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25.05.2013 04:32
but the learning achievement is not antworten

"Don't go away!" Pei Donglai's voice was not loud, direct was flooded by the audience's applause and cheers, but was Zheng Fei and his teammates could be crystal clear. "My horse, Pei Donglai, what do you say?" Zheng Fei originally had amassed a belly fury, at this time to hear Pei Donglai say, suddenly like a raging boar, clenched his fists, with his red eyes stared at Pei Donglai. How? Zheng Fei, you want to not to become?" In the face of Zheng Fei's rage,Oakley Polarized Sale, Pei Donglai does not fear. PE teacher to see two people give tit for tat, hurriedly face,Oakley Sunglasses Store, cold drink a way: "what are you doing? Give me to shut up!" Obviously, he knew, if the conflict of the two people, the school responsibility, he could not escape the blame, avoid to be assessed. "To the East, not the same level as sb. With this man, he is a fail to keep faith." Cao Bing looked at, hurriedly pulled Pei Donglai, lest Pei Donglai should blow up storm hit Zheng Fei, in his view, although Pei Donglai is now confident on the basketball court, but the learning achievement is not the fact, if really and Zheng Fei conflict, not to mention the family background of both sides, the school will be biased towards Zheng Fei, and if you consider the family background, Pei Donglai absolute tragedy! "Is good at playing basketball with wool, can you eat?" Zheng Fei's teammates pulled Zheng Fei, they usually no less followed Zheng Fei to idle away in seeking pleasure, accounted for a lot of cheap, the critical moment will naturally to Zheng Fei s, and pierce to the heart of the matter, directly with Pei Donglai "soft rib". The members of the senior class six words, including Cao Bing, several senior class players are worried to see Pei Donglai,Air Jordan 14, for fear that the other would dismantle Pei Donglai managed to restore confidence. Even to the extent that. Even the sports teacher is more sympathetic to Pei Donglai. "Is good at playing basketball can eat when the meal I don't know, I just know, Zheng Fei lost the game, to fulfill the agreement." To their astonishment, the face of irony, Pei Donglai is light a say with smile: "of course, if Zheng Fei when the audience said that he is not a band to man, bet may be invalid." "Pei Donglai, you give me to shut up!" Pei Donglai's voice just fall, ranging from Zheng Fei to anger, heard a loud thunder not far away. The opening is Wang Hong, middle school class teacher. She served as the middle school class teacher in less than a year, before the class six class, at that time, Zheng Fei was her pda. In such a scenario, now see her as a middle school class down Pei Donglai and Zheng Feiqi conflict, then to Pei Donglai thunder protection, who, it is self-evident. "Teacher Wang, Zheng Feixian lai......" See Wang Hong face poor, Cao Bing several people slightly some dissatisfaction to Pei Donglai s. "Give me shut up! I heard, Pei Donglai provocation." Wang Hong stared stonily at Pei Donglai, every single word or phrase: "the playing basketball to play basketball, where so much shit? The Kung Fu do not go to work hard?" Face Wang Hong scolded, Pei Donglai not angry, just the self-ridicule ground smiled, turned away. "Pei Donglai, you remember, tomorrow afternoon, you must get your father to school!" Pei Donglai self-mockery smile let Wang Hong very uncomfortable. "

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