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25.05.2013 05:00
you crazy not what you antworten

The 091 chapter [a] shelves for tusks L ù, monthly subscription! Before Pei Donglai in the car and paid no attention to Zhou Tao, at this time, when he heard the words of Zhou Tao, he subconsciously look to see Zhou Tao, Zhou Tao's not unfamiliar faces, the moment thought of clashes with Zhou Tao just to the first day, also clearly aware of Zhou Tao's eyes the hate. E^ "), including Sun Weidong, the East China Sea the supercar club,Nike Jordan After Game Sale, have heard that Zhou Tao was a country bumpkin frighten even the NV were not going to run away, directly. Now, hear the words of Zhou Tao, they all turned to Pei Donglai, surprised! It seems that. They never dreamed that, Zhou Tao and hick has a relationship with the East cold plume. They didn't think of this point, the East cold plume is not thought, Pei Donglai had and Zhou Tao have holiday, now with a surprised look at Pei Donglai. "The world is really small." Notice the red hate Zhou Tao eyes,Oakley Active Sunglasses, Pei Donglai did not fear -- initially, fusion of the second phase has not yet started, he faced the Northeast small Wang Ye's longevity not step back, now, he has already begun to fusion of the second stage, afraid of Zhou Tao? "Bastard, you......" See Pei Donglai recognize themselves, instead of being afraid, also a secure to rely on appearance, Zhou Tao gas directly to us. However -- before his swearing scolded, aside from Pei Donglai Sun Weidong to look away to the East, the cold plume, as if thinking of sth. asked: "Oriental cold plume, I remember you always love have no contact with anyone, how now took personal? Who is he? Is your class?" "The thing I need to report to you?" In the face of Sun Weidong asked, Eastern cold plume face sneers. "Oriental cold plume, don't think your aunt in the East China Sea is a somebody, you crazy not what you!" Facing the East cold plume all-powerful, there is a super run the club members unhappy. Oriental cold plume y ī n sink at opening the supercar club members, coldly: "I crazy for seventeen years, if you don't like it, though, come on, whether their own or move on, I want to say no,Oakleys Hijinx Sunglasses, I is your pet!" "You......" Hear Eastern cold plume, the super run the club face s è a blue, mouth open, subconsciously to fight back, but don't know what to say. (") and those around him are well aware of the Oriental cold plume peer daredevil style and behind the backer, although one very uncomfortable, but no clamor. "Oriental cold plume, we quickly are adults, I would find parents help to no more." Sun Weidong's heart was very angry, but he did not attack, but a cold plume looked at the east. Now, Zhou Tao would not let Pei Donglai knelt down admit hate immediately, hear Sun Weidong words, in his eyes like a country bumpkin existence as Pei Donglai and Eastern cold plume relationship beautifully, is not he can step. 4 0 six 5 * 8 at this time, Sun Weidong words make Zhou Tao heart movement, sneer at a way: "Sun brother said yes -- so, Eastern cold feather, you do not want to drag racing and sun brother? We add one million >

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