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The whole text without advertising the 128 chapter [hurry to die? The East China Sea on the afternoon] the very next day, the school held a new conference,Coach Bags Sale, competent teaching vice president and former president Jia Peiyuan attended the meeting, was warmly welcomed by students. The old headmaster Jia Peiyuan simple and humorous speech is directly ignited the whole hall atmosphere, including Pei Donglai, all the students got up and applauded, respect for Jia Peiyuan was expressed by the most direct, the most simple way. New after the meeting, the students left the room in order, to the classroom, by the professional instructors arrange military matters. As Tokai University's trump card department, college teaching building is located in the southwest side of the school, is a building of twelve floors of the building, looks quite atmosphere. When Pei Donglai and Jia Wenjing, Wu Yuze, Zhuang Bifan three people came to the business management professional ladder classroom, the classroom have sat for many students. Although it was already the very next day of school, but the entire business management specialized student or the first time together, in this regard, the students looked very excited, have each other contact. "Look," to the emperor." When Pei Donglai appeared at the door of the classroom, a sitting in front of the students present a cry. The students live in 107 bedroom, yesterday when we met in the dormitory by jump, 108 bedroom Pei Donglai four. "Shua!" The student an opening, the students have to stop talking, have turned to Pei Donglai four people, including in the back Chaina and her roommate. Aware of the students eyes, Pei Donglai is a feeling, but he did not have the slightest discomfort -- because of his special experience psychological quality originally than peers, kill the base after special training in the blood,Nike Air Jordan 12 UK, psychological quality good enough to use to describe. Although the MBA students know as the national college entrance examinations to Pei Donglai and they attended a professional, but...... Many of them first met Pei Donglai, looked to Pei Donglai's eyes is very curious. Some early and Pei Donglai fought encounter students have smiled in greeting and Pei Donglai. To this, Pei Donglai is also a smile every time. While Pei Donglai responded that those classmates at the same time, Wu Yuze from the back of beyond Pei Donglai, directly toward the sitting in the rear of the Guo Lina go. For Wu Yuze and Guo Lina, two people are watching a bastard mung bean, not on the eye, in the past more than a day time, the relationship between each other is like sitting rocket soar, has completed a kiss, touch, just take off clothes rolling bed. But Wu Yuze showed off in the bedroom, he was going out with Guo Lina tonight. Real rolling bed, or to wait for half month -- according to the school of Tokai University, freshman will tomorrow morning to east coast guard. Preparation. Zone in a camp for military training, military training to take the whole military management, not only to goose-stepping, stand Junzi training, but also for the shooting, field survival training, in order to enhance the students' quality. Soon,Oakley Flak Jacket, Wu Yuze first came to Chaina front of them, smiled and greeted them, simply sat beside Guo Lina, Zhuang Bifan also unwillings to lag behind, sits down once the side, and Jia >

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