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24.05.2013 09:59
those innate not treasure antworten

The Zerg why must occupy the earth? Not only insect community, and even the abyss, the circle of the Earth Dragon has a bag! Behind all this, hidden in the end what? Why is the world of the earth will be facing such a catastrophe, is almost the same as the crowning calamity, and the parallel space the earth all is well. Still, thriving, octopus even over there be * * silk is also the earth God, why so unfair? The human living force;, satiate wear warm * *, and here we human beings should always dancing on the tip, hunger and cold poison people can't tell how many, even the Baoshi wilderness bones didn't help buried there, why the Zerg, the bodies of six coming, human beings will be awakening? Supernatural magic age is what, what is the reason, result in another space, inexhaustible spirit Yang soul running to the world to find a successor? You know those ghosts Yang soul, was only are side of the strong, may be all-powerful quarrelling division, probably is the legendary swordsman Qigong master, perhaps the real remain aloof from the world, perhaps the world of demons, may be dormant in the dark Ninjutsu master, may be fierce Wei the fallen knight...... But is such a group from different worlds, they all have supernatural immortal will, but will be across the endless space, at the same time came to earth in what refers to bow to them? And the devil fruit, those innate not treasure, those blessings,oakley sunglasses, auras and somewhere...... The most mysterious Mo Liu,Air Jordan 14 Sale, only earth and God! Only Li Jiayu knows, there is a bright goddess, the goddess of the sea, they are not in heaven you be good, why run to earth blind? In addition to the two goddess, still hidden from other epic God figure? And my rebirth mystery and saying I was the goddess of light vessel even including the dumb as Leng dark Octopus somewhere, there must be something inside, these questions, there may be any contact or behind all of these, are manually operated, there is a black hand behind the scenes on everything, director of all tragedies,Oakley Holbrook Sale, every City and every survivor, destiny's child, there may be behind...... Thought of here, Li Jiayu think back the chill, did not dare to go on, because he had not the strength to doubt too much. "Go on, put everything you know tell me!" "The goddess of adults, please to power the main little vitality" Sakura said fire Reaver extremely weak, with the tone of a request. "Dare to talk to me about?" Li Jiayu calm face. "Goddess adults ability main almost dead if you don't help, then you will not hear the secret of insect community." "Hum! It is trouble." Li Jiayu didn't bother to care about what, waved, release a bright restoration, warm and shining on the cherry fire Reaver body, makes its badly mutilated the wound of blood, and the restoration of a lot of vigor, although still extremely frail weak, unable to stand up, but it temporarily no sexual >

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