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25.05.2013 03:29
increase the foot strength antworten

"Pa!" Rattle came, Eastern cold plume fist hit Pei Donglai in the palm of your hand, like a hit a piece of iron plate, a painful burning. Then...... When he is ready to accept boxing, Pei Donglai swung his right foot suddenly, alignment East cold plume belly is a kick. Pei Donglai this feet very quickly not to say, the strength is not small, did not give any chance to dodge the eastern cold plume. "Bang!" A muffled sound in quiet hall, East cold plume is Pei East a foot kick to turn over in the ground. See this scene, the East Wan son small mouth directly into the "O" type. On the ground, intense pain let Oriental cold plume look a little pain, but he was silent, stubborn to climb from the ground up, without demur, again toward Pei Donglai hurtle to, momentum more violent. "Bang!" Pei Donglai showed no mercy, and one foot, again will Oriental cold plume kicked over. This time, Pei Donglai seems to know the East cold plume anti-strike ability is good, increase the foot strength, Eastern cold feather down bare teeth for a while, just slowly climb. Again, the East cold plume cold face, silent,Air Jordan Flight The Power UK, like daredevil evildoer, want again rushed up and Pei Donglai singled out. "Stop!" See Eastern cold feather red eye, Oriental Waner barefoot off the sofa, standing between Pei Donglai and Oriental cold plume, stop fighting. "The son of God,Oakleys Radar Sunglasses, you go to watch TV, this is me and him." Despite the continuous Pei Donglai Li á o to turn over in the ground, abdomen like smoky general killing, but Eastern cold plume is not too angry, on the contrary, the tone is very soft. "I'm a hand can Li á o turned three you." Facing the East cold plume stubborn, indomitable, Pei Donglai don't seem to want to do, is s è: "so, you don't have to get into the." "Have a go outside?" Oriental cold plume appears to be Pei Donglai thorn J ī to stare, look. "I'll give you a tutor, is affected by Jia principal kindness, I do not want to disappoint his kindness." Pei Donglai give an irrelevant answer: "if you think I am not qualified to give you as a tutor, or if you want to find a beautiful family, so, you now to willow sister call." Oriental cold plume hold one's tongue, just stared at Pei donglai. Obviously. He didn't dare to call Liu. "I warned you not to have inordinate ambitions, my sister-in-law and her beat it, you do not know how to die." After a silence, Eastern cold plume at compromise, but warned. "My sister-in-law, beautiful young women than you." Pei Donglai can not help but think of Qin snow, l í a confident smile. "Blow your sister ah!" Oriental cold plume killed also don't believe Pei Donglai can find better than his sister-in-law woman, now sneer. Pei Donglai did not speak, but from his pocket money to buy him the lame old Nokia,Jordan UK sale, pass to the East cold plume front. Oriental cold feather Yizheng, unknown so. Pei Donglai shivered mobile phone, schematic Eastern cold plume myself. "Wow, beautiful sister, oh!" Unequal Eastern cold plume move, little Lolita Oriental Wan son take mobile phone, looking at mobile phone screen a white s è dress Qin snow, dark eyes stare plump, directly shocked. East >

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