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25.05.2013 03:59
also a big figure behind think- antworten

The 187 chapter [a war in future! ] fifteen in the morning, when the distant sky spit out the greenish white mist dragon villa over time, steaming, from afar, like a fairyland. Dragon villa of a villa in the bedroom, Fang Xiaohong in his pajamas, standing in front of the French window, but not in the mood to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window, but frowned and don't know what to think. Perhaps because of the sake didn't sleep for a night, her eye is blood does not say, there is a clear black eye. "Xiaohong, you didn't sleep for a night?" I do not know how long before, a quiet bedroom a voice rang out, yesterday night rushed to the villa for Cao Guangjiang, got up, walked behind Fang Xiaohong, arm around Fang Xiaohong's shoulders, asked softly. I can't sleep. Fang Xiaohong nodded. "Did you call?" Hear the words of Fang Xiaohong, Cao Guangjiang realizes something. Fang Xiaohong nodded again: "I give Liu telephoned, he told me, so far has not caught the murderer, even...... Not found the trace of the murderer." "This group of a good-for-nothing, China. Domestic them, they even gangsters are not catch!" Cao Guangjiang some angry scold a way. "Wide river, if he escaped from Hangzhou. State and Zhejiang. Jiang, how to do?" Fang Xiaohong asked out worry: "not only is he and Liu Yue relationship between the East China Sea is unusual, but also the disciples Jia Peiyuan, if he escaped to the East China Sea, we have to deal with him will become very difficult! After all, we have no direct evidence to prove he killed my brother and worldly glory!" "At present, the entry and exit of the basic block, he should not escape Hang Guangjiang sink a track:" besides,oakley eyeglasses sale, if he escaped from Hangzhou also no harm, no evidence, we can manufacture evidence! So, don't say itself is not clean, Liu Yue, is Jia Wenjing he didn't participate in the opportunity!" "Ten thousand steps back, if Jia Wenjing in the premise of knowing the bastard crime next to,Oakley Hijinx Outlet, I'll ask him!" In the end,Nike Air Jordan 4 Sale, Cao Guangjiang's tone became y ī extra n sink, y ī n darkness also mixed with some pride. The haughty, from he is a member of the family factions of the leaf! Jia Peiyuan even scholar auxiliary. Representatives of government, is also a big figure behind think-tank representatives, but compared with the leaves home very influential, not worth mentioning. "Shout ~" hear the words of Cao Guangjiang, aware that confidence in Cao Guangjiang's voice, Fang Xiaohong slightly relieved, but still did not release the frown. Because...... The report on Cao Guangjiang's evidence is like a sword hanging over her head in general, Pei East a moment dies, she should not a moment to relax. "Well, I went to the public now Ann hall, you in the villa, my message." Fang Xiaohong did not speak, Cao Guangjiang patted Fang Xiaohong. Subsequently, Cao Guangjiang simply wash one time, wear good clothes, by a confidential secretary drove him to the public security department.. Thirty minutes later. Cao Guangjiang arrived at the secretary was accompanied by ANN rooms. Conference room, including Liu, police chiefs and Wu. Police. Total. Team, Ann. Responsible for the hall have been waiting for a long time. See Cao Guangjiang's y ī n heavy face, they face s è are some difficult >

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