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25.05.2013 02:41
this is a new team must antworten

> ('With the referee's whistle ,98-99 season, Blackburn Premier League first round of the competition officially began. WWw. QUAnBEn. COM George coaching career is among the first Premier League games for the game is George high hopes, no one is willing to own for the first time among the good beginning and now just entered George Blackburn, many people are holding a magnifying glass to pick George's fault. Even Blackburn fans also mistrust for George mostly, this time only the results to be able to get them changed. [all in search for the latest updates ..] George looked carefully at West Ham now, this is a very typical English clubs George hoarding five in midfield, definitely not Because conservative but Blackburn and George for the transformation of ideas about George put Deco in midfield, Micoud, there Pires very superior technology which three players. I just hope they come out sè technology control the ball, playing an oppressive style of football in England has always been the team's style of play quickly through the midfield, and then solve the problem in the front, but George has to do the opposite, control the midfield and only brought under control midfield, then the team's victory would Shoudaoqinlai England Club has always been and will not set Frontal this position, the characteristics of English football and has a relationship. Even if there is some out sè attacking midfielder player, to England, the final are depressed because they suited Football, unable to adapt to the rhythm of English football, but George did not think that this is the fault of those attacking midfielder player, nor are they poor adaptability. but rather the players who bought the playmaker after, once they Within a short time can not adapt to English football, those clubs will soon abandon those attacking midfielder player. And they will not for those out sè Frontal players able to play them designed a powerful lineup. still beat their Football habits, so those players harder to play to their strengths. course later with the increasing emphasis on each team defensive midfielder players getting no position in world football, but at least for now, the design is still very Frontal universal, but the game did not follow the idea of ​​the development of George, George is the first requirement for the team the ball under control. Do not rush to attack, do not retreat. Blackburn Rovers midfielder is to control the pace of the game, once the game under control rhythm, following the development of a matter of course, but ...... "Pires, Ah ...... Pires has lost the ball, do not know the status of today,Oakley Sport clearance, he is not good, or not to adapt to English football." Martin Taylor shook his head. "I've seen some Metz game, Pires should not be so ah." "is not only Pires, Micoud also lost the ball several times and they both do not adapt to English football." George is wrinkled on the sidelines frown, hearts blame yourself too much contempt Premiership in training camp, when George Blackburn While watching with a short time, but Pires and Micoud both are quite high ball supplier. between the two with a very understanding. Even in the warm-up time, the two team's performance is among the most out of sè especially Pires, a little better than the performance difference between the right of Duff in Blackburn left a duck to water, whether it is too people, passing even shè doors are very good, but George has missed the point, and that is the Premier League warm-up match and different arrangements for warm-up match at the time, just to test it with the tacit understanding degree of the team. forget England League of different points. English football, especially the Premier League with a word to describe that fast, it's not just the fast pace in defense among the England players are willing to use the body collision, the same ruthless them scraps, scraps fast and they will not give offensive side calmly pass the ball the opportunity, they tend to get the ball in your first time in the past the defense, the ball while Pires, Micoud including Deco, Makelele have not played in England ball, especially Robert Pires, Micoud and Makelele are from French League, French League which there have been many techniques out sè players, but their rhythm and England football game is very different two styles of football . Pires and Micoud and Claude Makelele, they suddenly very suited to this style of play in England, especially Robert Pires and Micoud two, they have a habit of course, this habit is in the French develop, they will pause after the ball, look at the situation in the field. Anyway, their movements are very chic, but on the Premier League so fast-paced match,oakley for cheap, it obviously can feel half a beat slower and they just take ball, as long as the other players will be forced to a standstill up. And the feet quickly, this scene they are rarely encountered in the French and their action just a little slower, it will lose the ball and this is definitely not because they Both the technology is not good, but they both technologies is definitely on the top of the Premier League as long as the two of them playing jīng God, there would be a few people can really grabbed their balls, they just are not used to Premier's fast-paced, fast so that they can not adapt to two people, so will be their steals. Suddenly Pires and Micoud two people to become a clean sheet up to the player, that is, they are not the foremost Klose lost the ball throw much. Klose has spent three years in England, for no stranger to English football can be a little, so after the ball, will be the first time to deal with George presence is almost helpless, because this situation is not one o'clock Half will be able to get in and they need time to adjust to the wind the ball in England, also need time to adjust their style of play since a long time and now there Rommedahl bench, Gudjohnsen and Hargreaves which can only Rommedahl to the wings a spell while midfielder Owen Hargreaves George did not intend enabled so fast now Micoud and Robert Pires need is time, they need time to adapt to the Premiership. George must give them the time, not because they are now replaced them on poor performance. "stabilize, stabilize Do not be holding them, according to their own style of play to." George quickly pulled Sagnol on the sidelines. "You tell John and Robert, so that they do not worry. still in accordance with the usual training, how to play on how to play." George Hendry originally wanted to find, but unfortunately no French Hendry, while Robert Pires and rice Both libraries are now in English does not pass, so George let Sagnol messenger, but the effect is still the same, finally survive the first half. during the intermission, when George has been in encouraging the players, especially For Pires and Micoud often lose the ball without much to blame, but the general effect, opening the second half less than twenty minutes, when the ball is not clean Makelele was Lampard breaking down the ball. then handed the plug after Steve Lomas, Lomas inserted restricted kick low shè, Flores hand less sudden, the ball rolled into the door which. Upton Park sudden burst of deafening cheers, while George was on the sidelines can only sigh. Makelele most people coming commendable is his station, and his determination, he rarely lost the ball in his position, or accustomed to the pace of the game ah Premiership Later though George were personnel changes, but is still unable to change and eventually Blackburn defeat away to zero than one. "Congratulations, Redknapp coach." George rarely so with grace Congratulations to a winner, especially when their own loser, but this point is not blame George failure, this is a new team must go through the process. "This is not like you." Redknapp haha laugh, but this is definitely not a smile among the proud victory, although a smile, but did not let George think this is a shame. "how do you think I should be like?" "You should yīn sullen, and turned to leave Then not even a news conference attended fishes. "" Ha ha, I was such a person do? "" Of course, you go out to find a reporter to ask, they will say you are. "George and Redknapp two people that do not see is just more than one pair finish opponents, but like a very long time not seen as an old friend, but a little Redknapp really was right, and Reid in Bruckner Pu spoke, George is very normal. Redknapp laugh with, it is not annoyed, but in turn, the George is still very unhappy. a coach lost the game really does not matter if it is not a coach George heart is very angry, but he will not show it, because today only because of the failure of the team forming time was too short, so in the back of the press conference which, it really as Redknapp said, George say not feeling well, so instead of George Evan Sawyer went to the press conference. Redknapp said Evan George heard because the body is uncomfortable, so you can not attend the news conference, will almost laughed out . had just met, George still alive and kicking, and suddenly say anything physical discomfort. A reporter also asked this question, Evan shrugged. "I'm not a doctor, you can ask the doctor." Let underneath a bunch of reporter is stunned, in fact, they have many questions to ask George and want to give this a good face George does not give reporters look at one o'clock Yan sè Unfortunately George did not give them the chance. underneath reporters are secretly thinking, in how tomorrow's newspaper should taunt George this arrogant young coach Redknapp see George did not come,Jordan UK sale, there is not much interest. casually answered some questions, and left the press conference .... More to, address <

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