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25.05.2013 03:16
Qin Dongxue face a happy smile all gone antworten

Women always moved in some small details. The girl is so. The origin of Qin Qin snow, she was born a starting point than most people a lifetime struggle to the end. Because back Qin Jia aura, she does not lack for villa, sports cars, jewelry and expensive clothes and shoes -- that worships money and women screaming, sold the film things, in the eyes of Qin Dongxue not to be worth a hair. On the contrary, Pei Donglai inadvertently move like a wave of a chord in her heart, let her heart completely is called a happy feeling full, but also to see chi...... "We first position, how to become your position?" Maybe for a few young arrogant behavior very dissatisfied, perhaps for a few young interrupted her first experience the wonderful feeling very dissatisfied, or both, Qin Dongxue face a happy smile all gone, calm. She spoke, but not because of fear of several young people back, on the contrary, eyes turn from several youths who swept, the last stop in the opening that keep the "Fuji" hair, wearing a gold chain youth. I do not know why, including the retention of Mount Fuji, head of youth, several young people to touch Qin Dongxue's eyes, felt an invisible pressure, chest like plugging with something, very uncomfortable. A sense of oppression. Qin Dongxue was just opening, gave them a strong sense of oppression. In fact, this is the Qin lady's face. The shy and lovely girl, she only expressed in front of Pei East a person! Feel the sense of pressure brought about by Qin Dongxue, aware of the people around the eyes are in themselves a pedestrian who, opening the retention of Mount Fuji head of youth seemed to feel humiliated, now also exposed numerous. And smile: "beauty, if you think we several elder brother grow handsome enough, under the body of the bird is big enough, reluctant to leave, then leave to accompany us to eat." Then, he pointed with Pei Donglai, pull the more general: "two five eight million for this toy boy, let him have far!" "Flower brother was right! "The young brother called flower opening, his companions have smiles echo, face the uncomfortable also disappeared not the least trace was found. Take her brother. Words. Dirty. Language a seasonal Qin Dongxue eyebrows pick! Not far away, a blend in the crowd of the skinhead,Air Jordan Flight The Power UK, walked toward the side walk. At the same time, Pei Donglai unhurried ground lost in the hands of the napkin, before Qin Dongxue spoke again, put Qin Dongxue back to his back,Cheap Oakley M FRAME, like a mountain stands in the snow before the qin. "Yo Ho, toy boy, also want to play the hero save the United States?" See Pei Donglai block in front of Qin Dongxue, flowers Gepi false smile ground joked,Air Jordan SC 1 UK, at the same time, a few companions beside him close to him, it felt like Pei Donglai dare arrogance let Pei Donglai lay out in general. "Call!" No answer, Pei Donglai suddenly hit the right hand, fingers, a claw, clawing at the flower brother's throat, terrifying speed was starting with a slight break an empty voice. Pei Donglai this hand, quickly and suddenly, completely to take brother no response time. "Shua!" The next moment, Pei >

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