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25.05.2013 02:22
that is for Burnley is antworten

> Both fans before the game against the fierce, ten minutes after the start of the game, but all can not help but yawn. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm even the supporters of the two teams are so reactive, other neutral fans can imagine the idea completely. They had only one idea, and now this is what the game play. Arsenal did not show in the Premier League with a smooth, fast attack, but it is the first ten minutes Burnley kick shè doors are not. Completely holed up in his own half, Robbie Keane up front only one person alone. Touches Martin Taylor and Andy Gray commentary two people not rash, both of them as England's top football commentator. I do not know how many important match commentary, basically important game usually boring. Rarely appear large-scale cooperation of the game, of course, the history of which is not without, but rarely Bale. Together as they did before the analysis, whether it is Arsenal or Burnley, in fact, broke to analyze are defensive back. Burnley midfielder is on three, to see that George's goal is defense. So the two of them did not have much unexpected, but they do not understand George's approach. Did George is the audience you want so defensive, the former Burnley although also defensive back, but the defense behind but there counterattack. However, from the beginning to now only Burnley defense, even these two counter Ljungberg and Camoranesi are involved in the main defense. Burnley want to see a little counter trend. "Overmars fast ...... he waded Finnan, biography ...... Oh, by Mitchell top out. Overmars this side of the offensive is very lively, Finnan defense Aowei Ma Adams some difficulty, but unfortunately there is no collusion Arsenal frontcourt point, unfortunately,Coach Handbags, unfortunately. "Although Arsenal's style of play is also a defensive back, but that is for the opponents. If you hit Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, these teams, of course, is playing defensive back. And with Arsenal's ability to fight back, almost a dozen a quasi. But the face of such Burnley League team, Arsenal also pull no less than face to play defensive back. And the idea is clear Burnley will never play with you on all words. Arsenal's defense is so little to premise a bit, but still not much forward. Arsenal are also very afraid of Burnley quick counterattack, but the race to Burnley now simply do not attack out of the mean. Arsenal desperation only offensive forward,Jordan 5 Shoes, midfielder Patrick Vieira began to position forward. Speaking now Arsenal attack points limited. Parlour strength is good, but really not as Ljungberg. Whether it is extraordinary, passing, shè doors are not as Ljungberg, Freddie Ljungberg and Daniel in the defense force under the little performance opportunities. Touches the left wing Overmars is a typical Dutch winger is fast, shè door quite beautiful. Finnan want to defend Overmars some difficulty, but also Arsenal defensive back when the most powerful one point. Although this year just to Arsenal in the Premier League this year, but Overmars's performance is entirely the level of God. Overmars to defend it, George is not only to help make Camoranesi back Finnan defensive backcourt Overmars, and even Matthew Holland is left to take care of the defense. The Arsenal midfielder placed two people, Vieira and Petit present are not too powerful attack capability. Pettit needless to say, is a typical defensive midfielder. Tough, physically strong,Nike Jordan SC 1 Sale, comprehensive technology, steals fierce, but the mind is very calm. He and Deschamps is composed of dual lumbar opponents insurmountable obstacle, the French team won the 1998 world championship important member. As one of the sè defensive midfielder, Pettit's offensive strength is just like a general. In dual lumbar combination of them, Vieira is a good attack midfielder player. He is the most perfect of the few able to deduce two defensive midfielders, one of the most important functions: He not only crumble attack, but also to launch the offensive team. Unfortunately this is the later Vieira, now after Vieira has not yet reached the capacity. Old has yet to twenty-year-old Vieira, Wenger's tune under the Premiership has become one of the best defensive midfielder. But now a gradual maturing process, the defense is good, but in the attack which has not subsequently power. Vieira also said it now does not necessarily Bibalake sè out how much, on the offensive since Vieira even Biba La Dixon sè. Ballack from the scheduling football, control the tempo, scoring ability is much less than Vieira out sè. So Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Petit are not in the middle, with the passing sè ripped Burnley defense strength. And two far shè in general, so George did not hand in a defensive midfield them. Arsenal striker touches the two extraordinary strength, Ian Wright needless to say, is history before Henry's Arsenal best shè hands. Ian Wright kicking fierce, shè gate cleanly, more a nickname "Black sè lightning." Although older, already thirty-four. But still can not be ignored frontcourt Terminator. If Ian Wright older, then the "Ice Prince" Bergkamp legitimate peak condition. Bergkamp's great you can not use language to show that he went to Arsenal after a goal is not particularly large, but the goals are each a work of art. Bergkamp has the world's most elegant footwork, he can himself shè doors, can spread incredible pass, is currently the biggest threat to Arsenal frontcourt players. Because now not later Pires Arsenal, Henry shè these can pass to a player, therefore rely heavily on the pass in the middle Bergkamp. Therefore, the focus is defensive in Luqiao Zhi Bergkamp, ​​George let Neil Lennon is almost close to Bergkamp, ​​anyway, is not so comfortable Bergkamp ball. Once in the large restricted area near the ball to Dennis Bergkamp comfortable, that is for Burnley is a big disaster. Italy's "catenaccio" world famous, their biggest feature is the defense team as a whole note, a buckle with a ring. And George for this game, but also in defense of which the next big effort. Robbie Keane up front, leaving only one point, and then put troops hoard in their own half. George never anything in this game offside tactics, three lines remain closely linked. Maintain the integrity of the entire team's formation, in his place in front of thirty meters form a very dense defensive zone. With this compression defense density against Arsenal. Arsenal now than later reformed Arsenal Arsene Wenger, Arsenal break through this time of tight defense and some methods. But now you want to break through this intense defense arsenal is not easy, George prepare for this game, but a full two weeks time. For Arsenal frontcourt players are eleven in all analyzes conducted in the training time, for they are all asked how to defend a good player. George is to keep Arsenal playing patience if Jiugong not broken, do not believe George Arsenal does not attack it. As long as Arsenal completely out attack, George will fight back. Otherwise, George is definitely not give up the defense, George is to use the current negative prevent sticking to spend Arsenal's spirit. And let Arsenal lose patience, lose jǐng Ti. And to deal with the technical team like Arsenal, George Burnley players before the game just that good. As against Chelsea as the courage to do the movements, when the defense out of the foot to be fast, action should be fierce, but also can be used for a variety of tricks. Arsenal players were better players, but there are bad temper, temper Vieira was later known large. Well known for elegant Bergkamp, ​​and other talented players, like his temper when no one able to prevent. If there are one or two people to provoke retaliation xìng action, better get red card even more happy. 108 to prevent sticking (on) 108 to prevent sticking (on the site <

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