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25.05.2013 03:39
we go to the stadium." antworten

The 130 chapter [a] later, "Qing yan! Qing yan!" Second when, afternoon five o'clock in front of the Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel, thousands of Mu Qing Yan fans holding Mu Qing Yan posters, excitedly called Mu Qing yan. In Mu Qing Yan those fans ahead, several police. Police pulled cordon, a pair of the embattled. An hour ago, I Mu Qing Yan lived in Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel news how spread out, began to have Mu Qing Yan fans to the hotel to find Mu Qing yan. For a start, the hotel security but also to prevent, later to see more and more people, can only call the police. The police arrived, the first time the expulsion of crazy fans out of the hotel, and then pull up the warning line, let Mu Qing Yan fans held up posters calling Mu Qing Yan's name, but does not allow them to enter the hotel through the cordon, affect the hotel business. "I'm sorry, Mr. Jiang, because miss living here for news out, the hotel downstairs, more and more fans for miss." The presidential suite Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Mo edge with a note of apology, said: "to be on the safe side, I suggest that for the lady rushed to the stadium now." "Well." Perhaps not think Mu Qing Yan lived in Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel news will spread out, on the face of Jiang Gang is not like before hanging modest smile, but frowned slightly, he pondered a moment, to stand in the window and watch those fans Mu Qing Yan Dao: "Qing Yan, Mr. Mo was right, you the stadium also makeup, do some preparatory work, in order to ensure that the concert will be held on time, you tidy up now, we go to the stadium." "I know,"." The window, Mu Qing Yan smiled lightly, especially charming. At noon, after lunch, a few of the top for her make-up finish other, when she, her hair up, drawing on the face makeup, dressed in a black evening dress, beautiful lets the human palpitation. "I have been with the following police. Police communicated, as we go, by the police. Police stopped for Miss Fan, we use the fastest speed into the car, and then by the police to clear the way to the stadium." Mo edge added: "there are police. Driving,Air Jordan Spizike UK Sale, we should be able to successfully arrived at the stadium in an hour." "Thank you, Mr. mo." Hear Mo edge, Mu Qing Yan smiled and thanked her, and then return to their own bedroom. A few minutes later, Jiang Gang and Mo edge with Mu Qing Yan took the elevator downstairs, four bodyguard Jiang Gang followed, and when the elevator arrived downstairs, elevator mouth, eight black man had waited for a long time. They are not edge men, since Jiang Gang and Mu Qing Yan half a month ago arrived in the East China Sea, has been responsible for the protection of the safety of two people. Eight black man see Mu Qing Yan three out of the elevator, present in two rows, walk in the front, ready to open for the Mu Qing Yan three,Coach Online Store, and four bodyguards Jiang Gang is with three people behind, eyes glanced warily around. "Qing Yan out, we ran!" Outside the hotel,Outlet Oakley Radar, thousands of fans among the crowd, I do not know who gave a shout, voice is sonorous. "Qing yan! Qing yan!!" The man's voice just fall, those who wait for the fans like played chicken, a >

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