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before the game and when antworten

> To July 20 is the pre-season training camp Burnley rì son, all Burnley players should concentrate on this day. wWW. QUanbeN. Com While away from the start of the season is still some rì son, but this is George's requirements. This season the team has changed so much, understanding is not enough, George must be in training camp, let all the players know their coaching ideas. "Mitchell, George in the end gonna do? Why would so many people are put into the transfer market and you do not stop it." Grant just to the training base, when it saw a familiar figure in the training base door. Mitchell with a wry smile at his old partner. "Grant, you know if I am opposed to what will happen? Do not you know that George xìng grid, George will even transfer market which I put together." "Yes ah, George xìng grid is somewhat strong. "Grant and George also worked five years for George xìng rigid grid is very understanding. Grant and Mitchell, like playing in the club already has ten years. Burnley for the elderly, but also the team's main Burnley right back. And goalkeeper Miller together, the three men are behind Burnley veteran. Also a few of them guarding the rear, in which performance is quite a Serie sè. George Burnley team for the most satisfying it is that the defense, but unfortunately the other two were demoted back before the end of the league has decided to transfer. George did not retain them, thus leaving only Mitchell Gold, Miller, Grant three people. "Do not think, old fellow, we are now in the same boat, I would first look to support George, you know George's ability is good." Grant Mitchell, pat on the shoulder, relieved Grant. George put the transfer market, after all, is a lot of people are and Mitchell, Grant worked for many years, some feelings are normal. "Yes, who have to." Grant side near the training base, she asked Mitchell. "You go see it, two German boys come to the club early on I heard that George hired from Germany, free of charge, are for business league players." Mitchell shrugged, not quite understand George's selection. Let go of so many fought League, and even last season also played League players. Germany now has never hired two amateur league players. "Mitchell, that you're busy, I went to the art." ............ "Header, I congratulate you." Daniel Morrison and Ashley Chapman has been followed by two men in the youth team, George, so know George likes punctuality. So today was the first one out from the locker room, Daniel saw George was very happy. George is still Bengzhuo face and nodded. "Daniel, Ashley you are now into the first team, but do not you think I would have special privileges." "Of course we know that you are the most strict and impartial head, wise extraordinary coach. Never abuse of power, but ......" Daniel Xipixiaolian compliment George. George Daniel was also amused a few words, but now is not joking when it waved interrupted Daniel words. "Well, do not lean it. Hurry to go stand in line." George gazes twenty four people, the hearts of pride Dunsheng. The twenty-four people that they really become head coach after the first batch of disciples. Only these twenty four people nearly half of them are older than George big players. These players all know that today is the first day of training, but also to see the new head coach. So come are very early, about half an hour in advance. "Good morning, husbands." George shrugged, standing on both sides of the Thompson and George Karl Pat. George took a step forward, and these people say hello. "I am pleased that we can consciously abide by time, then I would like to introduce myself, I was George Levy, this year 27, when the Burnley club has a five-year coach from the new season starts I will be your coach, you can call me head or boss, of course, can also be directly called my name. "" I know I'm young, but there is no way,Coach Bags Store, I was the head coach of the club and any attempt to challenge the authority of the people I I will let him know that young does not mean to be bullied, of course I do not want this man such things happen, we are the best dialogue to resolve the problem. Carr, release the players we have developed the Code. "George said with a smile, although , but that yīn dense tone, so that all players behind swishing. But this is only the first step,Oakley Sport Sunglasses, when you see a player Carl issuing the Code, when everyone is surprised. Because some of the above detailed provisions Georges column disciplinary requirements, including training courses, locker room, stadium and other aspects of disciplinary requirements. There even a few minutes late, there will be what kind of punishment, are listed in great detail is. These constraints as long as the players themselves will be no problem, but George dietary requirement for so many people can not accept it. George decided to learn Wenger Arsenal changes in the diet of scientific management. And the wine is absolutely prohibited, George provisions before the game and when rì rì prohibit any player to drink. George, when the last generation when the fans heard that England players wine, but the real work after entering the club Burnley, they would understand what cheer wine. The next day soon the game, but the night before they can drink drunk. What is more, in the evening game at noon will be drinking. For this, George was hated, but regardless before Jimmy Mulan, George as an ordinary coach did not say. But as head coach,Crossbodys Coach UK, the first one to do is to ban drinking. "Well, this thing is you can go back and take your time, but remember, do not violate any of them one, I definitely will not spared." George look at those England veteran getting dark face, with a smile speak. "This year our club to the eight new players, there are several small promoted from the youth team player to stand to the front, to introduce myself." Hear the words of George Mitchell, Kim is very conscious of the station to the the front. Several people looked at self-introduction, Mitchell Kim also to introduce them to the team's other players. Governance clap your hands, let those players stand to its original position. "The new season is relatively large changes in the team, we now have 24 baseball players, I gotta tell you that my heart is not a lineup, you certainly say that I am hypocritical, I really have my own ideas, but this is not a stationary change I will see in the next month which everyone's performance, who perform well who will be able to play. whether it is new or meritorious veteran team, I am here all the same. you need to use their own efforts to impress me that time who is a good state, who will be able to play, I will not give anyone any privilege. "Wait until the presence of all of them to digest their own words before George was exposed most true smile. "Everyone is now a man, I hope we can cooperate happily." 10 strain Li Bing Bing Li Ma 10 strains of horses, to the site <

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