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25.05.2013 04:37
Zheng Jinshan grasps the opportunity antworten

As the Shen city in recent rise to local tyrant, Zheng Jinshan's industry involves many areas, including real estate, energy, transportation, which real estate is his pillar industries -- this year,oakley sunglasses online, with the national housing prices rise, Zheng Jinshan grasps the opportunity, funds from the energy that block out, in real estate suddenly,air jordan sale, a rich. As everyone knows, it is not the construction project, but to coordinate all kinds of relations, including the coordination of relevant government departments, with approval, the formalities, including coordinating the relationship with the local residents, in order to prevent residents stop construction. Zheng Jinshan seize the opportunity at the same time, also put a lot of human, material resources to surround those who wear his servants of the people, in addition, he also founded the Demolition Company, the company most members are recruited the unemployed. These people have mostly street, cut man, in prison, a subsidiary of vicious. For Zheng, golden hill, he spend money to support these people, is a group of thugs, met local residents stopped, he would send these people pull the past deterrence, deterrence not sticks together, get to temper justice with mercy, to a few people benefit, the ultimate solution to the problem. This means, Zheng Jinshan's Demolition Company has used such as pure, it is 100 percent. It is precisely because of this, the leopard elder brother heart just wasn't worried. In his view, have powerful Zheng boss, he worried about a hammer! After dinner, including leopard brother, a dozen Demolition Company slackers are in one hand and a toothpick, a hand holding a cigarette, cattle. Force. To coax out of the restaurant, along the bumpy road, toward the last ten households refused to sign the agreement "nail households" go. See that arrogant postscript Yang, devils look around, like the plague, rapid escape. See all this, led by leopard brother hunzai people not to think it as shameful, anti-thought-wing, smile that calls a proud. As do the staff of Jiang Nan although vaguely uncomfortable, but he also knew that, additional benefits do last month is this group of people is the Demolition Company to filial! The money will be from the so-called "nail households" body back. Soon, a pedestrian came to Pei Donglai live in the yard doorway. "Bang bang......" A group of people standing in the sketch, leopard elder brother, a crew-cut man came to the door, said accurately is a door, the voice of bang bang, can be heard without end. Pei Donglai lived in the yard, either the landlord aunt and her husband Liu Fusheng had heard outside action. Among them,Oakley Sunglasses UK, Liu Fusheng's eyebrows up, between the eyebrows slightly cannot hide, and the landlord aunt both worried and helpless. "Hua!" After a moment, the gate was opened, a gray-haired old man, bent the waist, appear in the leopard brother a pedestrian sight. "The old man." See the old man appeared, leopard Gepi false smile ground before. "Go, you go, I tell you, even if you kill me, I will not sign the agreement!" The old man hand stop leopard brother door, trying to close the door. The old man resolute attitude make leopard brother made a face, leopard brother men ready to make trouble, seems to do. Jiang Nan seeing this, quickly stepped forward, smiling.

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