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> 285 first round group stage (on) intensive game, so George would almost Maniang. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm just kick the Charlton game, away against Blackburn soon to Leicester City. September 9, that is, two days after the kick is Charlton and Leicester City game. And to the September 13, at home to Blackburn Rovers play Champions League first round match. September 16, Blackburn beat Chelsea at home also. Read this schedule, if George did not go crazy strange. This is simply a terrible race. But George hearts can only be helpless. Do not say that Blackburn, Manchester United and Arsenal even the same race so difficult. Think of these, George hearts on some balance. The so-called no scarcity uneven think Manchester United and Arsenal are the same with their own bad race, can soothe George now angry mood. September 9, but also flew away. While playing the Champions League soon, but the game George unreserved. All lineup play, but George is not the same as in previous competitions little cautious. But the game has just started, it carried out onslaught. Leicester City in the media and it seems that George will stay for the next Champions League game force. Although Sparta Prague really is a formidable opponent, but after all, it was George first Champions League game. Regardless of any coach in the face of their own for the first time are very, very seriously. But no one would have thought that George the game turned out to be unreserved. And George opening to the onslaught, let Leicester City greatly surprised. This and ideas before they are completely different. Not only is the media surprised, even Leicester City head coach and players are surprised. Moment was Blackburn Rovers to beat senseless. Competition has just begun twenty minutes, the score card which is already written much of 0 and 2. Home team first, the visiting team in the post. Blackburn Rovers game starts twenty minutes, on the virtue of Duff and Deco's goal, two nil lead Leicester City. George sit back in the field. George is definitely not not pay attention to the Champions League, but the Champions League is to take the case. Completely seal the victory in the first half, and then you can let the pace of the game slow down. So as you can let the players get a good rest. Sure enough, Blackburn violently attack, let Leicester City by surprise. They simply do not think Blackburn would be so wantonly attack. Twenty minutes, Blackburn Rovers Leicester City on filling the two balls. After two nil, George Blackburn players have begun to slow down. After all, four days after the fight Champions League. Leicester City at home only to be beaten senseless. Looking back, I began to violently counterattack. George frowned, I knew to call a ball and then recover just fine. But George is not much to worry. Blackburn Rovers defender originally good, with strong control midfield,oakley sunglasses, George is still very confident. So hold two balls advantage Blackburn, is already calmly. Although towards the end of the second half, when Leicester City into a ball, but still can not change the outcome of the race. Because before they score a goal, Blackburn scored another. Davao off the bench. Suker scored the first goal of the season. Blackburn finally on the road three to one victory over Leicester City. Thus Blackburn is already among the league made a five-game winning streak. Five after the game, Blackburn Rovers KO came in the Premiership top. Leading Manchester United quarter, ahead of Arsenal fifth, ahead of Leeds seven. Leeds United in the last three match, a flat two negative, the record is poor. ............ Was over Leicester City, Blackburn returned to the home. Ready to face the Champions League first game. group b is indeed the weakest one group. But does not mean that George will be able to complete contempt. George's favorite word, Taejo said the phrase "strategic defiance of the enemy, the enemy tactically." Strategic contempt, will improve their self-confidence. But if there is no tactical importance, that is arrogant, conceited. Thus, although George Donghonghong usual arrogant, as if no one looked down on the way. In fact, every important game, George will attach great importance to the opponent. For information on the opponent is a not ignore. George carefully analyzed over the team, the team was undoubtedly among the strongest of Lazio. Of course, George did not think their team's strength Bilaqiao weak. But for Lazio, George is really no absolute certainty can beat. Lazio is now the most heyday. Serie A has started downhill. But began to decline, and have fallen the two concepts. Serie A star is still gathering up league, Lazio internal star lot. Serie A team that is still very full of self-confidence. Although the Premier League began to rise, but when faced with the Serie A team, or some hair fright of. So for the victory over Lazio, George is not hundred percent sure. So George took aim at a breakthrough among the ranks of the other two. Another two teams, the strength is relatively weak. Sparta Prague, FC Shakhtar Donetsk,Jordan Spizike Sale, the two teams are far from the mainstream league club. Media analysis of the time, the team's two places should be able to break Lazio and Blackburn Rovers. So George knew, with their two club competitions absolutely must not be lost. So no matter how the game and Lazio, Blackburn are able to appear. So can emerge from this group, and Lazio's game but is secondary, and their two clubs game even more important. George the day before the game,Cheap Oakley Squared, watching the players smiled and said: "Tomorrow is our first Champions League games we played the Champions League team some people, some people have not played the Champions League, but I am, this is my coached since the first game of the Champions League to be honest, the hearts of some tension. "George, it just came down, underneath there are players out laughing. George will be nervous? This is the funniest joke they heard it. George has always been a strong possibility the performance of the players think that George was not nervous. In fact, George was really nervous. Or not nervous, just a uneasy feeling. In other words not nervous for the game, but to participate in the Champions League for the excitement and emotion instead. Anyway, now George, the mood is pounding. "Champions League, this is my coach since, rì night and think of the game. Our team, we all know. Lazio and our strongest, Sparta Prague and FC Shakhtar Donetsk weakest. Therefore like break from the group stage, Sparta Prague, Shakhtar Donetsk game, we must win. "" Just win the game between the two clubs, we will be able to break up from this group. "" Have you nervous? "Sagnol first to stand up and shook his head. "Heads, we not nervous, I now only excited, you want to hurry up playing Champions League." "Right, head. League Cup took, we took the Champions League after it," "just put together off Lazio Let them see our strength. "" Yes head, we even went out Real Madrid, Lazio count ass "Watching the players to speak more and more outrageous, George can only smile. Kid is getting these presumptuous. This season has just reached the Champions League, the Champions League is basically a rookie. But there are still people dare to shout to the Champions League? But George likes. Young players the best side of what? Is their vitality. Largely due to strong opponents, they shortchanged, it is up to young people to do anything. Young people should be fearless. "Yes, What kind of Lazio. Did Lazio, Real Madrid is stronger than that?" George also echoed their views. In fact, in the European Super Cup victory over Real Madrid and the Champions League victory over Real Madrid are totally different point of view. If you are among the Champions League knockout met Real Madrid, Bosque is certainly to be and Blackburn death-defying. European Super Cup, although Bosque also want to take. But it is not so intense. "Waste waste Lazio Lazio" Blanco playing football in Serie Blackburn looked young players, suddenly felt himself young. Lazio Serie A title last year, but Blanco at Inter and Lazio played against. Lazio how powerful strength, Blanco understand. Blanco hearts Blackburn strength may not be weaker than Lazio, but experience is still inadequate. Lazio seen world far more than Blackburn. But this time Blanco, also Blackburn players emotions infections. Lazio did not feel anything. George raised his hand for silence. "Tomorrow is my first Champions League game, you have to remember now saying. Whoever is giving me the ball dropped, hum hum." George's words come out, there are a few people shrink the shrink neck. George smiled to see what they look like. "Well, no matter the opponent is Real Madrid or Milan, ye fearless. Okay, go back and rest. Sparta Prague tomorrow let know that they do not have any chance to break from the group stage." "Yes." Look to leave the players, George long to sigh. Although it is the first time into the Champions League, but George is still a great implored. The first round of the group stage is certainly to be a breakthrough. And now the league's situation is excellent, George did not want to give up the league. But then George smiled and shook his head. Consider doing this so early. Take things one step, the league, the Champions League is the most important game. George did not want to give up the two competitions. Anyway, now the Blackburn lineup thickness is not too bad. Should be able to cope with two-line attack. Now the season is just beginning, not the time to make a choice. To think, George mood relaxed. Even after giving up the Champions League, dead Paul League, group stage can not break that is a joke. So no matter if and, two groups Sai Qiaozhi is sure to break out. Sparta Prague? You look at the strength of it tomorrow. 285 first round group stage (on) 285 first round group stage (on the site <

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