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24.05.2013 09:47
Let me enjoy how to take away the fun antworten

As the dark summoner, Li Jiayu in the life and death battle and deadly crisis, can only rely on the summons to help out, although his sword and fist Kung Fu is also good, but only child abuse small strange, difficult to get in good taste, and his bright Godhead are not reliable,Oakley Scalpel Outlet, usually only used in night of the full moon, the worst is the activation of light God will make him into a real goddess of light, the chest is more and more big, God knows will not have what sequela...... When the supernatural magic age coming, Ran Hongxia also to Li Jiayu fencing envy, hate not worship him as a teacher, but now is already high Wu era, all of the strength increase, Ran Hongxia is also a master of Super Master, if competition fencing...... Her hands are not to move a will after blasting Li Jiayu. But now the 786th chapter for the initiative has not the same! Fallen angel Safi Ross's experience, the equivalent of a sword of the inheritance of god! As long as Li Jiayu well digested this inheritance...... He also can wield a sharp no horse, fissure gold stone sword, sword, sword long grass gang! It is be worthy of the name of the Mowu games, while Li Jiayu C ā o vertical summon, while carrying a legendary weapon battle personally Shua Shua Shua hand-to-hand combat, absolute can improve a lot! In the evening, Li Jiayu just long to wake up, vomited a foul air...... "Fallen angels for the inheritance I really huge J ī ng god...... To study so many hours to make me big gains, but I realize x ì ng is not too high, will be difficult to fully grasp at one thirty...... Well, not too much time to catch, really want to find Ran Hongxia consultations consultations......" Li Jiayu stood up. Exercise your body, a long time after pondering over continuous little cicada secluded and fallen angels of the two power, for Li Jiayu is completely broken bone loss. Like,oakley sunglasses, well, whether he should hasten to add fighting? At the same time -- in the fallen angels in the world -- throbbing ash s è clouds soundlessly spinning, forming a huge funnel,Oakley Active Outlet, but like the devil 786th chapters for the blood - big mouth. Want to swallow all the creatures on the earth! All the spectators are worried about the masterpieces of fighting. "Didi" blood, red floor, a golden s è hair. The use of combined alloy sword handsome n ǎ I oil youth kneel on the ground, such as smoke bellows like sharp panting, his chest was pierced. All up and down are filled with the point of the knife out of the hole! Fallen angel cold suspended over his head, to rule the world the attitude a symbol of history * *. Everyone is desperate, they know the fallen angels will destroy the planet...... "Let me enjoy how to take away the fun?" Fallen angel with a sneer, will be down, beheaded the blonde n ǎ I oil youth, destruction of his arch-rival! But at this moment, the seriously injured, go into a cul-de-sac blond youth but suddenly broke out of the super powers, not only to climb up, more forcefully with the fallen angels to fight a few strokes. Even flew to the sky, distant and fallen angels confrontation! Legend, blond youth suddenly burst out legendary >

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