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25.05.2013 03:05
Cao Bing once this words export antworten

Five years ago, since the Shen city in a move to the new campus from downtown, the students that the school is too far away from home, the basic will not return home to eat lunch, but resolve in the school cafeteria or around the restaurant. In addition, most of the students in a boarding school, only a few close to home or family cars every day students will go back to sleep. In the afternoon before the start of the basketball game, middle school class teacher made arrangements to Qin Dongxue, basketball after the end of the game, by Qin Dongxue and Sports Committee led the middle school class basketball team to the canteen to eat together, costs from the class. Basketball after the game, Pei Donglai and Cao Bing and others in the water room after a cold shower,Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses, change clothes, ready to go to the cafeteria to eat. "East, Cao Bing, or we go out for a meal?" "Yes, today we are hard to abuse the three prestige class six, how have to celebrate, it is best to drink two cups." When Pei East several people intend to when you leave the room, two teammates have said, talking to them at the same time are turned to Pei Donglai. Hear the two proposal, besides Pei Donglai and Cao Bing, several other senior class basketball player is nodded. "East, you see we are in the school to eat,Coach Bags Outlet, or eat out?" Cao Bing also asked Pei Donglai. "Go out to eat, what Wang Hong said is the teacher of our class, even the elbow to turn, helped Zheng Feina bastard lamb speak, think to be mad!" Unequal Pei Donglai opening, first proposed the name of class three student some anger way: "is not a few hundred dollars of class treat? We also do not care!" "I heard, Wang Hong's husband is a bank, she previously worked as a teacher at Zheng Fei Zheng Fei, I not less in Wang Hong husband that branch to save money, because I help Zheng Fei, now Wang Hong's husband is promoted to the branch president, Wang Hong naturally biased Zheng Fei." One knows the inside of class three student said. Suddenly heard the students broke the news, Cao Bing and others are one zheng. "Or go to the cafeteria to eat." Although Pei Donglai is first heard this news, no strange exposed face, but a faint smile, said: "if we don't go there, Qin Dongxue." Qin Dongxue? Hear this name, in addition to Pei Donglai, everyone's eyes, they are very clear, and the boys of the whole school goddess eat together is how rare things. With the hearts of the idea, before the proposal to a few students go out to eat and didn't utter a word, but Cao Bing soon from the excitement back to God, nodded: "according to the east to do." Cao Bing once this words export, and no objection. When Pei Donglai took Cao Bing out of the bedroom floor, Qin Dongxue has been waiting for a long time in the front of the restaurant, and together with her sports members in accordance with her orders to order. At sunset, Qin Dongxue just stood there quietly, it attracted the attention of all the boys in the canteen,Air Jordan Womens, and even...... A considerable part of the students to see Fang Yan, forgot to have dinner. In contrast, female attention to Qin Dongxue as boys so high, most of them are talking about the afternoon game, especially in high >

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