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> 239 elimination round FA opponents say to the argument, but has dragged on for nearly a month before they said it. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm FA spokesman, very serious standing in front of the media. "After discussion, we believe that Levi's coach 'special talents clause' is consistent with the development of world football now, for the development of football in England is also good." "So we decided to accept the 'special talent clause'." Then say out, is to explain what kind of player accord "special genius terms." And emphasized a club, a season, only one of those places. George, is this, although "special genius clause" has a lot of terms. There are a lot of conditions, what kind of player regarded as a special genius. But George did not look. The so-called "special everlasting", everyone's views are different. What kind of thing and no hard xìng requirements. As history among Korean star Park Ji-Sung Ferguson purchase. Some people think that Park Ji-Sung have nothing, there is only one that is able to run. Some people think he has good technique, of course, some people think he's running very special sè. Anyway hundred people's eyes, has a different view. This time to determine how the man is a genius? But others think this kid Ferguson easy to use, with a "special genius clause" introduced a Park Ji-Sung. What is this thing quantifiable terms, no. Was how the introduction of, Hiddink testify, coupled with Manchester United's public relations capacity, it is easy to be able to grant down. In other words, each season, each club one of those places that white is left to each club a quota. Other candidates identified after in the end can not pass it is depends on your club's public relations capability. Park Ji-Sung, in the hands of Sir Alex Ferguson will be able to win this very smooth places. But if it was a club, maybe on the award is not down. So George is not worried. Blackburn Rovers in England although football is not really wealthy, is not really a great influence on the club. But the public relations capacity is not bad. Plus help find a heavyweight out, should not be any problems. ............ "Special genius clause" chattering away for a while, but the media's attention was soon attracted by the game again in the past. This new provision, in the end will be what impact for English football, and now can not see it. But now the league is very intense, and the European Cup is about to restart, so all eyes were still on the game. Which is now the Premier League, Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United is currently battling. Blackburn Rovers Manchester United is still two points ahead. But the same game in the United Bibulaike. Two teams now have the task of European competition, Manchester United play Champions League, UEFA Cup Blackburn beat. They are fighting on two fronts, the most recent state are good. In the end is a Manchester United ginger or the old lady, or Blackburn fearless. This fierce competition has attracted all the media attention. At the same time, the UEFA Cup elimination round opponents list came out. In the UEFA Cup first round,Nike Jordan 7 Sale, second round of 32 opponents different this time Blackburn is a real sign of an enemy. The first three opponents, although historically are European powerhouse. But now they are three teams are already completely downhill. Even strength slightly stronger Spartak Moscow, and now the strength is also a very serious decline. But in the elimination round draw an opponent out, George then sighed. Although the thought of entering the elimination round, the teams will encounter some. But the ballot results came out, or let George took a deep breath. Mom **, although the elimination round teams clouds. But there are also Slavia Prague, Lens, Monaco so the strength of weak teams. Why did not hit them. Blackburn elimination round match in which the opponent is encountered Roma from Italy. Although Roma in the Italian Serie A is not highly ranked among, but it is the real deal Serie A teams. Inside strongman numerous. George also know that the first season of the new millennium, or Roma Serie A title. Of course, George fear most is that the Roman coach Capello. Capello is what people? Capello in Milan six years in which the results obtained can and Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United more than a decade to get the results compared. He coached AC Milan won the Serie A championship six years, four more in 1991/1993 a record 58-match unbeaten league record, 1993/1994 European Championship finals which were to lead Milan beat Barcelona 4-0. That branch of Barcelona is known in the history of Barcelona "Dream." Capello is to beat Barcelona Dream Team for AC Milan claimed the fifth Champions League. Later I went to Real Madrid, also won the La Liga champions. Of course, if history is just brilliant, so George would not fear Capello. Capello is absolute marshal, not only in Rome Serie A champion, also won the Serie A champions Juventus, Real Madrid won La Liga champions malignancy. Capello's coaching style is a focus on discipline, focusing on defensive tactics. Later, even Mourinho publicly declared that he is "Capello's followers." Point is not good, hit Rome. Although he fear Capello, but George was not afraid to Rome. If a few years ago, talking about the Serie A team, they have looked down the Premier League. But all these years, Chelsea won the Cup Winners Cup, Manchester United won the Champions League. Premier League is already gradually towards the European football, European football is no longer a forgotten corner. George Ferguson's Manchester United are not even afraid, how the fear of Rome. But if you can, George was absolutely unwilling to face Capello,Oakley Sunglasses Active Cheap, in the face of Rome. But George is a fool with landlords, in front of reporters that did not show his heart. Very calm and said: "UEFA Cup elimination round, all powerful team. Which one are the same hit, hit Roma have no problem." Ballot has just ended, Blackburn ushered in the FA Cup fifth round . George may have the luck ran out. This season, there is not only a series of important players injured, but draw their luck in general. FA Cup fifth round draw Aston Villa Blackburn Rovers. This team is the most reluctant to see George team, even if it is the main force to make out win over Aston Villa is not an easy thing. Not to say that George league and UEFA Cup in the present two-lane operations, it will not let the main play the FA Cup. Now more and more intensive schedule, George is not much room for thought FA Cup. So off the bench to make out, although they are very hard. But eventually was Vera team to a win over more than three. Were eliminated in the FA Cup. But George after the game but is sigh. Although George hearts do not care about the FA Cup, but if it is not out, there is always a little bit of luck. In particular, if passed Vera Blackburn, entered the FA Cup sixth round. By the time away from the FA Cup only three games, George did not know he could not hold temptation. How to say the FA Cup is a championship, and is no small reputation in England Cup. Now the fifth round out, or a good thing. George can concentrate jīng force to fight the league and UEFA Cup. Premier League titles and a UEFA Cup winner George did not want to give up. However, with both hands, George has no experience. Probably only recently really bad luck. Blackburn Rovers in the FA Cup fifth round after being eliminated, followed on to the road to play Tottenham Hotspur. George was high aspirations for this game, and behind Manchester United is already opened his fangs Lee mouth, waiting for George to make mistakes. George encourages players to win Tottenham,oakley eyeglasses sale, and then put the pressure back to Manchester United. Blackburn Rovers tee times faster than Manchester United, so George use the victory, told Ferguson, Blackburn defend top confidence. Unfortunately idea is good, the reality is cruel. Blackburn with confidence even in yīn ditch capsize. Has recently been made a five-game winning streak Blackburn at White Hart Lane, turned out to be George despised Hotspur punched three nil. George was very angry, from the start of the race on yīn sullen. Because the game has just started less than five minutes, he was caught flat-footed Spurs. Then Blackburn a hurry to forget the people's head coach George Graham. His best to play this game. Arsenal, Graham is the "one nil" doctrine. Blackburn Rovers a hurry, anxious attack, fall into the trap which Graham. Midfielder too far, and was Tottenham hit back twice. After playing second goal was Tottenham, George suddenly woke up. It seems the Premier League champions make their confused, anxious to let his heart, and not be able to keep calm. As long as steady, was able to equalize. But now late. No wonder then Keegan will be Ferguson gas confused. Premiership is too tempting, and George head game also hot. George's chagrin, however, soon became regret it, regret it completely. Because the next game than the two of them were Manchester United two Wimbledon draw, but also in the rescheduling of which has been a more than a draw with Liverpool. George can not wait to get his head against the wall. If the Spurs win, then it will really lead Blackburn Rovers Manchester United third, thoroughly consolidate top position. Unfortunately, even now there is no gap opened and Manchester United, but is chased Manchester United Blackburn Rovers two points. Now the two teams are already integral flat out. Hateful Tottenham this season if he did not have access to the Premiership champions, then Tottenham is the biggest jerk. Why was a hot head, regardless of whether the storm on the What? Still too young. He is still escape utilitarian heart, a Premiership champions let yourself carried away. Seen riding on a top face of Ferguson's strong, his first guilty conscience. Keegan and his own estimation is then as now. Yourself, by yourself, now there are eleven league. Winner, not necessarily. 239 elimination round opponents 239 elimination round right, to the site <

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