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25.05.2013 03:59
include George became Burnley antworten

> 317 to renew "the history of the Champions League quarterfinals youngest head coach," After playing a home game and Galatasaray, not only in England media reports, and even many European media have reported. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM because so after four games after a lot of eight teams are already out. First out is the group C Bayern Munich and Blackburn, D group of Real Madrid and Arsenal. Bayern Munich and Blackburn two teams appear very unexpected. But the D group is a group of death, Real Madrid and Arsenal can break so quickly it is unexpected. But even in an accident, they can not occupy the layout and Blackburn, especially compared to George. Why? Because Blackburn has a so many things of interest to the media. That is Blackburn coach George Levy, this year only thirty-two. Coach made his early thirties is not without, but is already very scarce it. In his early thirties, they can lead the team into the Champions League quarter-finals and even fewer. No,Oakley Lifestyle Outlet, it should say so far no one can at the age of thirty-year-old led the team into the Champions League quarterfinals. Moreover, the coach last season led Blackburn also won the UEFA Cup. All media realize that the birth of a world-class marshal, has not be prevented. "Equipe" and even made a column, which is to introduce George this young coach coaching experience. Which will include George became Burnley coach, and later in Burnley achieved. So that was still led by George Burnley Football League, won the League Cup and FA Cup. After that to George Blackburn things. George Blackburn achievements are quite out sè, step by step. Fourth in the league the first season, won the UEFA Cup qualification. Second season second in the league, the European Cup. Won Champions League places. Third season, until now ranked first Premier League, Champions League quarter-finals, League Cup final. These results indicate that a series of the season Blackburn scores steadily. And controlled by Murdoch tabloid different in England, "team" is a very serious newspapers in Europe. What they rarely appear sensational news, their news just reported out of ten Ba jiǔ is true. George "Equipe" which appeared so,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars UK Sale, George's name immediately football throughout Europe began loud. Although Blackburn Rovers in the draw for the group stage of the Champions League which is a bit of luck,Oakley Sunglasses Monster Dog Cheap, have not been elected to the group of death. But Blackburn can break through the group stage twice to enter the Champions League quarter-finals has shown great strength Blackburn and George capabilities. Even has a serious "Equipe" are into the quarterfinals for Blackburn so seriously, for George was wantonly respected. Not only are these newspapers, even the UEFA official website which introduces the characters of this period are George. George in Istanbul, Turkey, the media talking about the pictures hanging on the UEFA official website of them. UEFA's official website which was that "to 1/4 317 317 contract renewal to URL <

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