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24.05.2013 09:31
alchemist kekkaishi also surround the "magic antworten

Today has just completed the "magic cannon" has also been installed in the west wall turrets and scientific research institutes, the alchemist kekkaishi also surround the "magic cannon" around a frown. In the next,Oakley Lifestyle Outlet, they put a bag bag filled with five Yan six s è high grade of crystal is at least three low order goods s è stacked together like Jinshan like emit dazzling brilliance! This is a senior insect Crystal Collection in the warehouse since Nanning near section time...... Previous R ì sub leadership took nearly two hundred thousand of grain to relieve the food crisis inventory almost halved...... Can now be confronted with a formidable enemy fight to win or die such a crucial moment be confronted with a formidable enemy before savings insect crystal must come in handy regardless of distressed distressed anyway or to get through this difficult time...... In the west line of course also hold 20 respect "high-profile gun" the magic cannon's relatively smaller but more mature technology and C ā o longitudinal flexible easy to aim at monster but relatively such high-profile gun power is smaller even with a large number of insect crystal as the power source to urge can only play three low lethality even a small bungalows are not completely blow. However, such high-profile gun practical value or no doubt they don't need to consume high insect crystal even a worm crystal can be digested as long as you put a spammer crystal enough. Twenty high-profile gun together is equivalent to twenty grade three low order "Fire Mage" tireless neat bombing and extremely helpful in war...... "Big magic turtle......" Ran Hongxia in the watchtower stared at the group is getting closer. Even if she was calm and indifferent but eyes still echoing with the lingering fear. She fought with dark evil dragon...... Deeply know the Lord monsters fighting force how terror...... The topple the mountains and overturn the seas like terrible coercion is enough to make her not to mention more courage casually a sweep of dyed red as chicken as being enemies into severe disability...... "You have not understood and red sword to sword you have small if you again to face the dark evil dragon. You can deal with it for a long time never easily it pressing play......" Xie Qing eyebrow comforts. "Mom is so true...... But the enemy is the Lords of order power than the dark long much higher......" Ran Hongxia smiled,jordan online sale, but she was afraid the timid but she has grown up is no longer before it is ignorant dauntless fearless warm-blooded girl. She became more calm,Oakley Squared Sale, more calm and more cautious...... "Broken sword buzz" waist came a warm energy seems to be comforted by its owner. Ran Hongxia hands stretched to quickly handle broken knife will be broken sword in their hands the knife across a beautiful arc tip at the front end. Few people know that Ran Hongxia has been promoted to the three grade high order. Her pubic region in a fairy dollar dint became sticky together. Into a mass of less perfect oval...... As long as a fairy dollar dint mixture can she move up to the next level. The oval into a perfect circle thereby transformed into virtual dan. When Ran Hongxia is really a fairy! Three grade high order >

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