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Into the Football League antworten

> 2096 European Cup in England is definitely a football feast, which is a beautiful era. wWw, quaNBen, COm Seaman, Peter Schmeichel, Klinsmann, Samer other generation got it, Hierro, Suker, Maldini, Shearer and other generation prime of life, Zidane, Philippines Ge, Nedved, etc. 72 reputation dove generation onwards, Raul, Kluivert, Alessandro Del Piero this four princes began to emerge. This is a military buildup after the session of the European Cup, European Cup held in England. In England the media later named among the top ten European Cup goals among 96 European Cup which ranked among the five balls. Of course,nike air jordan, these games almost as George had nothing, except one person, that is, Karel Bobosiji. Over a decade later, when people talk about the European Cup in England, it does not forget the genius of Gascoigne blow Bierhoff among the blockbuster in the final. Of course, the most surprising is definitely the Czech team's performance. In the Czech team performance is not the most out of their captain sè Nemecek, nor later the Czech Republic's first star Pavel Nedved, but the long fluttering Bobosiji! In the European Cup before Bobosiji is definitely an unremarkable player. Although the performance is extremely Burnley out sè, but for the majority of the fans is a very strange name. However, the Czech team began their magical journey, lost two goals in the first round of the German team after the second game of the World Cup runner-up two years ago and came across Italy, Bobosiji sharp break on the right after passing Help Nedved opened the door to victory. The third game, three more than two beat Russia. Czech qualify, the Czech Republic was the first one into the edge of a corner Bobosiji help defender 斯托帕雷克 open records. Quarterfinals, Bobosiji that lightning break and lightness freely pick shè became the only bright spot of the game. This ball has become the most classic Bobosiji lifetime goal. Semifinals, Bobosiji was Lizarazu marker, but they still can not stop the Czech Republic into the finals, each penalty kick six to five, and the Czech Republic Bobosiji with Aung finals. In the final, Bobosiji penalty created almost let them get a history of his own country's second European Cup champion, if not the words of Oliver Bierhoff turned out. This session of the Czech team will be able to like the four former Danish as creating a myth! Bobosiji performance better, George's mood is better. How high the price of being able to sell, depends Bobosiji in this session of the European Cup in which the performance of it. Indeed a European Cup, so the Czech Republic has become the meat and potatoes of the moment all players. Numerous European teams dished out an olive branch to them, Patel · Kuba turn back La Liga Deportivo, Nedved a move to Serie A Lazio, Jan 苏霍帕雷克 join Ligue ball Team Strasbourg, Patrick Borg move to Liverpool. And Bobosiji also become numerous teams chase players, now playing for English League Bobosiji. Burnley in the European Cup is not over yet, it is already received numerous team asked the price. "George, you won the bet." Ferguson on the phone "> which is a laugh. "But, George, you can hike, five million pounds, lose your health and happiness out." George Ferguson received a telephone "> After that, a call for the price of five million pounds. But George and Ferguson knows that this is just another battle between it. "Ferguson coach, you should have seen them in the European Cup Karel performance of it." Although Ferguson England football chiefs, but George unhurried talk. "Our club is now received no fewer than six copies of the offer, but for me and you have had a convention, I am sure that the highest bidder." Ferguson was very refreshing authentic: "Well, George, I agree Bobosiji very much out of sè. But you should know that we are absolutely not out to five million of you say a reliable price. "" Ferguson coach,Oakley Active Online, so I said it. four million, can not go any lower. " four million pounds was George acceptable price. "And the other players are different, but Karel last season into more than twenty balls over twenty assists. Already adapted to the English league, I think Karel value of four million." Historically Bobo Si base in the European Cup after the transfer price is 3.5 million. Now Bobosiji league workout in England for a year, and are doing quite well. George think this value is five hundred thousand. Telephone "> other end Ferguson pondered a moment, and soon altogether and said:" Well, four million. "Having Ferguson himself laughing. "George, I really regret not directly start the winter." "Ferguson coach, I agree with Manchester United in contact Karel." George a four million, is already a happy heart broken. Four million can do a lot of things. "I was not the thank you .. Oh." Ferguson on the other side and sighed. "George, expect us to fight in the Premier League." "I am looking forward to." Just talking about the George and Ferguson, Manchester United came in contact with the Bobosiji soon. Bobosiji course, is delighted to be joining Manchester United have nothing to say. Shortly after the end of the European Cup three days, Manchester United and Burnley announced, Bobosiji price to four million pounds move to Manchester United. Meanwhile Darren Huckabee also the price of 1.2 million pounds, moved to Coventry. Meanwhile George also addressed some of the other bench, Clements transfer prices to forty thousand pounds Mill Funchal, Robbie Haji twenty thousand pounds price move York City, Michael Gash price to twenty thousand pounds Transfers Plymouth, Mike Smith and Levi to sixty thousand pounds of gold prices move Chester Feder. Into the Football League, Burnley have not bought the players, it is already sold seven individuals. Harvested 5.34 million pounds transfer fee. ............ Of course sold so many people, George has not been idle. Transfer of funds holding so much, George out into the hands of the evil League teams and English B team who. First from the League Cup last season and had Burnley Watford clash among the people dug up the main shè hand Kevin Phillips. Phillips in last season's League One which showed sè, as Waterford scored eleven goals. However, under the leadership of the Rodel, Waterford xìng's performance was a disaster. Eventually drop into the Second Division, George spent the price of two hundred and fifty thousand pounds, from Waterford hired the next Premier League Golden Boot. Then George's magic out into the same grasp on the Birmingham League team among the one hundred and forty thousand pounds to the price of buying the Irish right-back Steve Finnan. It should be said as just promoted Burnley League team, attractiveness as Birmingham. But Finnan joining Birmingham is already a year, but has been unable to obtain in Birmingham attention. George did not promise this time although the main location, but not only in treatment, or in the Appearances assurance, are far better than Birmingham. Finnan is finally agreed to join Burnley. The third goal is relegated to Serie B this year, Luton, from Luton to two hundred thousand pounds which George took the price of the age of seventeen Matthew Upson. After the introduction of these three players, George and from which Millwall just downgraded the price to sixty thousand pounds, digging thirty-year-old veteran Sol Camp. The energy can be left-right veteran, George Burnley selected for the bench. Of course, these four individuals simply tinkering, only took Burnley six hundred and fifty thousand pounds. Really important move, yet to come. 29 flow of soldiers 29 water the soldiers,Oakley Flak Jacket Outlet, to a URL <

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