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> 355 months George watching the scene very clearly. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM Rochemback side sliding tackles, just hooked a high-speed run Klose right leg. And then the right leg is the supporting leg was severely Rochemback uprooting. This degree of tackles, not a few in the Premier League. So George,Jordan 14 Shoes, although very angry, but did not care how it started. But to see Klose covered shank portion, not able to stand up. And his face is very painful expression, George knew something big hair. Klose is Germany's players, the most typical German players. Low-key life, training hard, without any off-scandal. Players on the court is, by the thousands attention. Left the stadium that ordinary people do not want to interfere with the media. Klose in the field, it is very self-discipline. He will not flopping in the field, and now is a seven seasons, but never played diving. And defensive players on the field and fell to the ground after the collision, it will rapidly. Definitely not like some of the other players, as lying on the ground half a day. Referee gave a yellow card to defender before them. Even delaying game time, George would never find Klose. Because he can not act. So when George saw Klose over his leg, did not stand up, you know Klose was really hurt. And injuries are not light. George could not help but curse out: "Rochemback, I x eighth generation of ancestors you," George can not criticize it? Klose but bears Blackburn third firepower. Frontcourt Klose to score, can pass, the most dependable striker George. George just staring at the Blackburn team doctor. Klose's injury looked at the doctor and asked some questions to ask Klose. Then quickly came to greet stretcher, and then facing George gestures to make substitutions. George is also the last point expect shattered. Now George can only pray Klose's injury not too serious. Rest and a half months, a month that is also good. When a player where there is no injury. But hope is good,Madison Coach, the reality is cruel. Blackburn Rovers team doctor after George around, shook his head. "Badly injured, it may take several months to be able to recover." Heard the doctor's words, George is not the idea to continue the command of the game. Are already three nil, the game there is no waves. Compared to the game, George is now most worried about is Klose. Before the referee whistle, George left the stadium. This scene was directed was shot down. "It seems Klose's injury is very serious. Otherwise George unequal end of the game it is impossible to leave the stadium. Klose's injury, the impact for Blackburn certainly great." Mortensen also saw George did not wait for the game the end of the left scene. Competition touches no suspense. Finally substitute Javier Saviola scored a goal to save face, but Barcelona still on the road to a more than three defeat. But this time George was already in the hospital, even the post-match press conference, did not participate. ............ "What, four months?" Hear the words of Dr. George stared. George although thought could be serious, but not thought so serious. Mom **, are now already in November it. Four months, meaning that next year's March, April when it is able to comeback game. And four months, who knows what will happen when the time of the state. By his grandmother, Rochemback, I x you eight generations of ancestors. George long sigh. Blackburn now play is designed around Micoud. But it is also designed around Klose. Because now George playing tactics, demanding for a single striker. Blackburn Rovers forward line now, only Klose most powerful, competent lone striker position. Four months, four months. If you can, George would prefer not to win the game. For a game, hurt his striker being printed, this sale too uneconomical. When George entering the room, there was a girl in a Klose flattened fruit. George'd seen this girl once. Klose is now twenty three years old, has a girlfriend normal. But Klose in the field is very low-key, so there is little media attention to this girl. George is only in the last season the club's Champions League celebration seen again. George first against the girl nodded, then turned his head to see Klose. "Miro, feel now?" Klose unlike patients with a smile: "header, all right." "Miro, this is the first time you receive such a serious injury." George sat g Klose's bed, patted Klose. Klose and George came to England, which was the seventh season. There have been twelve weeks of the injury, but four months of this serious injury but it is the first time. "Miro, your first one hundred balls had better wait for some time." One hundredth career goals, but also a milestone. If not injured, it was in these games were. Unfortunately ...... "head, I did not do this a few seasons little tired, rest is not bad." George see Klose so optimistic, put down the heart. "Miro, you have to quickly recover. If you slow, will miss the Champions League finals." Klose hear George, then smiled. "Head, I assure you, I have to get a Champions League for the club and I must rush times of." George and Klose in the hospital, Klose's injury became a British football's big news. The news media is fast. Game just ended did not take long, Klose's injury is already known. Blackburn home strong performance, but is has become secondary. Because compared to this win, the British media are more concerned about Klose's injury. Klose hurt, although many media have shown a pity, as well as a deep blessing. But who knows how to think they really are? Estimated that many Premier League clubs are rejoicing. Even Blackburn's main rival, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool will open if they could celebrate. Klose is Who? But Klose Premiership God shè hands. Premier League for two consecutive seasons are the top three standings shè hand. Premier League last season, is the best shè hands. Until now, the Premier Klose scored just one less than Arsenal's Thierry Henry only. Klose now hurt. Premier League clubs are looking forward to. Blackburn Rovers striker Miroslav Klose who else besides line? Davao. Suker, old. Drogba, although the strength of growth in a lot, but you want to work independently, all English football who do not believe. Klose did not hurt, we all feel good strength Blackburn Rovers striker. But Klose this hurt, we all saw it. Blackburn striker is now stretched. This is not the most comprehensive striker Miroslav Klose, they'd like to see George play a single striker in the end how to proceed. Barcelona kick ............ just three days later, in November 24rì, away to Blackburn to Chelsea. Chelsea since Ranieri took over, the results still can be. Of course, can not be recovered during the year Gullit and Vialli peak, but also the fear of the teams are all one team. If it is past, to challenge Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, George although cautious, but not how worried. Chelsea, though not in the eyes of George is ATM. But it is not what a strong team. But this time the expedition was a little worried. Why? Mom **, Klose injured. In fact, George had a lot of screenings are starting to Drogba replaced Klose. But before the heart bottom, because those are to make Klose rest. But now Klose injured, Drogba is replaced Klose desperation. This is a very delicate heart. Drogba, Drogba now really can not be replaced Klose. Drogba is now the most out sè will use their bestial body, grabbed the ball in the air can. Furthermore, is the ability to grow a lot shè door, however, and Klose totally not a grade. As for the ball, but can not keep up Klose. Technically, Drogba is quite rough. I do not know has been injured Klose hit game Blackburn played very depressed. Chelsea this season to become the main force of Terry, combined with Desailly defense Drogba. Desailly, Terry combination of the old and a little, so that Drogba did not come down to grab the ball. Top in front of him the lone striker was frozen, the entire offensive Blackburn have been greatly affected. This makes George's presence was very anxious watching. George is to look out. Single striker Didier Drogba is still lack of strength, so the second half to put Davao. Suker. Want to look at the impact with two strikers Chelsea defense. Unfortunately, the game failed. Instead, a counter-attack which was Glenn Charles assists, so Hasselbaink broke the Blackburn goal. George at Stamford Bridge can only be harvested one defeat. Zero to one, George closed his closed eyes. Evan played early in the season just like George striker shortage. But at the time George somewhat careless. George considers Klose and Didier Drogba, no problem. But now Klose injured, the problem is more. Winter seems to add a striker can. Fortunately, other stadium news, Jean-Georges slightly down the heart. Liverpool defeated at Ewood Park, it really is been a great blow. In their own home is more than a draw with Sunderland one. And the other a highlight among Arsenal beat Manchester United three to one. Premier fourteen ends, Blackburn still is twenty-nine minutes topped the list. Liverpool twenty-six points in the second, is the twenty-third of Arsenal, Manchester United are two very. Although Liverpool narrowed the score gap, but George is not much for Liverpool fear. Instead,Air Jordan Shoes, Arsenal recent good form, George bit worried. Manchester United this season really has become a belly. The face of the top five teams, up to now have not a victory. Of course, now George is the best intentions, it should complement what kind of striker. 355 months 355 months, to a URL <

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