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25.05.2013 03:24
she gave up the idea antworten

At dusk, sunset hills, temperature began to decrease, breeze blowing, bringing a bit cooler to early summer evening. update the text chapters: the fastest novel nets: may be due to the temperature decline, Zhongshan Park visitors became much rise, be light of heart from care have retired old man, the old lady, is working with the family out of some workers have come to you, the young lovers, streams of people busily coming and going, very lively. The artificial lake park, Pei Donglai and Qin snow walking side by side, sunset in the two person, you can clearly see the two per capita is a happy smile. "If no accident, the two day, the domestic well-known colleges and universities will be sent to you to go to school, what are you going to school?" Walk, walk, Qin Dongxue reached out to fiddle with the forehead hair, looked at the Pei Donglai, eyes full of expectation. Perhaps it is because know that Qin Dongxue will go to Yenching University's sake, before one afternoon, Pei Donglai will keep from talking about on this issue, this time to hear Qin Dongxue's question,Oakley Polarized Online, he lightly sighed tone, way: "my father let me go to the East China sea." The East China Sea? I hear these two words, the first Qin snow and a loss, then think of what, knows Pei Wufu chose Pei East to the East China Sea is the inevitable result. "Are you going to Harvard?" Pei Donglai see Qin snow don't talk, asked softly. Hear Pei Donglai words, Qin snow a hot head, heart filled with an urge to -- to the East China sea! In general,Oakley Hijinx Sale, self-control and weak people impulsive, and that once people impulsive, reckless, will. Born in Qin home Qin Dongxue is not an impulsive person. So...... Temporary impulse, she gave up the idea of the impulse to the East China Sea, gently nodded. Although I know the answer, but...... Pei Donglai heard Qin Dongxue say, hearts inevitably some loss. Light detected expression of Pei Donglai, Qin Dongxue did not explain what. She wanted to...... I really want to tell Pei Donglai, she wants to go to sea, but...... She can't go! Because, she knew, relationship prematurely storm L ù and Pei Donglai, only for Pei Donglai to the inexhaustible pressure and trouble. That's not what she would like to see. She is willing to wait for. So next this out from the mountain of youth, will be a grievance into power, to collision J ī strong and this reality, cruel society! "Four years." Pei Donglai looked to the west by sunset dyed the sky,Coach Online Sale, eyes persistent and firm, tone very confident. Smell speech, consciously stop Qin snow down, turned to look to Pei Donglai. This moment. She found a kind of things in Pei Donglai's eyes. Under the Loess buried more than bones, and ambitions....... When Pei Donglai again and Qin Dongxue came to the snack street, snacks Street were significantly more than the last to be many, many of them are like they are attending college entrance examination candidates. In such a case, all the way to attract attention, although Qin Dongxue like that day, but...... At the Pei Donglai point were significantly more up, even...... There are several guys have come up to take a group photo with Pei Donglai. In this regard, Pei Donglai not so arrogant to >

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