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25.05.2013 03:29
Drogba excitedly antworten

> 224 victory in the race to hit eighty three minutes when Klose's goal to score into a three to one. "Klose, we have Klose" live narrator mad and repeated Klose's name. "The game is over and we won, we beat the Premiership champions. Miro. Klose, he is our hero." Fans in the audience are also chanted "Miro. Klose." George saw Klose scored a moment, George could not help but slip in their own half kneeling. Then stop a wave of fists. Arsenal is like a heavy burden as the pressure in George's mind. If not crossed Arsenal, George hearts is always a thorn. Although George Donghonghong arrogant before the media, but last season than eight zero has been heavy pressure in the George hearts. George did not say to anyone, including Miranda, as well as their best two assistants Carl Patrick and Evan Sawyer. But that field than eight zero, from time to time which will emerge in George's mind. If you can not beat Arsenal, George did not know that they will not be mad. Now victory. "Look, George, George in the field than the players are excited." George looked slippery kneeling, and then exaggerated facial expressions, Martin Taylor laughed. "George wanted rì aspiring hope is to defeat Arsenal." Indeed George wanted back in last season revenge. Although not able to do so, but this season, George is definitely not give up. If you lose the game, George did not know that they will not produce a heart, a kind of demon startled. Fortunately, the game is won. Let Drogba own choice, it is a wonderful pen. After the celebration is over, George suddenly substitutions for their complacency. Well, ah Arsenal Arsenal. Defense five old friends you have are outdated. How old do not look at you all, aged 33, aged 34, is still such giants Arsenal play the main, is indeed very capable. But the waves pushed forward waves, the station, the sense you are all on top. But your physical fitness,Oakley Sunglasses Active Cheap, or to follow the objective law. This physical metamorphosis Drogba hit a player, your body's weakness is concealed. If there is no unreasonable Drogba, life and the collapse of the Adams strength. Let Adams finally can not really interfere with Klose, Klose is impossible to seal the victory last jacking a ball. Now Drogba will this effect. Drogba rough current technology, consciousness is also poor, simply can not imagine how he later became terrified of all defenders of Warcraft. See throw a ball, kick kick Wenger angry bench chair. As two consecutive Premier League title, Arsenal's performance this season is not how good. This is the eighth round, coupled with the game's defeat, Arsenal already lost three games. Eight game four wins and three defeats a flat, just plot of 13 minutes. This score is really unworthy of his defending champion status. But only played seven games Blackburn is five wins two levels, points already reached seventeen points. Arsenal has a game in leading quartile. At present, only Manchester United score Bibulaike this good. Eight race wins and two flat six, Bibulaike more than one-third of this. Another achievement is very out sè team Leeds United, they are already eight race wins and a five level two negative points to sixteen points, more than Arsenal. Manchester United and Blackburn Rovers ranked ranked third. There is a flurry of team Chelsea, it is only played six games. Six games, including four wins a Ping-negative, the integral is already tied the thirteen points. But inferior goal difference came in fifth. This season's Premier League situation is completely contrary to all expectation. Did not think last year or the dark horse of Blackburn and Leeds United this season, all of a sudden force. And we think that to continue to create success at Arsenal, it is the start of the season after bad grades. Last season Arsenal lost a total of only four games, but did not think this season has not hit the third game, is already lost three games. Wenger also found that the aging Arsenal defense, guarding a decade for Arsenal's defense has started aging. They really are already old. This makes a decision on the sidelines of the dark Wenger has now been transformed into the defense of the time. There Arsenal midfielder Petit strong. But the Arsenal midfielder is still some problems, it seems that the transformation of the midfield is imminent. The hands of the lineup after seeing George, Wenger began his lineup for the thickness worried. Among George's bench players are a lot of different types to see the second half play Drogba, Hargreaves, are the distinctive characteristics of the players. Arsenal but now there is no such a change situation in the field off the bench. Wenger is a pursuit coach, definitely not satisfied with the results now. A losing battle, so Wenger saw his team a big problem. Wenger are on the mind, the perfect pace for the team no end. "Congratulations to you, George." After the game, George could not feel a thing is a loser. "Thank you, Wenger coach." George Wenger does not like this attitude is George lost the game angry like to see Wenger. Because Wenger xìng grid, but this performance shows that Wenger is confident for the future. "George, you said in the media about the special genius of the program, I very much agree, very supportive." Wenger uttered another problem. "I think we can work together to make an application to the FA." "Well of course, I thought so. South America, Africa, too many good players, but because we can not introduce a work permit." George did not think Wenger will First to say this problem. "Well, George heard that you have a good relationship with Ferguson, he was in English football weight is enough." Wenger Although not yet finished, but the meaning George understood. This is to Ferguson kidnapped together, so George smiled and nodded. Wenger after the finish to leave the stadium. Wenger had some trouble lately. English giants Arsenal, though, but they are not the Premier League's richest club. Transfer fee can not be compared to other clubs. As Henry buy this year, because the reasons for the transfer fee and George can only be traded to Davao. Suker ceded Blackburn. And this year bought Henry, sell or use the money to buy Anelka. Anelka just left Arsenal this summer, went to Real Madrid. More than twenty million pounds. Although Wenger tried to retain the Anelka, but still threw Anelka left Arsenal, Wenger left the mentor. But Wenger this sale is absolutely no loss. Wenger use the money made two traded half of the money is to buy a future Double Tap Henry, the other half of the construction of the future reputed European football Arsenal youth academy. But Wenger still feel too little money. Wenger has always been imported from France players, there are a lot of young talent in France. Their strength, potential enough,Oakley Lifestyle clearance, and the price is cheap. Unfortunately, they are unable to obtain a work permit, so Wenger can only watch them. George called the special genius of terms, is on Wenger's appetite. But only two components of George and Wenger obviously insufficient, so Wenger hopes to have more club together to FA reluctant. If Ferguson also joined, then of course is the best. Etc. Wenger left, George led the team to pay tribute to the Blackburn fans. The Ewood Park is also a huge burst of applause. Zero is not only a burden than eight pressure in the George who, even these fans are firmly remember. Before the game, Arsenal fans shouting "zero than eight," so that all embarrassed. Fortunately, the game Blackburn beat Arsenal. Although not retaliate to each one eight to zero, but a three to one already made them so happy. "Didier, playing nice." George looked at the black carbon head Drogba, Drogba excitedly patted him on the shoulder. Drogba grinning. A white teeth, and the bad cop is totally inconsistent. "But Didier, not proud stopping you see today you stopped at one meter away, I'm embarrassed to say you are my players. Later we must strengthen the training, especially basic training and heading, you See you at Adams old guy in front of a good bit of header do not earn. "boast finished, George has criticized Drogba. Drogba is already the twenty-one years old. If a player into the twenty-year-old also so rough, in fact, is to give up a lot of coaches in this player. But George knew Drogba will be successful, and he is also an early peak period. "Yes, head Hey, I must work hard training." Drogba after scratching neck, hehe answered with a smile. "Well, there will be a success if they work hard and you look Miro, England, when he had just come,Jordan 8 Sale, than you are now not as good as now is not the same as the main striker and I have faith in you and you will become the future for all Defender trembling good striker. "For Drogba, this summer is indeed a big step. Fayi league from playing only twice a bench to bench Premiership teams, this leap is too great. George give him enough encouragement, give him enough confidence. "I believe you, first." George looked only know giggly Drogba, let him in the past to celebrate. Klose then went to the front and gave him a hug. "Miro, well done." "Thank head." Klose time to speak, is this sentence. George laughed, looking more mature Klose, a kind of early child grow into our home with the feeling. English B from the bench to the League One League, Premier League, after a four-year Houkeluoze finally started resuscitation. "Miro, after training, when a good band with Didier told him, then is how you came to be." Klose, Drogba, they are George important player in future plans. George hopes the relationship between the two of them can be good, Drogba can learn anything from Klose is gritty. "I know the head." 224 Victory 224 victories to URL <

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