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25.05.2013 03:34
to make Pei Donglai mind like calcium antworten

"How is he?" In the other room, see Pei Donglai stopped, squatted down, De Rossi then asked. "Shua!" No answer, Jason take the lead, the first rushed out of the room, Kaine and Vanbat followed, De Rossi is first pressed by a thorium, open Pei Donglai's room lamp, only to go. Bang! After a few seconds, Jason first rushed into the testing room door, kicked the door kick. "Boy, did you?" Kick the door, Jason four people have entered, suddenly coming quickly toward Tony Jason and others, to make Pei Donglai mind like calcium carbide spark up memory disappear. "Call Xi and six light, his face s è white as a sheet of paper, he did not answer the words of Jason, but squat down on the ground, holding the head, panting. "I'm fine." When Jason had rushed to the Pei Donglai front, Pei Donglai slowly stood up, shook himself, sketch. Hear the words of Pei Donglai Pei Donglai, looked at the cold sweat, face s è white appearance, Jason four complicated expressions, seems to think about why Pei Donglai suddenly become so. This, Pei Donglai not explain. Just war simulation let Pei Donglai deep, emotional J ī ang, how many also and he has the spirit of Xiao Fei h ú n! After all, Xiao Fei is a dragon,Air Jordan Womens UK Sale, is the Republic of s è soldier! As the Republic of s è soldiers, Xiao Fei patriotic mother doubt! In addition, the battlefield simulation also stabbed J ī some fragments of memories spirit of Pei Donglai and Xiao Fei h ú n fusion Xiao flew first into his mind. Just... As the Crusaders, Xiao Fei, the battle of the memory is too much, so Pei East a unbearable and Jason four interrupt. To this, Pei Donglai is very clear, to complete fusion Xiao fly combat memory, martial memory and individual combat skills, all of a sudden I am afraid it is difficult to do can only wait patiently,Air Jordan 1, factory step by step to take it easy to understand these at the same time, Pei Donglai the people gradually restored calm, face s è also improved a lot. See this scene, Jason four is that Pei Donglai is no problem, but why did Pei Donglai suddenly become very curious. "Young people, although I don't know how did you end up, but if... You can perfect performance today." Curious and Jason did not ask, but rare L ù a smile: "you is the best I have seen the potential of young people!" Thank you. In the face of Jason's praise, Pei Donglai smile. "Oh... Boy, you know, what is this Jason guy had the nickname? The devil instructor!" See Pei Donglai thanks, although in the assassination, but x ì ng easy-going personality Vanbat up patted Pei Donglai on the shoulder: "you should be glad because of his praise..." Even the United States delta force and navy seals the elite are not his praise!" "Of course, you are worthy of your praise of Jason." In the end, Fanbate added. "Boy, your test has been completed,Oakley Radar Sunglasses Cheap, today is here." Jason smile, didn't want to think a way: "tomorrow afternoon you arrived here on time, we are >

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