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stretch his hand not to see the five antworten

The 111 chapter [charge, wake up? When Pei Donglai finished] neural first reaction speed test walked out of the room, he can clearly feel the Jason three people see the exception to his eyes. The 15 temple, he didn't feel surprised, but did not show a proud look. "Boy, I have to admit,Jordan Take Flight Sale, you gave us a big surprise! Similarly, I also had to recognize you that sentence, perhaps, the four of us will have to do your students feel proud in the future!" As Pei Donglai walked out of the test chamber, Jason took the gold s è mask, face s è rare L ù with a smile, look at Pei Donglai's eyes are friendly to many. Heard the words of Jason, looking at Jason's like cutting off the resolute face, Pei Donglai just feel vaguely familiar, but no matter how hard he tried, I couldn't think of where I saw Jason. "Look, Xiao Fei should know Jason, at least seen Jason." After a few seconds, Pei Donglai faint guessed what. "Boy, your body quality is very good not to say,Air Jordan After Game Sale, all the innate ability are far beyond the ordinary, just can't believe." Jason was the first to take off the mask, Kaine and other three people also took off the mask, wherein, Kaine asked out of the hearts of the suspected Hu ò: "what did you do?" "I was a high school student, immediately to the university." Xiao Fei soul. Pei Donglai is the biggest secret, he will not tell Jason four. Student? "Oh, hell!" Hear the words of Pei Donglai, Fanbate face's face: "you did not enter the army, it is a pity!" "Yes,Totes Coach, with congenital conditions you, if enter the army, will become the world's most outstanding soldiers!" Jason also not stingy with her praise, because of the special experience, he had seen too many good young plant, but like Pei Donglai or the first time! If not, he would not use the "monster" two words to call Pei Donglai. "Guys, don't flatter our monster, let him psychologically tested it, I have been unable to hold oneself back to know his mental capacity is exceeded our expectations." At this time, there has been no open De Rossi also spoke, he is an expert on psychology, mainly responsible for teaching Pei Donglai psychology. "De Rossi, I don't think you have to test, this guy is absolutely all-rounder." J ī ng assassination of Vanbat with a positive tone, said: "do you recollect carefully, this kid into the base to see us when the performance can be judged on this point." "Let him accept the test." Jason knew that Vanbat was telling the truth, but he still wants to know how Pei Donglai's psychological bearing capacity. "Come on, boy, psychological test is your last test." Kaine once again waved. Pei Donglai nodded, hold one's tongue with four to a room in the four M é n, look forward to the expression, walked into the testing room. As I tested neural first reaction speed of the room, psychological testing room is dark, if ordinary people in, stretch his hand not to see the five fingers. However. Pei Donglai's vision.

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