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25.05.2013 02:59
So George still give Juventus antworten

> Busy with other transfers not say George, George blasted the FA after the work permit system, can be described in English football caused a big uproar. First stand out is to be George criticized the FA officials. "I want to coach Levy as head coach, should just concentrate more on the court, instead of criticizing the FA's work. Labor Certification is to ensure the quality of foreign aid among the English league and his presence is essential. "" Levy coach's accusations unfounded, is a completely vent. "Of course, the FA officials criticized not the end, followed by FA officials after a large number of so-called out to accuse George of England legend. Of course, this time, of course, the most gung-ho and George have grievances Mark Lawrenson. "Labor Certification is not only can guarantee the quality of English League foreign aid, more able to effectively protect the growth of local players in England, if England League all foreign aid, then the England players how growth? '" Levy coach called forth special provisions genius, completely the proposal is absurd, because once let England League foreign aid over and over, then for English football is the destruction xìng blow. Levy coaches look at Blackburn, several England players. "" If all the Premier League clubs and Blackburn are the same as local players do not pay attention in England, then England football look like? England look like? "" Even in order to protect England football, the presence of a work permit is essential, I think Levy Coaches do not always think some of the dishonest, more thoughts on the football field or more appropriate. "Mark Lawrenson is like an occupying the moral high point man. Accusing George despite the development of local players in England, blindly consider their own interests of the club. FA officials accused George can be tolerated, the FA is a conservative after all synonymous. Allow them to make a change, almost a fairy tale. Unless it is by the great pressure, there is a big boost by. Otherwise, with their efficiency, changing a policy I do not know of these years. Accused George of England legend who can endure, after all, they are a lot older. Ideological stubbornness, with no football situation is understandable. But Mark Lawrenson accusations, George was scoffed. You bastard, is entirely in order to refute themselves refute. And himself as a moral saint, like in pressing, George, in fact, relied on their own identity but is accused George only. George flew in the "Blackburn Evening News," which refute Mark Lawrenson. "Some people kept saying that in order to protect the growth of local players in England, for the development of football in England, but he was an Irishman,Coach Handbags Sale, if you really care about the development of football in England, fearing foreign aid would delay the growth of local players in England is not playing nest in Ireland , went to England to play what the ball? '"then your main defender Liverpool Red Army occupied the position, do not know how much delay the growth of local players in England. their fame in Liverpool, but now they stand accused of righteous Bingran me, I do not know what qualifications the person accused me, why not reflect on their impact on the number of England players. "" This person is called when the child Torii typical if he is really so noble, you should not go to any other country to play to avoid affecting other countries growth of young players. "George regarded mercilessly loss a trip Mark Lawrenson. Mark Lawrenson is the peak period in Liverpool, Liverpool, at the zenith of the year. And Mark Lawrenson in Liverpool is the main central defender, and Alan Hansen partner. Unfortunately, Mark Lawrenson is not England, he chose Ireland. So when Mark Lawrenson accused George of England football development regardless of the time, George will eye for an eye person in his body. Ironically, Mark Lawrenson had also occupied the main position of Liverpool, indirect also delayed the growth of the England players. George deadly every word, so Mark Lawrenson furious endless. But indeed Mark Lawrenson, although Liverpool legend, but he was not England. Many coaches and those pupils in England, can accuse George of England despite the development of local players. Because they are in England who are eligible to blame George. But Mark Lawrenson even in English football fame, no matter how large, he is nothing but the Irish people, is an outsider. George is clutching a bit ironic that mercilessly Mark Lawrenson. Of course, not everyone views George objections, there are many coaches is to support George. "I think if the Premiership's goal is to become the best league in the world, then the coach Levy's proposal very appropriate. Development of football in the final analysis is the talent competition, not to say that there are talented players, there's if those talented players, England Club does not start, then the other League clubs will start. "" If the passage of time, then the young players will be getting a reserve behind England Club Continental Club If so how English clubs to compete with them. "" We must ensure that England the growth of local players, and not fall behind on the mainland league. then I think the coach Levy proposal is consistent with the present situation. "first came out in support of George or Wenger. This is not George and Wenger have any personal friendship two people. In fact, George and Wenger two people in addition to the game, almost no private intersection. Instead, George and Ferguson, Redknapp two coaching relationship better. Even sometimes call chat. Wenger support George, simply because he is empathy. Wenger is a French national coach, in France has a very extensive network. His players are mostly imported from France, which is also a good French league players in large numbers. But there is not only the French players, more players from Africa. Although many African players are able to have a French green card, but the young players it is difficult to have this again. Of which there are many good players, Wenger, there are many to see. Unfortunately, cross in front of a work permit, you can not introduce these players. So when they heard George's proposal, the Wenger first time come out in support George. Of course,Jordan 9 Shoes, not only to support George Wenger a person, other clubs have also supported coach George. Certainly support George turned out to be those most active downstream of the club. Even some club president also came out in support George. This is George certainly know, talented players in South America and Africa, it is worth too cheap. Compared to the club culture could even say a player cheaper. Since Bosman since the introduction of the small club is rì the deteriorating living environment. Cultivate a player, it was not until the growth of big clubs poach. And when poached, worth also very cheap. Those European giants, is not only digging little league players, but also dig a small club with a league player. Those small club can only think of some other tricks. If like George said, bypassing the work permit introduction of those talented players. So small club can do traffickers, those players after training, hands gave sold. This is a road to the money. So they also respond positively to George's proposal. But now the combined influence of these people is still not big enough, in addition to the beginning of the FA officials nephew George, the FA is still no answer. "George ......" Richard, after a telephone call, hesitatingly. George wry smile. "Is it a problem Henry's move?" George let Richard Contact Juventus, is to the future of Double Tap Henry. Henry six months ago to join Juventus, bad grades. Posted by Juventus fans parallel signs, but also fortunately Henry's fame loud enough. There are some teams interested in him, but they know what the future Henry George is how terror. If we say that Ronaldo is now the era of 2002, then into the first decade of the twenty-first century, the most imposing non-striker Thierry Henry perfectly. So George still give Juventus a quote, if you can be able to introduce Henry is a good choice. Unfortunately tone heard Richard, I know Henry's transfer problems. Is probably the largest Wenger has been involved in the transfer of Henry, Henry is certainly willing to follow his mentor Wenger it. Wenger is promoted in Monaco that year Henry. "Well,New Arrivals Coach Outlet, George, Henry, willing to go to Arsenal, Blackburn instead of us." "Arsenal?" George Staveley, even if there is no Wenger estimated Henry would not choose to Blackburn Rovers. But George can be reluctant to give in so easily. "Richard, you improve the look quotes and Arsenal delegation then contact with." This summer transfer season really did not go well, George wanted the players have this kind of problem. Up to now George finally understand that, before the introduction of George calves are not famous. So not many clubs and George get people, we would not have this situation. But with Blackburn enhance the performance, George's vision is getting higher and higher. And those players who is more and more competition, Blackburn teams compete in and among these is a disadvantage. Unless Blackburn score can have a very high upgrade, or later this kind of thing will be more and more. ............ "Levy coach, Hello I am a Asena Wenger." Very angry in George thing, office phone rang. Wenger received the phone, George laughed. George, is this phone. "Wenger coaches, hello. How will you call me?" George smiling answer. Wenger heart cursed George, now Henry's move to Blackburn were inserted in his foot. Although it is a big club Arsenal, England giants. But the master of the coach transfer fee, Wenger is not necessarily more than George. So now Wenger is more anxious for Henry Wenger is high aspirations. But Blackburn to raise prices now, Juventus who are waiting for higher prices. "Levy coach, Henry thing is how you think?" <

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