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Crystal Palace in League antworten

> 298 Champions League draw sequelae after the end of the race on the second round of group began. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm11 month 23rì, Blackburn will begin to play the second round of group matches. Georges Braque this day led to the cold of the Moscow. For Moscow, George, but have a deep impression. His last season led Blackburn to Moscow, Spartak Moscow challenges when the weather is particularly cold. It is November, and the last, where the temperature is already very low. Last season that game so it is not suited Blackburn players. With an experience, although they are still not suited to cold weather in Moscow. However, we have a psychological preparation, so after opening without Kuanggong opponent. Instead, slowly pour the ball, let yourself adapt to the current weather. Blackburn's strength was 比莫斯科斯巴 Nasdaq higher edge. It is beyond doubt. When Blackburn Rovers players adapt to the cold weather, I began to show the team's strength came. Did not like the last time to face the cold weather at a loss. Last game at Old Trafford showed sè Hleb was George came in the field. George is to look at Hleb Belarus player, so come to him. Fortunately Hleb Belarus players, it is to adapt to this cold weather. In such a low temperature under Hleb point is not affected. If in the Premier League, Hleb breakthrough also subject to some restrictions. After all, the fast pace of the Premier League, steals fierce, and the speed is also fast. The Russian defender has all the shortcomings of England defender, but not England defender advantages. Like them and the England defender, like some heavy, turned slowly, back to the chase speed is slow. At most, is heading also. But they compared to England defender, there is a huge shortage. That is simply not decisive in defending them. England defender spite of this kind of problems, but in the fierce defensive front were abnormal, but the ability is also good defensive front. Most importantly, the England defender steals very quickly, definitely not procrastinate. Unfortunately, the Russian defender in this regard has not learned England defender strengths. When the defense is not decisive but the grinding mill chirp. Hleb is therefore a variety of extraordinary ease. Russian guard facing the same wood is more and more extraordinary ease. "How about this kid?" George show off wildly against the next Evan said. George had a special genius to use the terms introduced Hleb,Oakley Monster Dog Online, when Avon was Quanguo George. Although Evan vision for George was very convincing, but after all, is the first to use a special genius terms, Avon hope George cautious. Now George asked Evan certainly not throw in the towel. "Will be silly bands bigger picture lacks. Shè door is not good. Later also need a good workout, really want to become a team important, you also need two or three years now." Evan heard faint words, George laugh. Evan and George, just as a fooling of the Lord. George did not continue and Evan said. But turned his head with Carl said: "Carl, Evan say well Alexander's training depends on your Alexander later able to have much success, to see the results of your training." "Do not worry,Nike Air Jordan 13 UK Sale, within two years can give you a pass band of the players. "Carl every answer is to believe. "Just pass band can not do, but also be able shè. A door can not shè attacking midfielder is of no use." "This is one thing you can rest assured that I will strengthen his ability shè door." At George and Evan, Carl chat when, by virtue of a free kick into the top of the Blanco first ball of the game. With Bellamy to the second half of a counterattack, once again scored a goal Spartak Moscow. In fact, the game George holiday a lot of the main players. Including Micoud, Deco, Pires, Klose did not play. Neither let the main players to rest, but also to win the race, George is already very satisfied. On the road two nil victory over Spartak Moscow. Can be considered for the second round group stage opened a good start. In another one venue, one nil victory over Bayern Munich Galatasaray. With Blackburn goal advantage in the second round group stage which came out on top. George complained intensive schedule is definitely not fake. After coming back from Moscow, just two days George will play West Ham at home. West Ham rì son recently had very difficult. Or that the child is difficult rì Redknapp. In fact, definitely not bad grades Redknapp, Redknapp led West Ham good grades. West Ham investments and in accordance with the Board's support, Redknapp led West Ham to get results now already very not easy. But Redknapp at West Ham and has trained a large group of young talent. Including Blackburn Ferdinand now, there Lampard, Michael Carrick, Joe Cole, is our future movers and shakers in English football figures. But Redknapp and West Ham United's senior very substandard. Conflicts occur when two sides, a lot of the media are waiting when Redknapp left West Ham. Redknapp in English football with contacts, as well as his achievements in West Ham, absolutely not afraid of no new jobs. Does not deal with the coach and the club level, of course, a serious impact on the team's record. West Ham now has even fall a few seasons of this trough. The current West Ham United in the Premier League only ranked fourteenth. For this team, George definitely not sympathy. Instead, George likes to bully this team. Even on a Champions League game did not play all of the main players play, gave West Ham directly called four nil. Champions League Manchester United had just come back also performed well, playing on the road three nil Derbyshire. Of course, Manchester United in the Champions League on the performance is also good. Just hit the break from the group of death, the people of Barcelona are eliminated German side Hamburg. The performance is extremely brave Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United, on the road turned out to be three nil victory over Hamburg. So after this high-intensity game, return to the Premier League there is so good results. Even the most sad reminder of the arsenal. Arsenal in the Champions League second round group stage were able to get a group of death. In the first round match, two nil defeat at home to Real Madrid. This is not the most miserable. After all these seasons Real Madrid is the best team in Europe. The most sad reminder that just lost to Real Madrid, Arsenal Premier League which is zero on the road than the one lost to Leeds United. Is simply the league, the Champions League are Jifeidanda it. Arsenal have been drawn into the group of death began to emerge after the aftermath. The first round group stage,Crossbodys Coach Sale, when in fact there is already a big impact for Arsenal. Did not think the second round group stage, but also entered the group of death. This greatly dispersed Arsenal jīng force. Arsenal now that want to break the group stage, and want to get a good ranking among the Premiership. About the outcome, but is even worse results. Instead now Manchester United and Blackburn Rovers, two teams of the group stage though not easy. But much better than Arsenal. So can be very effective rotation. This way, Arsenal have failed in two consecutive Premiership win. From only two points behind Blackburn, is now turned into seven points behind. The same points and Manchester United. After fifteen league, Blackburn is a plot forty. Champion in the league standings. Blackburn is now based in the Premiership and Champions League in which good performance, George importance for the League Cup is getting low. Three days Houbulaike This ushered in the League Cup fourth round. League One League away match against Crystal Palace. Crystal Palace, but is most common in England Club only. Has nearly a hundred years of history, but the honor room which was empty. Simply no one can take the shot results. But for the Chinese fans, Crystal Palace but also outsize. Why? Because Crystal Palace is a Chinese player Sun Jihai and Fan Zhiyi effectiveness of two men team in England. Fan Zhiyi and even served as captain of Crystal Palace. Crystal Palace now Fan Zhiyi is still playing. George this time they are the first team bench and some mixed youth team play. But George did not attach importance to the League Cup, people do not attach importance to the League Cup Crystal Palace. Crystal Palace in League One now ranked twenty-two, not yet out of the relegation zone. Where they have spare jīng force the League Cup? So they even sent out a bunch bench. Blackburn's replacement, that are all flowing with the Premier League team's main strength. No fighting heart face Crystal Palace, Blackburn bench playing violent. Final two to one victory over Crystal Palace in the Carling Cup fifth round. This is George definitely did not expect. And George only smile. George is hoping to give up the hearts of the League Cup. So you can focus on playing the Champions League and jīng force. But now it has been over two, into the fifth round of the League Cup. Has entered into the fifth round of the League Cup, which had to let George seriously. Because as long as over a fifth wheel, is the League Cup semi-finals. Now only from the Carling Cup final three games of the. This basically is time to end it. If this time is a pity to give up the League Cup, League Cup, after all, is also a champion is not? More importantly, the current League Cup left eight teams, without a particularly strong team. In the remaining eight teams are now among the most powerful non-none other than Liverpool. In addition to Liverpool, the other team would be no powerful. This is one to the mouth of the fat. As long as victory over Liverpool, the League Cup is Ba jiǔ pretty close up. George hesitated again this time. But George did not give much hesitation opportunities. Because just finished the fourth round of the League Cup, went to the road to face Arsenal. Arsenal and Blackburn highlight of difficulty is December 2rì, and so after the Blackburn game and after the fourth day, they will away and Lazio to the second round of group stage play the second game. This devil race, how to prevent Wenger crazy. But George likes. In fact, Blackburn Rovers after four days, but also fight a tough battle. Home to play Bayern Munich. But George more attention to Arsenal. Even Bayern lose, there are opportunities. As long as you can break. But the league, George is now an unwilling to give up. 298 Champions League sequelae sequelae 298 to URL <

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