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25.05.2013 05:19
cold breath Yin from through antworten

The whole text without advertising the 134 chapter [war, be triggered at any moment! ] night, lights, bright lights lit a Dongdong building skyscrapers, covered with the Oriental Pearl of the East China Sea, so that the whole city giving a sense of twilight, like a arms of Pipa half block face beauty, beauty let a person palpitation. (full text Free Ebook Download) since five years ago on the East China Sea to the land, Ji Hong liked here at night. In the past five years, unless there is an emergency, every night, she will take a little time, enjoy the night. Today, is no exception. After her shower, wrapped in red gauze towel a thin, standing in front of the French window, overlooking the whole city. Under the light, she let a lot of men into a frenzy of Jiao Qu partly hidden and partly visible, with invisible temptation; her beautiful face gave no habitual charming smile, but with some serious. It seems, this moment she wasn't in the mood to enjoy the night view of the East China Sea. "Jijie, need to send people to support them?" A cold breath Yin from through the glass cast a shadow, found Ji Hong slightly wrinkled brow, unbearable openings asks a way. No answer, Quaternary red as if in meditation, and did not seem to hear the words of Yin from. Yin Li looked at, did not dare to speak again. As the season of Red's bodyguard, she for the Quaternary Red Mo edge, design that Mu Qing Yan of the hijacked thing. She is very clear, Ji Hong is doing so in order to relationship between Liu Yue and Jiang Gang two people, so as to lay the foundation for the next step plan. And just now, Mo edge information sent, as at present, not only the East Hite. Police Brigade into the mountains. Catch hijacked Mu Qing Yan people, and...... Because the east coast guard. Preparation. Zone in a group of nine soldiers and police. Preparation. Area of a person's son was killed,Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses, the east coast guard. Preparation. To mobilize forces directly blocked a nearby forest. In such a case, four of the hostage Mu Qing Yan people, almost no possible escape. Once they were slain, the first step between Quaternary Red plan will completely ended in failure; and if they are captured and for Ji Hong, even if the Quaternary red now have horrible people net, that is a big trouble. No. I do not know how long after, Quaternary red mouth, she gently open the two petals of red lips,Oakley Sunglasses Squared Cheap, mood calm as a channel: "loyalty beyond their question, even if not escape, also will not fight,Coach New Arrivals Online, but desperate, so...... Those who can't take them alive." "I before had told them, once stuck in a dilemma, facing death situation, it must be before death, kill Mu Qing Yan -- although this is not the original plan so perfect, but also enough to make the deterioration of relations between Liu Yue and Jiang Gang." Then, say, Quaternary red face suddenly become extremely complex, a rare show a somewhat sad: "Mu Qing Yan and her mother is a poor woman, and speak from the bottom of my heart, I don't want to hurt her. But...... In the political arena, involuntarily, a lot of things is not what you want can how -- Mu Qing Yan Hao, Liu Yue, blame only blame them into my game!" Voice down, Ji Hong face sad all gone, some just let people fear.

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