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25.05.2013 02:55
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> 191 Leeds (on) April 6, under a light rain. Www! QUaNBEN! COM neither is the kind of heavy rain, nor showers. But the rhythm of the day under the rain. If this rain the next twelve hours, then was quite pleasant. Two lovers if side by side, holding an umbrella in the rain which this walk is very romantic thing. But if a whole day, it is not the kind of romantic feeling. But a feeling of oppression, not an ordinary depression, is the kind of breathless feeling. But there is no way, God the things fail to get George to call the shots. And has spent ten years in England, but also gradually getting used to it. Sometimes George would think that if the Spanish team coach, it would be able to enjoy the sun and the beaches of the day. Unfortunately, the Spanish team is not good advice, although occasionally there are some Spanish teams cropped head. But the overall mainstream or Real Madrid and Barcelona. But these two teams is not good advice, Barcelona would not have said. Their coach is not a world-class marshal, club culture is their own people. Outsiders is difficult to coach Barcelona. Real Madrid even more impossible of course, is the great history of Real Madrid chairman and great players. They simply do not have the coach's culture. So these can only think about it. Speaking coaches most relaxed environment still belongs to English football. Today is the thirty-second of the game in England. Blackburn Rovers away to Leeds United. The game before the game to be a lot of attention. Because the game relates to a UEFA Cup places, but Blackburn and Leeds this time the two teams were playing very badly mouth battle. From the neutral fans point of view, these two teams are pretty play, but the team quite a lot of young talent. But these are those other people's views, Blackburn and Leeds two teams who are in the innings. The game is for two teams are the losers of the game, if Blackburn lost to Leeds United, then Blackburn had completely no chance of entering the UEFA Cup. And if you lose to Blackburn Rovers Leeds United, then lead only one point. Pressure will return to Leeds United's body. Both teams are reluctant to ninety minutes later, became among the losers. Visitors' locker room this time which one quiet. During this time among Blackburn poor grades, we felt the pressure again. But also thanks to Liz also poor results can, otherwise George said in the newspaper before, then it really makes a joke. "Do you remember the start of the season, the media is how do we evaluate?" "They say our goal is to avoid relegation." One of the players shouted George. "Yes, relegation. Then you talk about, we are now ranked number? '" Fifth "This is almost invariable answer. "Yes, fifth." George clap your hands. "Fifth, I would have said the things I never wanted relegation our bottom from the beginning of the season, and now the fifth,Oakley Radar Outlet, is your capacity, but ......" George smiled and changed the subject. "But I tell you, fifth and seventeenth no difference in my eyes is a failure." Runner-up as a final which is a failure, as in George seems to fifth place, but a little is better than seventeenth multisection broadcast fees. For George, it is a failure. "Now we are in front of Leeds United, they four points higher than ours as long as we won the game, then they just a point advantage as long as the Leeds defeat, we are the fourth and we will be able to next season participate in the UEFA Cup. "" Our early season performance is not good, so can not participate in the Champions League, but the UEFA Cup places, I was high aspirations. Leeds is our most direct competitors. "" I tell you, Leeds Union is young team, and their status will be ups and downs, the next game they will lose points, so this game we must win, as long as the score pulled one point gap, they must withstand pressure, so we need to give them enough pressure, the pressure "George mobilization in the locker room to do when the narrator has already begun their work. "League fifth, I think for George is already a very good score. Blackburn fans should be satisfied with this result, although Blackburn won the Premiership title four years ago, but after three seasons since, Blackburn has been are trying to avoid relegation. "Martin Taylor to the audience of the competition related things. "For the one who just turned thirty near George, I think this result is already very out sè a." "Martin, you said if George heard the words of how you say?" "Will say, how can we know the sparrow swan "" Yes, George would say so. "Andy Gray laughed. "You see, in the last month George has been launched against Leeds another round of offensive. His purpose is very obvious, is aimed at next season's UEFA Cup places and I'm sure that this game George Si Pin's will and Leeds. draw or a defeat, for it is a failure of George. "" Yes, George is such a person. Haha, "two people in front of the microphone laughing. When both players came out after O'Reilly saw Craig Bellamy. O'Reilly frowned, Bellamy in the winter transfer when, in the English football is still very concern. After all, George has always been more than generous, Bellamy League club as a player, even by George to £ 3.8 million price to buy in. Many people want to look at this in the end is the story behind Bellamy. Unfortunately, Bellamy came to Blackburn Rovers after being George pressed on the bench. Appearances are not only in far less than Pires and Duff, and even Rommedahl can not match. Over time it was Bellamy who soon forgotten. Did not expect such an important match, turned out to be George placed among the lineup. O'Reilly before the game is simply not considered Bellamy, all responses are faced with Pires and Duff. But also for Bellamy, O'Reilly only know fast, the other side of things is not very clear. O'Reilly George tilted his legs looked over there, frowned. This man is not only a vicious mouth, formations also makes it an accident. Jean-Georges some pent-up rain has not stopped, small but not small, because it is always so down. This rain for the team to play streaming technology has a great influence, especially such a Blackburn team who play ground ball greater impact. In fact, George Bellamy was initially not thought to starting, but precisely because it was raining too long. Rain was not much, but the venue is very slippery. Leeds although it can be considered a technical stream of the team, but George believes that under field conditions, they are definitely not play ground ball. So like a long time, let Bellamy starter. After the start of the game, George discovered. O'Reilly learned last lesson and Blackburn game, coupled with the weather, he is not in the midfield and Blackburn fight. Play, precisely because in the midfield battle for not fight over Blackburn Rovers. So in the game which is very passive. So O'Reilly gave up the game entirely middle, not from the golf ball, that is,Air Jordan UK, from the two wings. Especially from Kewell side attack. O'Reilly know if playing positional warfare, Liz is not comparable to Blackburn Rovers. "If I O'Reilly, will defend." Liz looked totally defensive posture, George shook his head. Now the situation is very clear that George can not accept a draw and defeat. Blackburn are now four points behind,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, if not win the game, Blackburn basically about to lose the opportunity to enter the UEFA Cup. This time should be anxious to Blackburn instead Leeds. But after the start of the game but is offensive violent Leeds. George afraid to attack out of the team, George fears that those who drew back team. "O'Reilly, may be displeased lost our last game Blackburn it." Evan replied with a smile. Heart says, not all Premiership coaches like George wants to play defensive back for the same. But this time it guessed wrong Evan, O'Reilly definitely do not want to defensive back. This game is already very evident. Blackburn to score, but have to win. O'Reilly, of course, know this, but now is not the same Leeds United and other teams. Leeds United are now young players, their morale can only be continued agitation. Must not be allowed to vent their morale down. Because young players even then how talented they need most is morale. These talented players are rebellious, but I do not know bragging. If you really make them defensive back, but it will be neither fish nor fowl. So O'Reilly can only select attack, hoping to use offensive defeated Blackburn Rovers. Leeds United midfielder is currently the most important thing is Bowyer, although Bowyer this person a bad temper. But the superior strength, if not his bad temper, maybe next Yankees really able when the main. Unfortunately, bad temper, did not allow his career to a higher position. Can be a go-between in Leeds midfielder Bowyer, but also kick the door after the plug shè ability. Another is that many people are very familiar midfielder, David Batty, who Blackburn player exploits. Because the relationship between Gullit bad in the winter transfer when leaving Newcastle came to Leeds United. David Batty is more defensive in the back, the series is to rely Bowyer Leeds attack this bad boy. For Bowyer George's impression is that this kid at Newcastle and his teammates Lauderdale two people fight. But now English football among the Star of Hope is definitely Bowyer. 22-year-old Bowyer in English football fans high expectations for him, absolutely no less than now Manchester United's David Beckham. Out every few days there will be a football legend, touted about Bowyer. Bowyer, however, want a mature midfielder player, really is too tender. Twenty-two, he is thinking and teenage children are no different. If George O'Leary, this season certainly added a powerful midfielder. Such Leeds United's strength at least up several stairs. . . More to the address <

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