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25.05.2013 03:37
but Arsenal's weaknesses antworten

> 248 Arsenal (lower) Wenger knows the game can not continue like this. Three days later is home to face Sheffield Wednesday. Sheffield Wednesday is a Premiership belly, real belly. Of course, if placed before this is almost others ATM. But now is not the same, Sheffield Wednesday currently in the relegation zone. But it is not already relegation, but hovering in the relegation zone teams. This team to end the season, will be desperate to avoid relegation, the real hard. The end of the season to the team, who is not willing to face. And seven days later, Arsenal beat Leeds United but also to the road. This is more of a game must not be lost. Leeds broke either January Woodgate and Li Baoye scandal, how could compete for third place and Arsenal to the point. Now O'Reilly finally stabilize the team. Of course, hope to get the next season's Champions League places. So Liz is definitely dog ​​eat dog, never give up and Arsenal Si Pin opportunities. It must not be lost two games Arsenal. Wenger On balance, eventually had to make a determined effort. In fact, Wenger has been waiting, waiting for the Arsenal game to get ahead. Once you get the lead, Wenger's room for adjustment to more. But Wenger found out that George is definitely a rogue. In order to win George is doing their utmost to. George consumption affordable, Wenger consumption can not afford. So Wenger only ton output capacity, the game Wenger must not allow his team tired. But more importantly, because the back waiting for Arsenal game. Decision, Wenger fast. Replaced the original is not good physical Bergkamp, ​​Ljungberg replaced soon after. Although not able to win at home to Blackburn Rovers once, to the road is very difficult. Especially after just and Leeds played, and then win Blackburn difficult. But, after all, is still possible. Cup, to the time a given outcome, not necessarily winner. But the league is not the case, Wenger not neglect. Ljungberg end, when there looked to George. Yourself this head, not knowing What've. The entire game in midfield constantly fight. If you grab the ball and attack better said, but do not like the offense. Blackburn came entirely unlike wants goal. Just keep damage. If Arsenal is a beautiful artist, then Blackburn is a destroyer. Arsenal had just painted a canvas which begins on the drawing board which Blackburn random graffiti. Ljungberg with a wry smile shook his head, his head in the world who they really do not understand. But when you see Wenger after substitutions, George immediately let Pires replaced Hargreaves. George has been waiting for Wenger's substitutions. Because once Wenger substitutions, it means that Wenger hearts Champions League places emphasis on the UEFA Cup. George gambling,Nike Jordan SC 1 UK Sale, George bet Wenger will choose league, will choose Champions League places. So George lose, nothing to fear. In fact, this play Blackburn, Arsenal than wasting energy. To more than seventy minutes later, is certainly not sustainable. Speaking of the eighty minutes or more, as long as Wenger Kuanggong Blackburn, Blackburn might not stand because of physical problems. But George was in the gambling, gambling Wenger can not wait until the last. Wenger looking substitutions,Coach Kristin Clearance, George laughed. Because George knew he won the bet. And George knew Wenger adjustment, certainly is hold onto based. Replaced certainly attack people online. Arsenal to defend, then George would attack. See George put Pires, Wenger frowned. The George is so angry that. But Wenger can not say anything. People George hand is the players and more players have various types. George envy people do have a lineup. Pires up, you start playing a frontcourt zìyóu people. Wenger substitutions, the Arsenal began to retreat across the board. Especially Bergkamp's end, so here is the Arsenal pressure plummeted. But Blackburn still did not play the familiar ground ball, or with high-altitude bombing. Of course, Adams and Keown face of such players, high-altitude bombing is not so easy. But keep frontcourt players like Drogba and Klose, George certainly will not give up high balls. George is very simple request for Drogba. In addition to efforts outside of the ball, is to grab the first point. Then the ball to the next person. Drogba workout in the Premiership this season is still very effective. Especially after training together along with Klose, for the judgment of golf has made great strides. This is Adams emotionally. In the first fight, when Didier Drogba, Drogba just one only knows stormed rattling stupid. Simply by virtue of their Warcraft-like body, before allowing Adams uncomfortable. So now Didier Drogba, it is already completely reborn. Drogba terrorist's body, coupled with a good header awareness, Drogba header and Adams fight is almost half and half. "...... Deco, passing ...... Drogba, heading back to the Pires. Pires passed Dunn, Dunn shè Seaman rushed out the door", "Drogba header after the rub ...... Klose, diving header over the bar, what a pity "George put Pires after Blackburn between the offensive side suddenly Dasheng. "One hundred thousand pounds by George bought Drogba is really good. Abnormal physical fitness, coupled with his header growth, maybe he will be able to Klose also less successful." Mortensen looked at Pedro Pakistan in the Arsenal penalty area among the rampage, tongue praise. Ball reached the restricted area is among the top Klose out. Face Vieira's defense, over control of the second point Deco, without stopping scan directly to the left of Pires. Pires did not pass this time, rushed into the penalty area but the ball directly to them. Adams looked Drogba, Klose Keown always pay attention, so when Pires from Pettit side through into the penalty area when the man turned out to be without a defense. Adams still react quickly,Coach Bags Outlet, and threw Drogba. Drogba in Adams mind but a good body, other shit is not a striker. But Pires different, if once put to Pires, then that is a direct threat. Adams out at the moment, like George buried the ball head which had eyes like a gently with his right foot instep pass on to Drogba feet. "...... Pires, Pires got the ball into the box which he, Adams over defense ...... Pires, no dribbling, passing ...... Drogba, Drogba got the ball, how he would handle the ball ? "Drogba got the ball at the moment, mind blank. Drogba said striker, but simply do not carry a few balls. And goals are all head into the ball. Drogba's physique in the lower leagues just by heading through, but also to bread. But Drogba's foot technical rough, slightly faster balls, are able to park one meter away. Such strength, of course, is rarely scored the ball with their feet. So Pires received a pass at the moment, but Didier Drogba is a bit stunned. Or next to the fastest response against Keown Klose. Shouting "shè door shè door." Klose almost all the strength to use his own shouting. Drogba was this sound surprised, kick with his left foot against the ball up. The whole process is, in the blink of an eye. "Drogba, shè door" Drogba shè door is indeed very good, but the ball too close. And Drogba almost exhausted their feet all the effort, so the ball is like to fly like shells inside. Seaman only waved his hand. "Seaman did not flew the ball. Scored pretty. No one thought Drogba scoring Blackburn turned away a nil lead." "George said before the game that he has touched the Arsenal door, It seems the game is definitely not fake, but Arsenal's weaknesses, not Arsenal play tactical weaknesses. Instead, the overall environment in which Arsenal weakness. "" and has been locked second Premiership Blackburn different Arsenal also for a Champions League places efforts coupled with Arsenal's bench lineup and Blackburn can never be compared, which is not the fault of Wenger, Wenger is powerless because George touched the Vital, is Arsenal's death points. Wenger a coach can not be changed. "" Look at Drogba, after a goal and stood, completely overwhelmed. Even after Drogba no development, just relying on the goals, George's one hundred thousand pounds would be no white This goal value of the daughter, one hundred thousand pounds a bargain. "saw Blackburn goal, Wenger just sighed, then shook his head. In determining the moment to ensure League, Wenger knows the game is already lost his control. This time Wenger can only be envious, envy George in the hands of a good hand. Wenger also secretly determined, the next season must continue to supplement lineup. In particular lineup, absolutely can not appear as the season this situation. But George never bench a jump, the ball basically locked Blackburn's UEFA Cup final places. Although George confidently on their own, but after Arsenal was not the underdog. If the game a draw, twelve days later, there will be a lot of variables. Although Arsenal is a time to exhaustion of the division, but George is still not assured. Only the game to kill the suspense, is the best approach. Just did not think the final score was Drogba only. Drogba scored, the game never appeared goal. Blackburn eventually won on the road a nil League Cup semi-final first victory. "Wenger coach, I is not said that Arsenal's fatal flaw." George smiled Wenger Road. "George, the game is not over. There is a second field." "Everyone said I was dead duck fooling, in fact, you are also the same coach Arsene Wenger, I'd hope that next season in the Champions League semi-final that we can once again be staged this good show. "248 Arsenal (under) 248 Arsenal (next to the URL <

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