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24.05.2013 09:41
the master is clear the earth of human antworten

"Octopus...... It will not, you are the prince of God?" All of a sudden, Xiao Sun Yat Sen villa speak such a words, she saw the dark Octopus showed the vicissitudes sigh, lonely snow look, feel the dark history of special octopus, then ventured out of this extremely ridiculous conjecture. Unexpectedly, Kuro Aki is the whole body an earthquake, like stigmata general was shockingly eyes wide, sixteen tentacles are trembling, face of wonderful wealth to the extreme, open-mouthed, stay for a time to breathe it to recover, immediately put before the silly stay Leng idiot look, covered with confusion to call way: "ah, how could you not in the villa, mistress to the * * silk top hat you ·... I'm just a bitchy dirty color octopus, are full of sick nasty thoughts, all day long is mixed eat wait for death, like a big fat pig · · · ·... Do you think I would be God, supreme Prince brilliant legend it...... This is be the biggest joke in the world, let alone the octopus is many * * earth wire resentment of condensates, how could the relationship with God at...... Alas, this is not fantasy novel, may not have the gods come......" He said, Kuro Aki also side foolishly in its mouth foam, tried to like Xiao Wanqing shows it idiot, to let Xiao fine to dispel suspicions. However, Xiao Sun Yat Sen villa will not eat dark Octopus this, she is not Li Jiayu,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, but a rather know a thing or two educators, extremely intelligent, observe exquisitely, come very naturally to the abnormal dark octopus that the clue. Just...... Always get a laugh idiot dark octopus, is really the world leader of the kingdom of God? Open the God prince,air jordan sale, became the color of Octopus dirty, even the reproductive organs are not ·... This contrast is too big? This is better than the richest man in the world into the destruction of poor beggars also unacceptable...... In order to further verify their conjecture, Xiao Sun Yat Sen villa also dished out a water bombs, fried Octopus "dark heart: The Legend of Goddess...... What is the relationship with the beautiful jade? Reincarnation is beautiful jade is the goddess?" "Ahhh! The villa was born mistress you fucking soap opera screenwriter ah...... So cold that you want to get out!" The dark Octopus fly in the sky a few tentacle pulled my lower lip, eyes showing a singular color, face is exposed to an exaggerated expression quack laugh: "impossible, the master is clear the earth of human...... * * all births, how is the living goddess, if living goddess, it turned into women only, good jade master but man. ·... Moreover, with the master has the relations is the goddess of light, not the wanton unknown goddess......" "Really? Octopus, you are not honest!" "Oh Octopus never lie...... Sun Yat Sen villa owners don't make blind and disorderly conjectures...... We are a group of in the end struggling poor creature, every moment is likely to be eradicated insect tide,Coach Poppy Collection Bags, tide, such as dead dragons, octopus if God prince, master if living goddess...... So long.

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