidane Rounds. Especially after the World Cup in France and the Netherlands and Belgium the baptism of the European Cup, Zidane has become a new generation of world number one trend. The Micoud is just playing in the French Bordeaux, and later to the Premier League Blackburn Rovers underdog. Therefore, it is of course impossible for Zidane Micoud have any idea. Just did not think Micoud later able to achieve so much success. Micoud in Blackburn, led the team won the UEFA Cup, as well as two Premier League titles. This time even led his team into the Champions League final, directly meet. If there are not any other times. But do not know which bastard media always put two people together to compare. Two people are now meeting led to embarrassing. Both as a team-mate, relationships more subtle. Now these Blackburn fans is such an important match, shouting this song. This allows the two later how to meet. Shook his head. But Zidane is not depressed. Because Zidane know, the game still half an hour. Real Madrid have time to tie the game. 384 shè384 volley volley pumping pumping shè, to URLs <

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