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24.05.2013 09:54
he let the sun Wei-wei stay was stuck antworten

"Slightly, as my apprentice, you must remember a truth, that is -- violence can solve everything! The world has already broken, the moral law scraps of paper, only strong enough force to stand to survive...... If who provoke you, or you see who is not pleasing to the eye, and who is a threat to you,oakley sunglasses store, you can be the first time he will kill death, all possible crisis nipped in the cradle......" "But,Cheap Oakley Lifestyle, master......" "Nothing but! Now is not the rule of law society, need not find any evidence of a crime, even without any suspect motives, also need not worry what others say,Purses Coach Outlet, you only need to take good care of yourself, know that you are my disciples is enough, and i...... Dark Summoner Li Jiayu south province, Nanning to strong, have only my bully do evil all kinds of evils, impossible someone will dare to encroach on the people around me, let alone...... You're still my apprentice, I can tolerate you on that abortion disfiguring chisel brain trajectory? Even if only 1/10000 of May, I also he will be turned to dust!" Master worker. Sun Weiwei whispering sound, looked that had been ripped off limbs and skull vines Ripper, looked at the cold frost Li Jiayu, although still not accept Li Jiayu's principles, but I do not know why, my heart felt a twinge of fever, she knows that Li Jiayu is doing all this for her, even if they do these things full of blood. "Summoner, does not require any belief, just believe in yourself enough...... That is to say, to win the full confidence, believe that everything you do is right. Because you have to command his dozens of animal calls, and you can rely on, is that you dozens of summon, vivi, when you can direct your summon rubeishizhi, you will know how terrible Summoner strength, tell you the same degree of Chu Xiang, Yang Xuyan, a certain wind don't you a finger...... Li Mo, Wang yang. Even the least level figures, may also be inferior s è to you...... Even if is the male and female trainer jelly, can can can share with you the autumn s è...... So. The strong will to have a strong mentality, shafa decisive, need not have too much worry. People respect my foot, I respect a Zhang, if the person make me, I will be 100 times as much as you!" Li Jiayu's words, he let the sun Wei-wei stay was stuck, mind constantly echoed that short word, a circle and a circle, in an unbroken line, like the ground like thunder, thoroughly shocked her J ī ng world god. For a long time that she couldn't say a word. All the time, she is looking forward to get the endorsement of Li Jiayu, to prove to him that she is not the kind of understand only sell * * for glory, splendour, wealth and rank the bitch, so she desperately exercise J ī ng power, as a be spoiled rich girl. She often meditation to in the dead of night, often risking their lives on the battlefield to kill insects...... She, just want to with the footsteps of Li Jiayu tightly, becomes more and more strong! But, Sun Weiwei is not the strong consciousness and attitude, she has been to avoid a fight with others. She is so naive as to think their own strength should be used to kill insects, kill zombies, rather than to >

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