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24.05.2013 09:36
is no longer my world antworten

"Nanning young generation inheritance by one than I have potential...... This service, although all suffered...... But this will make them sharpen the ashes, stronger......" Chu Taihong's face with a the last radiance of the setting sun red, even the semi-real body also slightly expanded a little, he gasped, his head cocked to the side of Fang Fang, want to reach out to Fang Fang wiping away his tears, but to know his lightning hand will only hurt Fang Fang, the helpless smile Road: "Nanning, is no longer my world...... Jiangshan generation of talented people, the leading position for a time...... Such as Fang Fang, a month ago, she is only the three low order...... But now she was near peak power triode, inferior to me a bit, ha ha, I can have Fang Fang such a coquettish daughter, also die...... I believe, Fang Fang must be able to carry my wishes, for me a good guardian of nanning......" "Abba, father, you're not leaving Fang Fang, Fang Fang and you want to protect nanning......" Fang Fang was in floods of tears, murmuring, mind emerges out of the old Chu Taihong to her care and care, only feel nose sour, more eyes felt a tingling, then have the strange cold, she reached out to touch his hands red unexpectedly, she know that is the tears, composed of blood and tears...... "You don't want to, but I have to go...... Promise of Abba, to live strong! Before the end of the end of days, before the ball world peace, before the last monster to kill off the invasion of nanning...... You mustn't fall...... Come to Daddy, smile......" "Abba, Fang Fang did not laugh......" Fang Fang with his sleeve to wipe the blood red eyes, take a deep breath, and to bite the bullet, and finally forced a ugly than cry smile, Chu Taihong laughed too, sighed for his subordinates said: "after I die, would you take care of my wife and family room...... Don't need too much preferential treatment, only hope you give them a food and clothing is enough......" "Chu commander assured, as long as we have a breath, never let the Chu commander families wronged!" Many officers take an oath devoutly to swear, in fact, Nanning for advanced inheritance widow family are very favourable, Lu et al killed, several of his granddaughter was received a military compound in a good placement. "Next, Nanning thing should to Li Jiayu......" Chu Taihong's thunder light gradually dim down, he depressed voice, also don't know is in automatic speaking, or in the surrounding officers talk: "Li Jiayugui is the goddess of light, often of vital importance to the occasion always turn calamities into blessings, she instead of me to become patron of the city of Guangxi,Oakley Sunglasses Squared, I also can one has nothing to regret in life...... She gathered the bright younger generation is also increasing, Nanning half are extremely master has a close relationship with her...... Oh, and Ran Hongxia...... This girl could play a quasi legendary Vaillant, really incredible extremely, I believe that her life is not the most,Air Jordan 10 Sale, absolutely impossible to leave so early...... After I die, you will be loyal to the dye Hongxia, by her to act as commander-in-chief of the position!" At this moment, Chu Taihong finally stepped back to Ran Hongxia,Jordan 2 Sale, was only a pity >

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