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25.05.2013 03:40
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> 259 champion "Blackburn Rovers" "Champion champions We are the champions", "Galatasaray, or need help you buy a few good players" Since Klose after scoring Blackburn Rovers fans have been told to take is to champion the same cheers. wWw, quaNBen, COm of course, in addition to cheer their victory, the Blackburn Rovers fans did not forget to taunt about Galatasaray. "Galatasaray, do not give up. Now the game there twenty minutes, twenty minutes we still have time to reverse the game Do not give up, do not give up" Turkish commentator although she has begun to despair. But he still wants to see Galatasaray able to reverse. Because the Turkish Galatasaray football pride. Up to now there is no one Turkish club won the European Cup champions. Galatasaray is the first and most promising to obtain the UEFA Cup champion. All Turkish Galatasaray fans want to win. While the other side of Mortensen is already started the game summary. "If the league Blackburn Rovers Cup, then this is the first time in history Blackburn Rovers won the European Cup champions. Blackburn has been established, never won any European tournament." "George will be the history of Blackburn Rovers The first head coach of the European championship tournament. "Alan Hansen reminder excitedly Mortensen. "John, there are twenty minutes away from the end of the game. How so quickly to conclusions." "Ha ha, you look at Alan and you think now Galatasaray have equalized a chance?." Mortensen laugh. "You think about who they face? Than other people, George, George. Levy you think Galatasaray really have a chance?." Blackburn fans cheering champion, began loudly shouting George's name. "George, you give us champion George, we love you" "George Levy," "George Levy" Although two goals behind, but Terim is not an easy man to admit defeat. He began to adjust, start to pile forward. For him lose one, lose two, or even lose more balls, in fact, the results are the same. Therefore, after the defense lost Trim do not care do not lose the ball,nike air jordan, he wants to score, he wants to attack. George look Trim fight it. So George immediately replaced with Drogba Micoud. George did not like to pretend grandchildren, you trimm willing to play, I'll play with you. Of course, George can not just make angry behavior. Blackburn now has a comprehensive advantage, George no reason and Trim pique. George pulled Micoud, let Drogba is to completely destroyed Galatasaray. Trim now withdrew a defender, on a striker. They are currently three defender, George Klose make use Drogba and Trim understand what striker combination. Micoud see George replaced himself, nor any displeasure. He has completed his duties, the team is already a two nil lead. Micoud hands in the air, while the side facing the fans applaud fate. "Mikumi library" All the Blackburn fans are standing up against the Micoud applauded. Micoud spent two seasons completely conquered the Blackburn fans. Blackburn fans even willing to Micoud sing "We do not need Zidane" the lyrics. Because in the eyes of the fans Blackburn, Micoud status and role is far more than Zidane. Among this League Cup final, Micoud even opened the scoring for Blackburn Rovers. "George let Micoud end, both tactical adjustments. Micoud has let alone to accept Blackburn fans applause meaning." This time it is Galatasaray fans booed everywhere. They feel Micoud fate deliberately slow down time. "John, beautiful." George and Micoud shakes. "Come, on my side, we were ready to celebrate championship." Time is of the past, shook his head and sat back Trim the bench were. Because Trim found not Galatasaray attack, but Blackburn offensive violent. Especially with Drogba and Miroslav Klose, they gave Galatasaray pressure defense is absolutely enormous. Drogba more is when the identity of a spoiler, cover beside Klose. There ten minutes. George Hargreaves replaced with Deco. Energetic Hargreaves is up to the task with George. Hargreaves main task is pestering people Hadji. Haji physical enough now, so firmly up Hargreaves posted Haji, let him have a shred of room to play. Galatasaray still have not found their offensive rhythm. But is made by Blackburn is thrown into a panic attack. "Klose header. Taffarel, he saved went to the" "Dave, endo ...... shè Croquet wide of the goal," this time if there is just watching the game fans will think goals Leading is Galatasaray. The remaining five minutes. George, David Dunn replaced Duff. Blackburn began Taijiaozhangzhuan. Blackburn ball, is to find Drogba and Klose. A very simple game, but it is such a simple game,Oakley Sunglasses Oil Rig, but let Galatasaray defense more difficult. "Drogba ...... his header after the rub, Klose ...... Klose return, Pires'" Pires shè door, scored, which is completely locked up the victory, three nil "" Galatasaray has no chance of a little bit. Klose, the game a shè two pass, the game is definitely the best player. "Who would have thought a League Cup final turned out three nil score. When Pires after the goal, George, and everyone on the bench could not help but go up. Including field Blackburn players are also excited about the moment. Blackburn everyone regardless of race does not end there, ran into the venue began to celebrate. Pires finally face to seal the victory, George and it's a kick he throws. Then rushed up directly. "Robert, I love you." George has not attend this time the image of something. George just want good celebration. The recent Klose from Pires,Crossbodys Coach Cheap, see George had rushed up. So he did not hesitate to go directly above rushed up. Other players also followed either rushed to embrace. That is, with bench coaches and players hugged and celebrate. Although already entered injury time, Blackburn players a lot of wasted time. But the League Cup final referee Antonio - Lopez - Niya Tuo, but did not intervene. Now the situation is very uncertain, Blackburn three-goal lead. Now the game has not played full count of three minutes. Galatasaray himself has given up. Blackburn Rovers players out there looking to celebrate, there is no idea. Nor over urging. Therefore, the referee Antonio. Niya Tuo, who is also very xìng oriented. Blackburn did not interfere with the players celebrating. "We are the champions We are the champions League Cup Champions' Blackburn Rovers fans are already crazy. They witnessed the extremely crazy Blackburn new history. Blackburn hundred years of history, this is the first time won the European Cup champions. This allows these fans how can unhappy, how can you not excited over the referee finally stopped the Blackburn Rovers players celebrate. Last seen being pressed in the following George Levy, Ni Yatuo only smiled and shook his head. He made the referee so many years, so young coach like George is not never seen. But there are so young but so xìng grid, such a good performance is the first time I saw the coach. Niya Tuo do not want to interfere in Blackburn pour celebration, but now the game is not over yet. Always have to wait until the end of the game to be able to properly celebrate. Fortunately, however, it would be a man of Ni Yatuo still. When re-tee the ball in midfield, the Ni Yatuo simply do not let the game continue a single minute. Just kick-off, directly on the final whistle sounded. George heard Niya Tuo whistle, and suddenly a long way sigh. George could feel his heart "pop" jump. League Cup, this is George coached five seasons has been the most important one champion. Get flies in Burnley than George FA Cup League Cup did not know how many high level. UEFA Cup UEFA Cup ah now though gold fell, however, and later the European Cup is completely different. Later than a lot of the European Cup is important. I am the UEFA Cup coach, I can now also boast brag marshal of England, right? Little word "race is over. Congratulations Congratulations George Blackburn," "This is a centuries-old Blackburn and among them the first European Cup title. George Burnley won the FA Cup, League Cup, to Blackburn Just two years later, George had already won the League Cup. "" Now George Blackburn lineup is almost single-handedly brought up in addition to the lineup is still Duff, the other players are buying comes after George White players in order to piece together this lineup, George spent more than forty million pounds of funding. "" Of course George players two years in which to sell a lot. Net charge less than twenty million pounds. George used the money to complete the a UEFA Cup squad. "" Congratulations George George is this season's UEFA Cup race team among the youngest head coach George is also the UEFA Cup's youngest coach. aged 31, George, has been completed a lot of life coaches are unable to complete the feat. George is England's best local coaches all these years. "" Clough, Ferguson, Wenger, Capello, Sacchi, Kenny Dalglish, they are at the age of When doing? their time at the age of 31, there have been a champion? George at the age of 31, is already won the League Cup. "" With this alliance Cup, George's name must football flying in Europe. course, now only thirty-one year old George, as well as unimaginable miracle waiting for him to create. aged 31 George is already a marshal of England, perhaps five or six years later, he will marshal the world. "" No, probably not need five or six years, maybe as long as two or three years it will become the world's largest George marshal. "259 Champion 259 champion, to a URL <

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