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25.05.2013 02:48
George's excitement did antworten

> 168 Applause (down) to see George's gesture, the players all know George do not want just one-third. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm George wants is a hearty victory. One thing for Blackburn is the best, and that is the England team really is no coward. Although the court in an absolutely passive, but it was Blackburn scored a goal after Southampton began their heroic suicide xìng attacks. England team that is good, even if such Southampton team in the relegation zone, it will not be shortchanged because of powerful opponents. They do not play the kind of retreating defense, and even Southampton as well. Because Southampton midfield strength is not, and Blackburn than it simply can not control the ball. So they use the most simple long ball, the use of the center of the header, and then control the second approach. This game will pretty much, you come to me. For them pressed onto George was very happy, as long as they dare to push up, then the defense will present numerous loopholes. George mouth slightly shook his head and heart. If I were the head coach of Southampton, absolutely not so kick. Lack of strength, I'll play defense, you can Naiwo? I do not care, put Rendui there, see how you break defense. George seems no matter rob, steal, or rogue come, as long as they get the results, that is success. George was a result of a coach, there are scores is everything. No results, everything is no good. Of course, the hearts of ridicule Southampton coach, but my heart is still very welcome them so play. Southampton's defense one opened, Blackburn's attack was much better. But from the first goal seven minutes, Crowe Zela Micoud received a pass out, spread to the right of neutral. Duff's speed can be said at this time that anyone fail to do so the. Duff speed with Duff on the line other restricted area. Duff Unlike England, the other winger, he is more like a winger produced in the Netherlands. Duff's this line, Southampton defender could not stop. Has been restricted to a small after Duff no Tangong to go forward pass, just pass the ball to keep up with a Duff Klose sliding tackles. "Two nil, the game appears to be without any suspense." Process from the competition point of view, there is no a little bit of Southampton opportunities. "Klose,oakley sunglasses cheap, Klose which is second in the Premier League goals in them. Speaking Klose efficiency is quite low." "Ha ha ha, Klose scored low efficiency, this is all all know you see him in League One, more than fifty games scoring less than ten. Only George was so appreciate Klose. "Indeed Klose is inefficient, which is already Crowe Ze twelfth Premier League games. Scored only two, how to say are justified. The next game, Southampton still not recovered to the plan. Game you come to me truly beautiful, Blackburn had several scoring opportunities. Unfortunately, no one in front get the chance to score two nil end of the first half. But two nil something that can not satisfy the ambitions of the Blackburn players, the second half just started less than five minutes, but also the right with the speed of Duff sudden strong inside. Then a pass, the right plug Pires just a little push, put the score to three nil. Pires may be the performance of the game is too jīng color, when Robert Pires scored the third goal, when Ewood Park, more than half of the fans gave to Robert Pires applause. At Ewood Park Pires never heard applause, applause after hearing Ewood Park and even stunned for a moment. Raised his head and looked at those Blackburn fans applaud, it was an accident. Pires is not only an accident that George is very surprised on the sidelines. But with the unexpected accident, George hearts are quite happy. There applause on that Blackburn fans hearts are gradually accept this new Blackburn. Although this was not handed over to George's applause, applause but give Pires is an indirect recognition of George introduction of the players perspective. George believe that and then a few wins, Blackburn Rovers fans will accept themselves. And would like now also to their applause. Of course, three nil is not the end, the race to sixty four minutes, Klose received a Sagnol pass the ball into the top of the second goal of the game. This time Klose also got some applause, although not as good as when Pires applause intense. But there is still half of the fans gave Klose applause. George Klose actually know today is already enough of a performance sè, and Klose little game time into two balls. Klose this performance should get more applause, but George knew Klose is subject to his own hurt. But now even Klose can get half of the fans applause, George knew Blackburn's performance is already impressed Blackburn fans. Blackburn did not relax after rhythm seventy-six minutes when the bench Rommedahl scored his first goal for Blackburn. Blackburn at home in the final five-nil victory over Southampton. With the match Blackburn Rovers in the Premier League in twelve among the flat four wins and six losses, accumulated twelve. Success beyond the Nuodinghansen years, ranking Premier League nineteenth name. And only than the eighteenth name Southampton would be less than the seventeenth Wimbledon, sixteenth Coventry less two points less than the fifteenth-thirds of Everton . These are a ball gap. Successive win after Newcastle and Southampton, Blackburn situation suddenly much better. George stood on the sidelines, applaud smile, greet the players. "Robert, to maintain the current state, I guarantee, the French national team is your main left." George Pires pat on the shoulder. George knew Pires's international career was very bumpy, and hope Pires to the national team smoothly. But the thought Pires temper, smooth the difficult international career. "Header,Cheap Oakley Juliet, left the national team should be my main." And a lot of talented players like Robert Pires for their strength was very conceited. "John, Come." George saw Micoud, and quickly was beckoned. "Performed well, more and more general demeanor of." For Micoud such a talented player, but xìng grid introverted player, George is taken to encourage more approach. Micoud hear praise but is shy smile. George on the sidelines, to meet with one another a player. Each player will see a praise them. This is when coach George Burnley understand. For young players, talented players will play blindly blame is counterproductive. Some appropriate praise for improving their self-confidence is very good. "Miro, beautiful." Klose George does not say much for the words of motivation, but thumbs up. Then held out his hand. Klose very understanding and George clap your hands. George and Klose two people do not need too polite, simple clapping already has a very understanding it. George good mood, smiling at a news conference. Point is not previously domineering attitude, even for before the game and George had ZuiZhang Southampton is aloft, gently. Previously been 得理不饶人 George, did not say a cuss for Southampton. Instead, praised Southampton's youth how to do how good Blackburn later must learn the class. Let underneath reporters are quite by accident. Only the last George gently knocked on the table, smiling and reporters said: "I told you I came to Blackburn, not to relegation. Blackburn has been in the right path. Relegation this kind of thing is not my the team should think. "Yellen watching George in there talking about, but also a smile on his face. This tournament victory, one that makes FA headache, media familiar George has emerged. George's excitement did not last, looking in the locker room watching a group of excited young man knocked on the tactical board. "You say how are you feeling of victory?" George asked loudly. "Shuang Shuang" "How does it feel to hear the applause of the fans?" "Happy happy" "That you are not trying to always get applause from the fans," "think" players win the game very happy in their own home by the first applause of the fans, but also let them excited. So to hear George's words are answered in unison. "Well, I told you, the fans are the most likely group to get, as long as we continue to win, then the applause of the fans will be more and more of you have the confidence to conquer our fans?" "Yes" "Well We will maintain this status, go on to win in a race. "............ right,Coach Online Store, George's goal is to conquer the home fans. Blackburn Rovers vs. Sheffield Wednesday in the thirteenth round. Sheffield Wednesday in the Premier League performance is not too bad, even now ranked ninth in the Premier League. But in the Ewood Park, there was no temper. Blackburn at home to hold out sè recent state, three more than a victory over Sheffield Wednesday. Recent state of the game and then scored a sè Pires, Micoud and substitute David Dunn each into a ball. After the game, the Blackburn game three wins and six thirteen flat four negative, the plot nr. Finally a success out of the relegation zone, ranking Premier League sixteenth. The game Blackburn regarded as the first real by the home fans in the audience cheers. Especially when the goal when George first felt in the Ewood Park deafening cheers. Ewood Park, George Burnley, when it conquered the stadium twice. When they booed the greatest encouragement for George, but now has become George Blackburn coach. Their applause is certainly the largest for George. For George fans still do not have much reaction, but as long as enough applause to the team, George was already very satisfied. George believes that a coach only get drawn scores, anything do not be afraid. . . More to the address <

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