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25.05.2013 04:48
although he didn't marry Mingzhu for antworten

Early in the morning, when the first ray of sunshine through the western sky, Lin Feng did not like the usual Lai in Chu á ng, but has put on a tracksuit,jordan online cheap, along the lake. In fact, Lin Feng and unlike his boss like that like morning exercises, on the contrary,Oakley M FRAME Sale, although he was in the national development and Reform Commission work, but is the standard dandyism, to work in gold, off a beauti. Today, he had got up early Chu á ng exercises, the key is to give his family a good impression -- although he didn't marry Mingzhu for his wife's mind, but...... He didn't want his family a few know Lin just enjoy undeserved fame, lost Lim home face. Lakefront edge, Mingzhu villa. Already Chu á ng Mingzhu as usual back home, put on a strong national s è Cai cheongsam,Oakley Scalpel, the people gave a great lady. "Lin Feng, rather than your boss, you can not tiny but adventitious quantity." Standing on the villa on the balcony, watching jogging Lin Feng, Mingzhu couldn't help passage one, at the same time the mind does not come out of a elegant figure. Morninghope, she slightly absence. After a brief absence, Mingzhu see Lin Feng figure more and more close, then smiled and waved: "Lin Shao, early." Last night Lin Feng knew Mingzhu place, when the exercise intention toward the direction of Mingzhu villa is run, all the way to see the Mingzhu that beautiful figure. At this point, the ear ringing Mingzhu said, looking at a cheongsam attire Mingzhu, Lin Feng eyes not emerged in the amazing eyes, he stopped, panting two breath, smile a way: "good morning, miss pearl." "The forest is less, if you don't mind, to sit down for a while, then we go to eat breakfast?" Although through Lin Feng's mind, but does not reduce Mingzhu grin on his face. Hear the Mingzhu active invited himself to her sight, Lin Feng heart secretly excited, but not in the face, just smiled and nodded. Soon, Mingzhu from two floor, meet in the lobby and Lin feng. "Lin Shao, first wipe." After the meeting, Mingzhu to carry out the handkerchief, handed Lin feng. Mingzhu's move to make Lin Feng heart a burst of J ī, in his view, according to this situation, Mingzhu kneel point the day and await for it in his crotch. Stretched out his hand with a faint fragrance of handkerchief, Lin Feng wiped sweat. Soon after Lin Fengca Khan, Mingzhu deliberately L ù an apologetic expressions, faint: "I'm sorry, forests, to make you embarrassed today." Lin Feng was also because Mingzhu attitude change so fast and lucky, at this time was heard Mingzhu words, not one Zheng: "Miss pearl, why would you say that?" "Lin shao." Mingzhu give an irrelevant answer, but with some deep, some grievances to call Lin Feng a sound, to Lin Feng eyes and her eyes touch, l í a poor neat appearance, said: "you know why I know your heart, but can not with you together?" Why. For this, Lin Feng also quite curious, he >

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