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> "York Uncle, I want to move up." George reluctantly looked at his house, and the house is hardly a patrimony. George came to the Burnley after the rented house. Which in this house, George spent the past nine years. Everything here George are very familiar with, of course, is the most familiar one side lived York. "George, you find a job." Old York you will understand. Although Old York is Burnley fans, but it is the elders who grew up watching George. While George was very sad to leave Burnley, but also concerned about George's future. George nodded. "Liverpool? Newcastle?" Old York smiled and asked George. Any one for George who are considered a leap, the old York just happy to share. Qiao Zhigang want to talk, but it stopped. Although George fully trust the old York, I believe he would not utter everywhere. But this kind of thing is really hard to say, George told how the nerve openings Old York, his new job is to find Blackburn coach. "Start talking, we should soon have news." Old York man inanimate jīng, also see George inconvenience to say, so it does not insist. "Yes, Miranda do?" George has been here a long time, have not seen Miranda. "They're good Xiangchuquwan several students, and today you do not know want to come back. Or give her a call.">? "" Well, York uncle. "Although mouth to say, but George is very sorry. This walk, although people say the global village. But think about the future is not so easy to meet,Coach Bags Outlet, meet every day before were suddenly feel, my heart is always wrong. In fact, pick up things very simple, George lived a man nor anything important. Under normal circumstances, George at home nothing can be dry. Li Qiaozhi never cook at home, it will not cook. I usually eat at home is to York, or is to York's restaurant for dinner. I quickly packed up almost all of the installed are put. George just told to move personnel should move something, they are very professional. Although a short time, but the share of contracts signed in George, when George Blackburn has is to help find a good place to stay. Not because George can not find the house, but George is very strange for Blackburn Rovers. Half past one would want to find a satisfactory house is not easy, so Jack Walker will give George a temporary residence. This alone has made George very careful satisfied. "York Uncle, I have other things .. First past busy." To see the old York nodded, George some do not want to leave here. "Allen, Miro has not returned to Germany is not it." "Well, I follow your words retain Miro George, you really decide the Blackburn coach." Allen while driving, she asked George. George Allen is hoped to coach some of the big clubs, of course,Air Jordan 1 Sale, is that most do not want coach George Blackburn. Allen is now best known men, after the most able to benefit is Daniel Allen. Daniel Allen is to be able to big club, Burnley, after all, is too small. Daniel can not give more exposure and salaries, but now Daniel to the big club, not necessarily play regularly. Only follow George the mentor to be able to settled in the big club. Although Daniel is not a very long exposure, but do know Daniel Allen is a native of Burnley man. Difficult to convince Daniel to leave Burnley, let alone allow Daniel to join Blackburn Rovers. "Things have been laid down, let's talk about it to see Miro." ............ "Miro, a few days was gone." Met again a few days later George Klose. Burnley is George now single-handedly blocks. There are many direct descendant of George, or that most people are very fond of George players. In addition to Barak has left Burnley, including Daniel, Klose, Robbie Keane, Ljungberg, Camoranesi these are George's love will. Blackburn took over after George if you really want to put all of them can be dug up. Although George had voted rivals, but if you really want to dig George Burnley players, Kilby also able to stop. And Burnley Although this season has made great achievements, but Burnley player's worth is not high. Apart from Robbie Keane, there should be no more than five million pounds worth of players. Even Ljungberg's worth, is unlikely to be more than five million pounds. So once George is really shot, as Ljungberg, Finnan, Camoranesi can be dug Blackburn. But George can not do that sort of thing, although switching to Blackburn and Burnley are already against, but then dug their players could not bear. But there is one person George must take that Klose. Klose progress in Burnley this year is not small, heading ability needless to say, how to use speed, as well as passing, a small technology has been a lot better. While the Burnley goal inefficient, ridiculed by many people. But George knew, Klose will always progress, that is to the twenties, his technology is still progress. Now Klose Klose than history does not know how many times stronger. George reluctant to Klose in Burnley, because once George to leave Burnley, other coaches certainly will not continue to use Klose. There Robbie Keane and Kevin Phillips both efficient striker,OP Art Coach Cheap, Klose ....... So George is sure to leave Burnley with Klose. "Header, you now how?" Klose was very happy to see George, when informed that George left Burnley's Houkeluoze also very confused. Klose certainly know, because George's support, he was able to become Burnley striker. In the dressing room and even Robbie Keane and Kevin Phillips are quite critical of them, but for this team is completely George single-handedly built. George's prestige in the locker room which no one enemy, surely someone refuses to accept. So Klose did not know George departs, how they should do? "I'm fine. Miro, I put you to stay in England, is to ask you one and you are willing to come with me to the new club." Klose relationship with George and George did not hide that directly say had come out of his own. Klose hear George's words themselves. "Head, I am certainly willing to follow you." "Even Blackburn, you are willing." George very satisfied Klose now such an attitude. "Blackburn?" Rao is Klose has always been athletic, can not help but cry out. "Header, you have to coach Blackburn?" Klose has already spent three years in Burnley, Burnley and Blackburn certainly know grudge between. Klose is how there is no thought George would go coached Blackburn Rovers. George smiled and nodded, Klose has already thought of this reaction George. See George admitted Klose mind it was an accident. But in the end George coached that club, Klose care. While Burnley kicked three ball, but Miroslav Klose is German. Burnley came after Barak did not like that has become Burnley hero. In Burnley has a very high reputation. Klose to play, simply because George causes. Speaking of feelings for Burnley, Burnley Klose to even less than a year Camoranesi, Robbie Keane these people. So just a moment, Klose on the re-raised his head. "Head, I am willing." "Well, Miro and you go home a good fun to play, I'll handle things here good." Klose is now only a year contract, but it is not Burnley indispensable player. Allen Klose plus or a broker, all factors together Klose should not be difficult to solve the problems. "Okay, first." 129 ready 129 ready to URL <

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