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25.05.2013 02:36
now is the most unstable antworten

> ('"Colin, hello. Www! QUaNBEN! COM" this is to July 17, the end of the World Cup already have five days time in the world, fans want to watch how the alien Ronaldo led the national team won the World Cup in Brazil, when Ronaldo was in the World Cup finals which misbehave while Zidane header in the final two in mind which, at the gates of the French team won the first World Cup at the same time a world-class superstar Start born, and that is represented within this era Qizuqida. [all in search for the latest updates. Z Zidane said it is not considered late bloomer, in Cannes showing sè Zidane later moved to Bordeaux in Bordeaux, Zidane is not only to get over the French player, French footballer and other honors. but also in the 95-96 season,Oakley Scalpel Sunglasses, is led into the UEFA Cup final in Bordeaux, though lost the game, but Zidane So jīng color performance or let European giants concern, and Zidane before there is a famous battle, is the national team debut. Zidane's debut off the bench, when the Czech team leading the French team two goals, while in The remaining 27 minutes,Oakley Sport clearance, the fledgling Zidane scoring two goals helped the French team the match. then, after Juventus, Zidane soon became the core of Juventus, but even with such results, probably because at that time the football world there are some super striker Ronaldo too much fame to cover up Zidane in France before the World Cup, Zidane did not how fame, but among the two World Cup finals in France, remember header, allowing Zidane flew surge in world football fame. George was watched this final live, not that George had not seen it. Instead, this term is French Cup last generation memory and George basically nothing difference, George knew the little butterflies have not affected the great development of world football and this should be, and he has been on the lower leagues in England, but not directly to influence the trend of world football, but I believe that with George Check Blackburn, George this small butterfly effect for the football world will become increasingly large. beyond the World Cup, European Cup game will be how these changes can not be predicted at all George of course George could not have so much space to think about these things These are just the occasional flash of ideas. these big round things vain George also think now most concerned about George Blackburn things new season, George in the new season to buy so many players are already More than a dozen people. regarded as Blackburn had a big shake, so George needs stability. requires a person to hold the club, George can think this person is only the old Blackburn Rovers captain Colin Hendry. But Hendry has decided to leave Blackburn, so George will be an emergency meeting with Hendry. Hendry is not only the old Blackburn captain, the captain of the national team in Scotland this year's World Cup in France, as the Scotland national team on Hendry captain, led the Scottish team for the World Cup. blond Hendry is not really the best defenders in the world, even the heyday of strength, not be regarded as a world-class defender. now 33, Hendry, On the subject of strength is not necessarily stronger than the two-year-old William Gallas much. maybe even worse than Niagara, but George Hendry fancy not because of his strength, if only on the strength of Gallas and Hyypia With more appropriate. emergency meeting with George Hendry reason is that Hendry is a banner Blackburn in Blackburn football history, Hendry will occupy a position. Hendry is the key to Blackburn who is one of the highest prestige players. although he is not the world's best defender, but he put Blackburn's jersey, he is a tough guy, a world-class defender! George Hendry needed , Blackburn needs a big shake Hendry. "Levy coach, hello." Hendry unnatural and George handshake this than he was a young coach, between the two men have had a lot of dirty. especially in the last season, because Hendry kicked Klose, sent off in the subsequent press conference, George Hendry should be banned for life criticism, saying that Hendry should not be a bad example to young people . Hendry this person is not a good crop, the next day to hit back at George George only should pay attention to his words and deeds, when George and Hendry two people in the media bustling That did not expect just a few months George Blackburn actually became the head coach. "Colin, I hear you're back to Scotland?" Hendry wants their roots back to the Scottish league. "Well, I think I'm older, no longer suitable Premier league. "" Colin, I do not want to deceive you, I entered Blackburn whom is no end, I hope you can stay. "George straight to the point." you should know by now that Blackburn just at a crossroads, If you develop possible to restore the original splendor, but once the wrong step, it may be beyond redemption. "said George Hendry understand the hopeless, that Blackburn will likely drop into League One. Hendry in Blackburn The long affection for Blackburn absolute deep. and George White Blackburn this to work completely unavailable compared to outsiders,Classic Coach Online, but Hendry still hesitated. "Levy coach, I'm older and I have it can not keep up the intensity of the Premier League. "For Hendry, George does not have any chips, which is already an accomplished veteran, without any thing can be nostalgia George Hendry the only way to move is to say, Henry Suntory's feelings for Blackburn Rovers. "Colin, I tell you the truth, I took over Blackburn Rovers, a large number of players have been cleaned, and bought a lot of new players. now is the most unstable when Blackburn, I need you to take charge of Blackburn Rovers. Do not say that you still have the strength to play the game, even if you are really old, and I hope you help me stabilize the locker room and the fans. "" You should know before I Burnley when the main coaches, and many Blackburn Rovers players and fans relationship is not good. event of any problems, Blackburn this season will be no future. "locker room no big problem, after all, most of the players are George buying. But fans can be a little way over there George did not need a veteran like Hendry help. Hendry was George sincere discourse somewhat impressed, but more worried about the future for Blackburn These rì child because the media reports focus is the World Cup, so for the club's reported but a lot less so for George players have begun to clean things, Hendry is not very clear to hear the words of George, Hendry know that this is certainly a big shake-up efforts not small. This allows for Blackburn Hendry was very worried, although there is nothing good impression for George, but George's coaching ability Hendry is quite convincing, but George had the biggest weakness is that George was too young Although there are two League Cup and FA Cup in hand, but for those players who Blackburn is still junior coaches only. could not control had Blackburn is a big problem, once a problem, Blackburn Could there really will drop into the League, which is very reluctant to see Hendry. "Levy coach, you give me time to think about it." Hendry originally have been ready to leave Blackburn Rovers, and even almost vacated the house, but to hear the words of George, began a hesitant George Hendry to hear the words, already understand about Hendry should be no problem. "Colin, I hope a decision as early as this season will be Many newcomers come, you old captain should help them integrate into Blackburn. "(I want a three-shift, but too difficult. brothers after a chapter to write a few words, or return to two more. really sorry). .. More to the address <

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